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Hi people of Eway! My name is Jamie (he/him if you please) and I'm pleased to have the chance to play with you all! I'm new here, and actually quite new to DWRP as a whole, too.

This is Michael Andersen, from one of the lesser-known Slenderman Youtube series MLAndersen0 (also sometimes called The Andersen Journals, I guess), which is, like most Slenderverse canons, filled with everybody having a Bad Time.

I'm just going to link my permissions post right here because there are some potentially very upsetting topics (especially in regards to mental health) that could come up, and I absolutely don't want to inadvertently trigger anyone or make them uncomfortable.

That's about it, probably, but please feel free to add me on plurk @ [ profile] decomposing if you want because making new friends is gr8. I'm also on Discord @ decaying#4375

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Hey all! This is Katie, Turing's player ([personal profile] romsapience), bringing you my second character: Papyrus from the game Undertale!

This Papyrus comes from the neutral ending where he ends up becoming king of the underground, and he thinks that all of his friends are on vacation when in reality they're all dead!! It's a pretty sad ending but that's not going to bring him down...namely because no one's actually told him the truth of the whereabouts of his friends. Fun!!

I've got my permissions/opt out post right here if you're so inclined to check it out. Also, if you want to add me or ask me anything or anything like that, my plurk is [ profile] adanteallegro and my discord is adanteallegro#0390!

I don't know what else to put in here and I have only a few minutes left before I have to go back to work! So OFF I GO.

+1 Corncob

Aug. 21st, 2017 01:08 pm
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Ok what happened with Ishimaru's hair here.

Ahoy, people of Wonderland! The name's Tsubo and I'm bringing you guys Mondo Oowada from the murder video game series Dangan Ronpa! (Yet another guy who has zero idea the hell's going on.) This is my first time in Entranceway and my first time playing a DR character, so I'm kinda nervous but also excited to play with all of you!

Before anything, I would like to just highlight that he came from a mutual killing setting, in which he was forced into a situation with 14 other students to murder each other. Therefore, there might be mentions of said murders or the like while tagging with him. In regards of that, please check out his OPT OUT POST! Whether you want to opt out from tagging Mondo completely or just opt out of certain things (like DR spoilers, etc), or even leave some notes, that's the place!

About Mondo himself, he's the head of the biggest bousouzoku in Japan. The Western equivalent for bousouzoku would be something like an outlaw biker gang, but most of the times the members are consisted of teens only. They do a lot of illegal bike customisations, noise disturbance, vandalism, brawls, etc. Mondo himself has been brought to the juvenile classification office in the past (in Japan, before you get sent into juvenile detention center, you'll be brought here to be interviewed and tested so they can decide what to do with you). That said, he isn't the friendliest guy in the world, but if you get to befriend him, he's incredibly loyal. Mostly. He's pretty nice and caring to the people he's fond of, but due to the canon point I took him from, he might be even more closed off than before. Fun times. If you'd like to read up more on him, you can check out his APP PAGE (NOTE: DR series spoilers!!), INFO PAGE, and PERMISSION POST.

So that's about it! I hope to have fun here with everyone, and feel free to add me at [ profile] tsubo for chats and plotting!
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Hey all, Will here. Due to medical issues and a surgery scheduled to remove an unwanted organ on Monday, I'm going to hiatus briefly. Just about 3 weeks.

Hopefully I will have the energy and consciousness to try and work on backtags and clear some of that up, but not sure how much energy I'll have for a while. Thanks for understanding.

Everyone is on autopilot. This is for Newt Scamander, Seth Gecko, and Wendy Corduroy.
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Hellooooo, EWay! This is Sara; I play Cissie King-Jones ([personal profile] notarrowette), and now I'm bringing in character number 2!

This is Mahir Gowda, from Mira Grant's Newsflesh series, which, yes, means another zombie blogger. Sorry? But he's one of the nice ones, I swear! He's a professional news journalist (newsie) like Georgia Mason, but... a lot friendlier, and with less of a black-and-white obsession with the TRUTH. He'll even tell white lies to make people feel better, like telling flight attendants that his mother served breakfast for dinner (she did not).

He's also very British, a workaholic, full of sarcasm and dry humor, aaaand basically everyone's dad, even though he would roll his eyes and argue that point (but he'd be wrong). His app is here, for anyone interested! His canon point is juuust at the end of Book III of Deadline, which basically means he's jet lagged, on the run from foreign government conspiracies and has been stuck in a car for like a week. I'll be throwing his intro post up shortly, and making my comment on the CR meme soon too and will link them here when I do.

