May. 8th, 2017

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Guess who's back, back again, Shira's back, tell a friend... I guess technically I never left, but along with Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked) I'm here with another character, Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5. Or as some of you may know him better as, Ryuji SakamoNO RYUJI STOP THAT.

He's... kind of a dumb at times and seems like the quintessential punk ass kid spitting swears and punching vending machines on the outside, but on the inside is canon-confirmed to be a Good Boy™ and a squish bean. Expect to find him practicing track and field and admiring girls. All he wants for his birthday this summer is to be free of the foreveralone.jpg club, okay. :'( While moonlighting as a thief, you might also see him hanging out in a skull costume with a Persona that looks like a monkey with a mohawk. Don't ask me why, it's Persona. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As one of the P5s with a later canon point (post-game), he's a spoiler on legs, so if you'd like to opt out of those or avoid threading with him just give me a poke!

I'm over at [ profile] whatinthefuck for all things plotty and yelling excitedly about things. Feel free to add me!
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Good morning,

My name is Kate and I'm bringing in Haru Okumura from Persona 5.

In a nutshell Haru is the only child of a large business CEO, well-manner, somewhat soft spoken and all around adorable. She's a bit sheltered but tries hard and manages to get herself involved in all that Phantom Thievery going on. As Noir she's a large axe wielding, grenade launcher firing musketeer so she's doing well for herself. That's before the very colourful psy skills or Persona come into play.

The rest of Haru's info is on her application, though it does contain spoilers for the month of October in Persona 5 and such things I'll be marking with a spoiler warning if they come up in threads with others. I am totally stoked to be here and looking forwards to tagging all the things. Haru loves gardening, coffee and tea, so she'll definitely be around and about.
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Britt here, adding to my roster of Jane, Henry, and Michonne with Claire Fraser from the TV version of Outlander. She's a woman from the 40s, stuck in the 18th century, now thrust into whatever the hell century Wonderland is. But it's confusing and she didn't wanna. For anyone canon familiar, she's coming from Just at the end of 'The Devil's Mark' in season one. Being accused of witchcraft and nearly burned at the stake, then coming here where MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE is going to both swear a lot at the irony and avoid the closets and actual magic for a while, so thank the lord there are arrangements already to take care of this trollop.

Her arrival post will be going up shortly, and I can't wait to get her out there! If you'd like to plot out anything specific hit me up on plurk (when it's up and running) @ [ profile] propernice