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+1 geeky FBI agent

Hello, lovely people of Entranceway! I'm CJ, I'm a total newbie here and it's been a really long time since I was in a game so I'm super excited to be here! I'm bringing you this adorable, geeky ray of sunshine: Agent Patterson from the show Blindspot on NBC.

This precious little unicorn runs the Forensic Science Unit with the FBI field office in New York City. She's outgoing, friendly, likes to crack jokes, and is both super sweet and sassy. This poor baby's had a rough go of things lately, still dealing with some traumatic fallout over recent events and betrayals, but things are looking up and she's getting back to her usual cheery self. She'll be quick to jump into things here, wanting to solve the mysteries of Wonderland.

Some other random facts about her:

- Went to space camp as a kid
- Volunteers her time teaching young girls how to code
- Has a vast collection of board games that she keeps alphabetized by game designer
- Loves video games and Dungeons & Dragons
- Can defuse a bomb with hand sanitizer

Looking forward to playing with you all! Please feel free to add me on Plurk: [ profile] geekorthodox

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Actually, let me be professional and say sorry for Jane just kind of. Excited puppy-ing her way to Patterson. She just loves her, okay, and she's gonna protect her from the terrible things Wonderland does. nO DYING.
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HI HELLO i'm lyn i know nothing about blindspot except what i've gleaned through watching ashley johnson play d&d but i'm super excited to see a character with her cute face here /chinhands
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Hi!! Welcome to the game, I'm Bex and I play Chloe Decker from ABC's show Lucifer. I haven't seen Blindspot but I've been meaning to check it out. Chloe is a police officer so she will be more than happy to poke around and try to solve some mysteries with your awesome lady. :)