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+1 time dad

Hello people of Eway! This is Tad, who already plays with you as Camille O'Connell ([personal profile] therapize), now bringing you this fashionable guy:

and yes, he has to be a dick about it.

Captain Rip Hunter is a former Time Master of DCTV/Legends of Tomorrow fame. Also, he is not Rory Williams, and will give anyone who calls him Rory Williams a look. While he is intimately familiar with traveling through time, and even with multiple dimensions, he's not going to take being in Wonderland so well. Also, technically he's the one in charge of the other three Legends running around here: Klepto, Pyro, and Shrink-o.

Fun times!

I cannot wait to get started playing him with all of you! If anyone wants to plot, please feel free to add me on plurk as [ profile] tadity, or hitting me up on discord when I remember to log on at tadity#3259.
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TECHNICALLY no one's in charge of him any more.

:D :D :D

Yanno. No strings.
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It froze itself! He's innocent.
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I'm really excited about this. I saw your Rip on the TDM and he was amazing, Tad.
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Hey, it's possible. I've got way more characters here now, and I'm pretty sure none of them have any plans to kill him or turn him into a monkey.
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shit ... no one tell rip barry's been fucking with time if he's snart's boss!!

welcome to the dctv side of things, tad! i hope you and rory williams don't get a headache from all the tomfoolery. is rip the one to tattle on captain cold and heatwave to? inquiring minds need to know.
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eeeee. yes good :D
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It's like a party full of people Mick dislikes. Fortunately it's a party with free beer.

Dude seriously tho I am so happy you're here!
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oh man im so excited to see rip here, he's one of my fav LOT characters hehe. also i want to ask your opinion - do you think rip would know of eobard or not? eobard def knows of rip, my assumption is he's kind of someone the time masters probably have an eye on because he's a time changing speedster dick.
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I think that's the best way to do it then!

we'll deal with it then ok... at least rip is confirmed amnesiac from the promos.