I'm so excited to have a second character, yay! c: Feel free to add me on plurk at [ profile] ladysarai if you haven't/want to, and I'm also on Discord at ladysarai#0594. Because my usernames are incredibly creative.
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hey hey! this is rin (ray palmer) adding another nerd to the ranks.

this is claudia donovan, from the syfy show warehouse 13 -- she's a punk teen from a world of magic who works for an organization that keeps track of powerful items across the globe. she's tough and spiky on the outside with a sweet gooey candy center.

her touchstones include tinkering with steampunky gadgets, copious eye rolling, dressing like she survived employment at a horror-themed applebees, shredding on guitar, and forming deep bonds with anyone who speaks fluent sarcasm.

her app and permissions and sundry are linked at the front of her journal -- hit me up if you have questions / wanna chat anything out prior to hitting her up <333
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Hello, everybody! I'm Ree and I'm bringing in my second character here (my other is Bucky). Alex is the eight year old son of Evelyn and Rick from the Mummy films. He's super smart, adventurous, and curious - all of which gets him into some crazy situations. He'll be coming in from right at the end of the second movie, on the airship, and will be looking for his parents and uncle. I put up his network post, which is linked below.

I can be found on plurk @ [ profile] barebone or discord @ commontypes#9719.

Some links:

Network Post | Information | Prefs | IC Contact

I can't wait to get started with him! PS: I'm super flexible and open to plotting with any and all characters. If there's something you're interested in, let me know and we can make it happen.
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Hey guys, I managed to get accepted into a fun little murdergame called Airlocked! It's fast paced and it lasts about a month or so, so I'm going to be taking a short break from Eway until that wraps up.

My characters are gonna be on auto-pilot for the most part, but I may be tagging in here and there when I get the chance. If you need Dorian, Wheatley, or Zack for anything feel free to hit me up at [ profile] nyanka to thread or handwave.


Aug. 11th, 2017 07:06 pm
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Hey guys!

Just a quick note-- going on vacation for a week, I'll be back and posting again next Sunday! If you need or want Jean for something just leave me a personal message and I'll get to it when I get home. OR just handwave, that's okay too.

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Hey everyone, just a quick note to say I'm adding Michonne to my hiatus train with Henry. She'll be on autopilot, and let me know on plurk ([ profile] propernice) if you'd like to say she was a part of anything or was randomly around somewhere. I know I did an open post with her, so for anyone who tagged it, I'll keep up with it for AC purposes so you aren't left high and dry!

Three years in this game and these are baby's first hiatuses :3

- Britt


Aug. 10th, 2017 08:31 am
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Hi guys! I'm like ten days late for announcing this (I caught a cold this week, WHOOPS) but Ford (a dimension-hopping physicist from Gravity Falls for the canon-blind) is back from the summer hiatus!

It's good to have him back. :>
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Hello, Wonderland!

I'm Tri, and I bring you Magdalene Grace Garcia: heiress, professional blogger, rescuer of dozens of epileptic purebred dogs, and horror movie buff. She's from Newsflesh, which, as you've probably all figured out by now, is the one with the journalists and the zombies. ...Also the one that the event currently in progress is based on.

She breaks the 4th wall as easily as breathing, because she's a huge pop culture nerd. Please drop me a line on HER PERMISSIONS POST, particularly if you play characters from popular media or horror media from before 2014. Thanks!

I can be reached at [ profile] tricia868, tricia868 at gmail, or triangulate#3253 if you need me.

hiatus note

Aug. 3rd, 2017 11:12 pm
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Hey y'all. I'm moving at the end of this month and between that and ongoing irl issues, rp has been a trial so. I'm taking a hiatus for a month. Probably more of a slowatus bc I still plan to poke at my inbox but no promises ok ok. This affects Sylar ([personal profile] watchmaker.)
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Hey everyone! My name is Meg and I'm new to the game. I'm bringing in this fella here, Caleb Brewster from Turn: Washington's Spies. He's from the American Revolution, a lieutenant in the Continental Army (though he doesn't look like it and one definitely wonders if he even owns a uniform), courier for a spy ring, a former whaler and current smuggler, and a big hairy baby. He's coming from the end of season three - Meaning the war is raging, New York is still under British control, and oh, yeah, someone he knows just made the switch from "decorated general" to "most famous traitor in American history".

