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Alphys ([personal profile] sciencelizard) wrote in [community profile] entranceooc2017-01-16 04:40 pm
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slowatus --> hiatus

Hey guys!

So I have a big convention next month (Katsucon yooo if anyone else is goin) and I sure do have four costumes to finish in the next month and I have made Decisions and they are Bad, so it's hiatus time. I thankfully have a job that's mostly monitoring an online queue, so I'll have time for tagging at work- but basically ONLY tagging at work, so my speed's gonna be way down to only the days I'm in the office (Usually Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday but occasionally other times). In addition, I'll be completely gone February 15th-20th for the actual show.

This affects Alphys, Shepard, and Wendy! I'll be trying to get around for events but if you need me for anything else hit me up here or on plurk at [ profile] cancerously! See ya after the con!