May. 21st, 2017

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Hey-o, Britt here with a canon update announcement!

As of today, these two crazy kids are off on a canon update, and when they get back.....

spoiler! )

Someone make sure Sarah has food and water and doesn't have a mental breakdown.
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Hellooooo, Wonderland!

My name is Karen and I am a past participant in this wonderful game! I was here for a couple years playing this very character, and I am thrilled to be back to make some more great memories with all of you!

For those uninitiated, I'll be bringing (Robin) John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises! He is a good (former) cop and detective from Gotham, and while he can be a little abrasive at times, odds are decent he'll be pretty all right to your character (assuming your character's not a bad guy or a cannibal or something).

Feel free to hit me up on plurk @ [ profile] blakeroo for plotting, or drop this account a PM and we'll work something out!
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ummmm hi folks! im javid, and i've played a few times... in this here lovely game known as miss en "trance" way. but i am not bringing in a former character currently so you don't need to worry too much about that probably.

i'm bringing in one Hadrian, Sword of Samothes, Defender of the Undying Fire, Officer of the Order of Eternal Princes, and yes, if you guessed from that doozy of a string of titles he is in fact a human paladin (groan, i know), hailing from longrunning actual play podcast friends at the table!

hadrian is a man who has gone through life assuming he knew the world and his god very well, but he has, of late, found that he has no fucking clue. he's a little awkward when he doesn't have his god Samothes to hide behind, but he's polite enough as long as you don't register as "evil" on his morality-o-meter or are not a short skeleton with a broom.

sorry, sans????? don't become a janitor????

also, speaking of that morality-o-meter, hadrian has a slew of dungeon world paladin abilities that need permissions, so if you are interested please head over this way to take a look if you think you need to opt out entirely of any of them. i'll always give you a heads up if hadrian wants to I Am The Law you (yes thats the real name of the move) or sway your character with any rolls like that, but he does have a signature move called "pray for guidance" that allows him to quickly ask his god "What here is evil?" and get an honest, biased answer.

if you have very strong opinions on whether you want your character to register as "evil" or not, please let me know!!!! i will never let anyone show up "evil" without permission tho! we're all here to have fun!

alright thats all sorry for the long post thank you very much hope to have fun with y'all soon!!!!