I'm super looking forward to playing with everyone here and getting to know you all! You can catch me on Plurk at [ profile] thereargunner or Discord at Meegs#6673 or even Skype at audiodrops. :)
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This is Kristen, player of Souji and Naoki. I'm bringing in Fujinuma Satoru from the anime Erased.

He's a 29-year-old in an 11-year-old body, on a journey to save lives! He has a nice time-related power that I can't wait to play around with in Wonderland. c:

Angry Birb

Aug. 1st, 2017 08:44 pm
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Hello everyone~

My name is Jess and I'm the new Beatrice player. I'm not really new to E-way, but I kind of go in and out every once in a while. Some of you probably know me as Koji's friend IRL.

Looking forward to playing with you guys, hit me up on Plurk at acquireCats if you'd like.


Aug. 1st, 2017 08:02 pm
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I am Groot

Plot with me any time at [ profile] punkisundead for tree care tips and all kinds of tiny tree needs/wants. Just gonna keep this short and sweet.
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Hello Entrance way. My name is Tru and I'm a brand new player in these parts. I bring with me this angry little bean right out of DC comics, Damian Wayne. Damian is the latest Robin in the Batman series. He is also the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Gul, and was raised in a cult of assassins so... sorry in advanced for his lack in people skills.

I look forward to shaking off some rust and getting to know some new faces after having such a looong Hiatus from RPing. If you'd like to plot or thread, feel free to hit me up via PM to this journal or on plurk at [ profile] Starbound.

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Hey, everyone! Kai here, player of Ellie from The Last of Us, who made a post last month about her favorite arcade game. The IC tournament is this Saturday, 8/5, but will be handwaved. HOWEVER, there will still be a winner, and so this post is about collecting the entrants and determining that winner!

Here's how it works:
  • If your character will enter the tournament, comment below. They don't have to have commented on Ellie's posts, and you don't even have to have had them practice the game at all, if it wouldn't be IC for them to do so.
  • With your character, leave a number from 1-10 of their skill at the game. I'm leaving it to you guys to take into account things like general video/arcade game abilities, coordination, response time, etc. Also keep in mind that they've had a month to practice, so you can add a little extra skill if they would have been playing.
  • Your character's skill level equals their number of "entries" from which I will randomly select a winner. AKA, the more skill, the more entries, the more likely they are to win.
  • On Saturday, 8/5 (or Monday 8/7, more likely) I will announce the winner and their allegedly "awesome" prize.
Hopefully this all makes sense. Just leave that info and any questions below before Monday, August 7th. Thanks!

EDIT: Because of the August 4-8th event, Ellie will announce on the 9th that the tournament is being rescheduled for next Saturday, the 12th. As a result, I will choose and announce the winner on Monday the 14th. Thank you!

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Hey guys, it's Koji with my third character - Hinazuki Kayo from Erased! Kayo's eleven years old and may or may not be murdered depending on whether her friend Satoru can prevent it or not. Her background has child abuse in it, so I've made an opt-out post for anyone uncomfortable with those themes. She hasn't had the greatest life, so honestly Wonderland is going to be an upgrade and I'm looking forward to her being able to live her life on her terms, the way she wants to.

Anyway! I'm on Discord at goodhotcocoa#2567 and plurk at [ profile] goodhotcocoa for anyone who wants to plot, and her joint post with Satoru is coming tomorrow. :>!

~ Koji
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Hello Wonderland, Hana here!

Back in June Sayaka made a network post inquiring if anyone would be interesting in putting together a music festival. Now the time has come for me to finally put that into action (aka Mun finally has more time on her hands...) After some thinking, I have finally settled on a date for the event and it will take place August 10. On that day, I'll be putting up a open long for anyone to mingle and throw in their own top levels.

Everyone is welcome to perform their hearts out and all music talents are great! Singing, playing instruments, dancing, DRAG SOMEONE INTO A DUET, etc. Even if you don't have any talents in music, you can still participate! Sayaka's going to be setting up the event outside, so she will also need help with decorating, putting together a stage, making posters to advertise and just about any kind of man power. Snacks will also be served at the event, so anyone who wants to help cook would also be great.

If your character wants to get involved in other ways that I didn't cover, please feel free to! I'm sure I missed something important.

