Mar. 28th, 2017

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Sadly, I'm also adding to the drop train by releasing Victor Frankenstein back into the wild. He had a good run over the two and a half years I've had him, but reorganizing my tag load a bit means he's going home to (hopefully) cause less mischief!

It's been a wild ride playing your resident Dr. Death. I never imagined I would get to do half the things I did, or develop such wonderful and unexpected CR that brought me in touch with some of you amazing players out there. Thank you to each and every one of you who threaded with him!

- Shira (still around with Anders/[personal profile] circlejerked)
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Hey guys Courtney here, as some of you know Clint Barton has gone home as of the end of this month. I really enjoyed the year I had him here and all the CR I got with him.

But have no fear because I'm still here with Billy (who never seems to wanna leave) and a new guy!

This is Dr. Nate Heywood from Legends of Tomorrow. He's a historian, a time detective and a new member of the team of time traveling misfits.

He also has new powers of turning into steel, which he doesn't actually know about until the second he lands in wonderland so, that will be a thing.

I'll be introing him in a few days. Also feel free to add me on plurk [ profile] courtings
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Hello again eway! Some of you may remember that I was here three years ago with Aziraphale. I've finally decided to come back to your warm bosom and tender embrace! I've missed y'all!

For those of you who don't remember (since it was so long ago) or have joined here since I left, my name is Connie. I play Aziraphale from Good Omens. He's someone who, upon first meeting him, seems very British, extremely gay, and intelligent (only one of those things is true, though). Normally he owns a bookshop as a front for his book collection, so you can expect to find him in the Library a lot. He also is fond of food, so you'll also spot him having a meal with Crowley from time to time.

I'm also bringing back his mirror, a pretty broken bananas fallen angel version of him. He's just as likely to invite you in for tea as he is to bludgeon you to death for some reason only he can really parse out, so that will be fun.

If you want to contact me for plotting or for funsies I can be reached on plurk, ([ profile] vaguelysauntered) or on discord (korofel#7229). I'm so glad to be back, y'all!