Feb. 27th, 2017

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HELLO EVERYONE, My name is Gaacha!!!  Some Scottish guy who lives in Canada who RPs more than he studies and draws more than he RPs. I'm here with the one and only Nagachika Hideyoshi from Tokyo Ghoul! I'm taking him from the canon point about a half hour before his fateful meeting with Kaneki Ken--his best friend slash accidental cannibal protag of the series he's from--in the sewers during the series climax. He's a pretty friendly, outgoing guy, so getting to know him will be easier than attracting flies to honey. He'll only be too happy to make more friends, especially in a place like Wonderland. 

Hideyoshi is the 'token human' in a series full of man-eating monsters and creatures struggling to fit in with humanity, so he'll be pretty weirded out about being in a world full of supernatural things, even if he knows a damn lot about certain supernatural creatures in his own reality. The outlook of living sunshine with a intuition second to none--I really look forward to playing with everyone here. (And if you want to talk, please feel entirely free to add me on my plurk, which can be found here at [plurk.com profile] vicinity 

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Feb. 27th, 2017 11:08 am
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SUP EWAY. i'm lyn. some of you may remember me from when i played leliana from dragon age here a little while ago before life got cray. i am back!! and this time with an alien!!

this is kara zor-el, aka supergirl, aka the girl of steel, aka the maid of might--you get the picture. she's a snarky early-twenty-something superhero with a massive guilt complex and a deep love of science. for those of you familiar with comics canon, she's coming in from the end of convergence: justice league, aka the comic where they forgot kara's the baby of the group and had her calling jesse "kiddo" because what is consistent writing???

anyway!! i'm super happy to be here and look forward to playing with y'all. if you'd like, you can add me on plurk ([plurk.com profile] chanterie) for plotting and cats and occasional crying about comics and such. o/
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HI all. This is Will, who previously brought you Newt Scamander, and now bringing in someone who is... pretty much the exact and total opposite.

Seth Gecko is from the series From Dusk Till Dawn. He's a criminal, former junkie, former convict, and the asshole human half of the Gecko Brothers. Kind of a bottom line sort who is still learning to cope with how much his world has turned upside down in recent months. Like vampiric snake gods, apocalyptic threats, brothers who are messy eaters, and learning to deal with caring about people that make you feel - thanks a lot, Kate.

I'm bringing him in from a point where he's trying to work things out with his brother, but it's hard when your brother is dating a freak that made him a freak totally awesome and utterly not weird vampiric snake thing.

Word of warning. Seth doesn't have a clue how to talk with using a lot of four letter words, and pretty much trying to take control of situations. Even when he's wrong. So, I guess that's it. Hi again.
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Hello! I'm Kerry and I used to play here until November (with Lydia Martin). Apparently I can't stay away and I bring you another redhead!

This is Leliana from Dragon Age coming in from the end of Inquisition . She's a good friend to have, a dangerous person to make an enemy of and a better person than she might agree to being. Her life is all kinds of shady and coloured with streaks of red, but it's fine!!

Coming from the end of Inquisition she's just seen Corypheus' defeat and was hoping to celebrate but that's never going to happen.

I'm over on [plurk.com profile] skitties for plotting and it's great to be back!!