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+1 werecoyote

Hello, Wonderland! I'm Erin and mostly new to the game! I was here quite awhile ago, but only for a short time.

I'm bringing in Malia Tate from Teen Wolf. She'll be coming from Season 4, Episode 9; her application is here for those interested in further details. She's a teenager who's a werecoyote. She's not exactly a people person (at all) and isn't accustom to living as a human for reasons. She's blunt and will definitely demand answers out of you though, because everyone around her is going to be awful suspicious.

As for her werecoyote side, she doesn't currently have the capacity to shift into a coyote. She's still affected by the full moon as werewolves are and had a good grasp on control of that, but how fun that should be to deal with given that her canon point puts her in a place where she's not trusting anyone, nor has anyone she knows in Wonderland. Awesome. Overall, her amusement level is gonna be preeetty low to show up somewhere she can't leave. She's not sorry if she tries to punch someone.

I'm really excited to get her out there and look forward to playing with ya'll! Feel free to add me on plurk, [ profile] illusen for plotting stuffs (or PM her journal.) Very happy to be here!

(And! Her intro is up right here!)
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/spins you around

Eriiiiiiiiiiiin!! I'm super excited to be in a game with you and Malia again. You already know the three girls I have here (Rose, Kenzi & Kate) so you know. Just be prepared for me to launch them at you repeatedly.
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Welcome Erin!! I am excited to see you and Malia here, I love Malia. I'm Katie and I play Rebekah from the Originals/The Vampire Diaries and Bruce Wayne from the DCEU
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:D I will def have to throw one (if not both of them) Malia's way
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Welcome (back) to the game! I'm Gore, and I've only been here a week myself with Kiyotaka Ishimaru from Dangan Ronpa! I've never actually watched Teen Wolf, but I've actually become familiar with Malia through RP, so I'm excited to see yours around! I hope that you have fun with her here!
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You're welcome, great to meet you too! He's basically a diligent and hard-working rule-follower who can get a bit too intense. But yes, I look forward to you and Malia's antics as well!
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hello erin! i'm tamzin, and i play beckett warner, a teenage clairvoyant from a terribad indie film called innocence. i'm so excited to see malia here. she's one of my favorite characters on teen wolf. welcome to the game! c:
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SUP I am Shana and I play this nerd, Dipper from Gravity Falls, along with Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, Georgia Mason from the Newsflesh trilogy, and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Welcome!