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the incy wincy spider went up the water spout

Friends! Countrymen!

My name is Tifa, and I'm bringing you Natasha Romanoff from the Marvel movie-verse. She's coming off the heels of Civil War, so lmk if you would like me to avoid mentions of spoilers in tags to you. I'm really excited to be here!

If you'd like to plot, I'm most easily reachable at [plurk.com profile] protects.
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I'M SO EXCITED. !!!!!!!!!.

Wanda is a million years behind everyone (actually just one year) and is at an AoU canon point so she'll also be excited to see Natasha here.
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basically this:

I mean I'm gonna canon update her sometime (proooooobably within the next couple AC periods unless something ICly develops that pushes my rough plan back. idk, I mean I basically just wanted to get her settled in here before Civil War STUFF), so she won't be stuck there forever.

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Awww ye, I get to play with your Nastasha again. c:

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Ahaha, I just joined like a week ago so we're newbies together, I guess...

And I am too!! /FISTBUMP
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clings to u like a baby koala
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how dare u
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Hello, fellow former SHIELD spy!
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/shyly waves

HI I'm Emily, I've got Darcy here from the end of Thor 2 and Tess from The Last of Us. Welcome! Darcy and Nat were pretty close the last time she was here so she'll be super pumped to see her again :D
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I'm Jessie, and I play Fitz here from MCU's barely-acknowledged TV stepchild. He's recently had a falling-out with some of the Eway Avengers, but Natasha was always really good to him so he'll probably want to be all up in her business if you're okay with that <33
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I can't speak for the Avenger-y types, but there have been previous Coulsons here so some characters have been around enough for the major spoilers to have leaked. You might want to check with them, but I think they're rolling with "thought Coulson was dead until Wonderland happened" because Fitz has fielded a few "so I heard this rumor..." kind of inquiries. IIRC, the previous Natasha mentioned meeting Coulson in Wonderland and punching him in the face for lying to them? So that's a thing.
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If you want to be on board, this thread happened recently, where Clint was like "people who left shield? Oh, so Hydra". (ignore Fitz being a raging salt pillar about Tony and Sharon -- they decided to rebuild SHIELD in Wonderland and Fitz started spitting fire about it) But since it looks like Court just tagged you below, she can probably fill you in on proper MCU cast opinions
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XD Well someone is going to be glad to see her again. You're not supposed to leave him to his own devices Natasha, he builds things.

/waves. I'm Courtney. I have this dork here and also Billy Kaplan from Young Avengers fame. He was close with Natasha both times she was here so he's also probably going to pop in on her. She was training him.
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Haha at this point Billy is used to every weird thing that this place can throw at him...i say this and now something will happen to break his brain.

Hawkeyes are rarer I've noticed. Poor Clint. As for headcanons, mostly they're best friends and he knows the most about her. She's still Natasha and will always have secrets but she has the least from him. And when it comes to intelligence info basically what Clint knows Nat knows and vice versa. Other than that I haven't really explored much with them so I'm looking forward to playing with her. :)
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hello, tifa! i remember you! it's amy, and i play peter petrelli here. \o/ so good to have you in eway! <3
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this is court LONG TIME NO TALK but hey welcome to eway!! i've been here for too long and steve has seen natasha come and go a few times, but he'll still be glad to see her around again ♥ AND I AM TOTALLY STOKED, OF COURSE this is so unexpected and exciting!!
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sometimes the stars just align!! i hope that you have a fun time here, it's a great game. do you mind if i add you on plurk since we're gonna be castmates and all that?