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+1 18th century spymaster!

HELLO Wonderland! Elizabeth here, player of Stanford Pines ([personal profile] mviw), and I'm finally trying my hand at my #2 again.

This is Major Benjamin Tallmadge (played by Seth Numrich) of AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies, a series based on books which are based on the historical Culper spy ring of the American Revolution. Ben is not only one of the men who helped set up the network of spies that helped undermine the British, but he was also George Washington's Head of Intelligence and basically holds a giant mancrush for his Excellency.

Ben is a stubborn, hard-nosed officer who is often very stressed out because he's trying to hold his shit together and be a leader, and fight for his freedom and life. He's very genuine though, very passionate and emotive, very much a softie deep down, and he has a strong sense of justice. He's been brushing up on codes and encryption methods and all sorts of spycraft!

Ben is an accomplished cavalryman and also a HUGE nerd and I really look forward to playing him here!

NOTE: The Culper Ring actually uncovered Benedict Arnold's betrayal but Ben is a few years prior to that. Please, PLEASE ask me in a comment or catch me on plurk if you want your character to spoil him on the end result of the war! I absolutely want him to learn these things but in due time. Thanks. :D

Catch me on AIM at arthurjerkland, plurk at outofmany, or Discord at elizabeth#0659!
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I am so excited for Ben ahhhh :D

Okay so! Back when the Egypt/past lives event happened, Elizabeth's past life was Anna. I'm more than happy to handwave this if it will be too complicated - she probably only has vague memories anyway tbh.

Other than that, both of my characters' canons are connected to Revolutionary history. The city Elizabeth comes from, Columbia, reveres the Founding Fathers as prophets, there are statues of Washington and they've made his likeness into murder robots as well. Meanwhile Nora comes from a post-apocalyptic Boston and is very familiar with wandering round the historical sites there, and moreover she's the general of the minutemen, proudly calling back to the Revolution.

SO YES there is a lot that Ben could talk about with both of them, I also don't want to give him information you'd rather he didn't have yet though but ahhh I am so excited for all the things!!
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-- oh, man. i love turn. how exciting to see him in the game! i can't wait to throw peggy his way.
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what a cute little non-modern spy club they'd all make.