R.M. Renfield ([personal profile] ratsratsrats) wrote in [community profile] entranceooc2017-01-08 11:27 pm
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+1 Zoophagous Lunatic

Hey, it's Nyanka! You know, the weird person who brought Dorian Gray to Wonderland? Well, I'm here with another guy from classic literature, and the local vampires better prepare to get a groupie.

As some of you may know, R.M. Renfield is a devoted servant to the infamous Count Dracula, known for his lack of sanity and strange diet (i.e. eating bugs). This version of him was an inmate at Dr. Seward's asylum, and is coming to Wonderland after escaping... Again.

A couple of warnings as we get settled in. At first, I had Fenton from Penny Dreadful as Renfield's played by, but the more I looked at him the more I realized having a teenager representing a 59 year old wasn't the best idea, and I couldn't find any better PBs that conveyed the same nearly feral mannerisms. Please bear with me while I slowly draw Renfield some better icons.

The other warning is, he eats more than just bugs. Hide your pets!