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+ 1 idol (just not the love live kind)

Hello, Wonderland! ♥ My name is Hana and I'm new to the game. I'll be bringing in Sayaka Maizono from that one murder video game series called Dangan Ronpa. I've been eying this game for a while and after taking a break from RP games, I'm very excited to be here and getting back into games.

Dangan Ronpa is a series about a evil teddy bear trapping a bunch of students and forcing them to kill each other. Sayaka is from the first game of the series and she's known as a "Super High School Level Idol". Basically, she's a pop star and is skilled at singing and dancing. Personality wise, she's very cheerful and friendly, she enjoys meeting new people and is quite easy to chat with! There are times where it seems like she can read the minds of others and she'll make jokes about how she's psychic. (But she swears she's not really psychic! It's just girl's intuition!!!) I've had some ideas on how I want Sayaka to develop and needless to say, I can't wait to see how things play out with her. I have her application in my journal in case anyone wants to read up on her. Just a warning, there are some spoilers from the DR3 anime that recently ended. If anyone needs to avoid DR spoilers in general, let me know and I can make a spoiler opt out page in Sayaka's journal.

I'm super excited to play with all of you!! Feel free to hit me up on my plurk [ profile] konimi for plotting or geeking out about things.
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HE WILL TRY HIS BEST TO COPE but yesss I'm so glad you made it in!
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thanks HE'LL NEED IT

The thrilled feeling is mutual
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Nobody knows her, none of the cast were in her notebook, it's the strangest thing.

And I'm glad you're excited! I'm super excited about this too. The TDM thread was a lot of fun and now we get to do things in game!
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Absolutely! Let's hope for the best because there's no reason to think otherwise!
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I'm Melissa, i play this neurotic mess of a person from the second game. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with Sayaka! Welcome to the game!
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BINGO that is indeed me! I wasn't sure myself if it was "you", I'm in like every game at least once at this point - anyway It's wonderful to see you again 8D
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ohhhhh my gosh

I love the DR games and I love Sayaka, so I am super pumped to see her here in the game! SO IT IS VERY NICE TO MEET YOU, HANA ♥ I am Juri and I just have Harrison Wells, scientist jerk extraordinaire here but boy is the ever-growing DR cast tempting me . . .

Welcome to the game, I'm looking forward to playing with you!
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aaaah welcome welcome welcome! gosh I'm so excited to see all these dangans showin up

but hello!! I'm Alex, I play Alphys from Undertale (this journal), Commander Shepard from Mass Effect ([personal profile] normandysbest) and Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls ([personal profile] canofwhoopass). I haven't caught up with DR in... a long-ass time (I read DR1 and SDR2 through and around the paywall of the SomethingAwful forums but I still haven't seen the DR3 anime...) but I'm excited to see people coming to eway!!! I hope you have fun here :3c My plurk's over at [ profile] cancerously if you ever wanna chat!
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Undertale is so goooooood I will rec it all the time (though we have a huge cast so we're all walking spoilers, basically)

but yes, welcome! Alphys is a big big anime and Japanese culture nerd, so as soon as she figures out Sayaka is an idol she'll probably get all starry-eyed, haha. I look forward to playing with you too!