Jun. 14th, 2017

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Sorry, guys. There's another one of these posts. But this one concerns young/teenaged characters!

As you may or may not know, we have a Youth Center! It was created by Bonnie Bennett in February 2016.

Because Wonderland is mean, Bonnie disappeared a year after that. Ever since, Elena and Billy have been running it in her honor (with the contribution of others, of course!), so that the younger folks can have a safe space and have fun. I decided to do a little revamp in hopes of kickstarting this place back up so that everyone can have new CR opportunities. HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN.

Despite the fact Elena and Billy have taken to looking after the center, they are not teens; they mostly oversee it and make sure everything runs smoothly. The center is divided into various areas, and if your character is interested in either maintaining or helping out in one of those areas, they are free to do so! Please also feel free to express interest regardless of how many volunteer! Responsibilities can be shared, and this space is for everyone.

Well, sort of everyone. This is specifically for the younger crowd in Wonderland. That said, if an older character ever wants to teach something (anything!) at the youth center, this would be great.

Go here for more details, and let me know in this ooc post if your character is interested and what they are interested in!

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Jun. 14th, 2017 08:43 pm
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hhh i've been waffling on this for awhile, but i think i'm going to be dropping cloud for now. a lot of stuff is happening in my personal life that's... not very good, and i haven't had any motivation or drive for rp for several months now.

i might be back again with someone else if things get better! and my plurk is ecojak if anyone still wants to chat or hang out. ;w;

thank you so so much for having me, i really appreciate it.

- eco