Jun. 12th, 2017

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HELLO Wonderland! Elizabeth here, player of Stanford Pines ([personal profile] mviw), and I'm finally trying my hand at my #2 again.

This is Major Benjamin Tallmadge (played by Seth Numrich) of AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies, a series based on books which are based on the historical Culper spy ring of the American Revolution. Ben is not only one of the men who helped set up the network of spies that helped undermine the British, but he was also George Washington's Head of Intelligence and basically holds a giant mancrush for his Excellency.

Ben is a stubborn, hard-nosed officer who is often very stressed out because he's trying to hold his shit together and be a leader, and fight for his freedom and life. He's very genuine though, very passionate and emotive, very much a softie deep down, and he has a strong sense of justice. He's been brushing up on codes and encryption methods and all sorts of spycraft!

Ben is an accomplished cavalryman and also a HUGE nerd and I really look forward to playing him here!

NOTE: The Culper Ring actually uncovered Benedict Arnold's betrayal but Ben is a few years prior to that. Please, PLEASE ask me in a comment or catch me on plurk if you want your character to spoil him on the end result of the war! I absolutely want him to learn these things but in due time. Thanks. :D

Catch me on AIM at arthurjerkland, plurk at outofmany, or Discord at elizabeth#0659!
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Hi Wonderland. I have two quick questions/ideas/queries.

One: So I know no one has taken over Simon and Jo's bar yet since Cami has now left too. Honestly, it would feel kind of strange taking over a bar with so much history in the game (Also, Damon would never take over it himself given the whole nibbling on Simon there even if they ended up friends >>).

I know people talked about doing some kind of memorial after so many old timers left all at once, and I was wondering if putting it up in that old bar might be a good idea! Damon would not personally have this idea himself, but I thought I'd oocly throw it out there in case there were characters out there who might do so. It could be a way to remember all the people who were once here but gone like maybe by putting up names on the walls and decorating it and having candles out and stuff like that.

Two: Regardless of what happens with the old bar, Damon has wanted to own/run a bar for like years in his canon (his future where he's running a bar while Elena goes to medical school /sobs about how beautiful it is). He's been thinking of doing so here too. I know there's already a hot, pumpin club here, but a bar kind of has a different vibe so I feel like it'd still fit in!

I was thinking he'd put up a network post tomorrow on his one-year anniversary to announce the bar opening and like offer jobs there to anyone who wanted it. He'd probably do like different specific nights of the week (trivia night, open mic night, etc) and the occasional like special party/event (speed dating for all the single ppl or speed friending for everyone who wants friends? also parties. beer pong night?).

Basically, I wanted to have this up to generate OOC interest, concerns, and questions about either/both of these things. Thanks guys!
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hi everyone! my name's tona, i'm entirely new here, and i'm bringing sara lance from dctv's legends of tomorrow (and arrow). she's a former assassin turned time traveller and hero and she's quite the badass (direct quote by one mick rory). i'm taking her from the end of ep 11 of season two (turncoat), just after she was killed by a recently-evil rip hunter and subsequently revived. and no, it wasn't the first time she died, either.

i'm excited to play her with all of you!

as for me, you can reach me on discord (tona#8599) or add me on plurk ([plurk.com profile] abiosis, just give me a heads up if you're adding me please).

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Hi Eway! It's me, Julio, back from my embarrassingly long unannounced hiatus with Max.

I'll be dropping a lot of old threads for cleanliness, but please let me know if you want me to continue any.

Max will actually have gone back home for like. A day. But she's retaining all her memories, and likely no one will notice since she's basically been spending 95% of her time alone, anyway.

Good to be back! Right in time for the new LiS trailer too! :O