Thank you for your time!! ♥ Feel free to ask me any questions here, via pm or you can also send me a private plurk at [ profile] konimi
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I keep stress dreaming that I forgot to this, so I'm doing it now XD

Henry is going to be on hiatus for the entirety of the next AC period, August and September. He'll be on total auto-pilot so feel free to spot him at the youth center, in the library, or with his mom or aunt, and his family can assume he's anywhere they want. If you have anything super specific you'd like to go down in that two months let me know either here, PM to this journal or on plurk @propernice.

Everyone else (Claire, Jane Doe, and Michonne) will still be active!

- Britt


Jul. 26th, 2017 07:25 pm
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Hey. Due to real life becoming really busy, I'm going to be on hiatus for a couple weeks (starting yesterday). This affects both Kay and Nageki (mourning_ghost).
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Hey all,

I'm Bugly and I'll be bringing you a Bart Allen. He hails from the end of Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost, and is shocked to be here at all. I can't wait to get him started giving everyone headaches, although I hope not to do the same.

Look forward to playing with both old faces and new!

- Bugly, for the fastest teen alive

+1 amazon

Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:55 am
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Hi! Cerie, here, bringing in Diana Prince from Wonder Woman! She's beauty, she's grace, she'll kick you in the face?

I'm not going to debut her until the new AC period begins but I wanted to let everyone know she was here and that I am super excited to start playing her. You can hit me up with a PM to her journal or at my plurk, [ profile] superxconductor.

- Cerie, for Jamie Fraser and Diana Prince.
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Hi friends! Just dropping a note that Fitz is going off for a canon update today! (No, not that one.) He'll be gone from 7/21 and will be back sometime on 8/03. He'll spend a few months at home, mostly to rescue his girl from being stranded in an alien desert only to find out that his girl fell in love (lust? It's complicated and people fight about it online) with a hunky astronaut while she was out there. He'll come back from the end of AoS episode 3.09, "Closure," after setting off on his way to rescue said hunky astronaut.

Characters are welcome to notice his absence, even though that might mean they just assume he's still throwing himself in self-imposed Science Prison.


Jul. 19th, 2017 08:43 pm
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Hey guys, sorry to do this but I'm gonna have to drop Claire. I just can't seem to really get into things here. It's kind of fast paced and I feel a bit lost.

I did have fun though, and I'm sorry I couldn't do more.
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In the past we've told you to direct game inquiries on plurk to my personal account and to not use the game account for them.

In the future I'd ask you all to PP [ profile] entranceway instead, which of course we will now monitor for requests regularly also.

I will no longer deal with mod inquiries or mod business from my personal account, so there is no reason to add it for game business.

To top it off, here is a complete list of ways to contact the mods:

PP to [ profile] entranceway on plurk

PM to [personal profile] vitaelamorte on dreamwidth

INPUT & INQUIRIES on dreamwidth

and finally individually via e-mail or AIM to the following accounts:

KOJI: timefortags [at] gmail [dot] com // goodhotcocoa
KRISTEN: euthyphro.erred [at] gmail [dot] com // MadMadPhineas
MOUETTE: lamouettelunaire [at] gmail [dot] com // lackofcrocodiles

That is all, thank you for your attention, have a splendid rest of the week!

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Because one conscious/articulate zombie is never enough, here is another one!

This is Fiona here again, this time bringing in R from Warm Bodies. Specifically, he is from the book canon, so things happened a little differently for him than it did for the movie version of himself. Not too differently, but still, a bit different.

For those familiar with the canon, R has been taken from the end of the first part of Warm Bodies, when Julie leaves him in the suburbs outside the city. This is pretty much so thinking about her isn't too disruptive to his acclimating to the setting. He'd be too focused on her at any part after. As a plus, at this point he's also lost all interest in eating people. Win win?

I hope he can settle in here - he's not much of a talker, and entirely illiterate, so text posts are out. Unlike Liv Moore, he is a little more obvious in terms of being.. Not Alive. Please don't shoot him in the head. He's very sweet if you get to know him.

I'm on Plurk at [ profile] hardtostarboard and on Discord at hardtostarboard#7737. Hit me up >80
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Hi Everyone,

I'm Sara, and I'm bringing Raymond "Red" Reddington from The Blacklist with me. He's been on the FBI's Most Wanted list for over 25 years, and with good reason. Red's pretty friendly himself, assuming you don't get in the way of his business dealings.

He's coming in about midway through last season, and can't wait to meet new people.

Feel free to friend me on plurk over at [ profile] margin_oferror