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okay, i think it's ready now.

So, with mod blessing, an Entranceway wiki has been made at Wikia. ♥

Being that it is a wiki, please, feel free to edit! Create character pages, player pages, mirror pages, whatever you want, as long as it relates to Eway. Also, on the merit that it is a wiki, expect your personal pages to be edited by others. If you think someone is editing your pages to be cruel instead of constructive, however, let me know and I can take the appropriate actions.

To get you started, the bare-bones codes for basic pages are on the front page, along with examples of how to fill them out and what they'll look like in case you get confused (wiki code is weird).

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask me here or on my talk page.


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For those yet uninformed, I am pleased to announce and promote our new


Nica's been so nice to set it up for us, but now its everyone's turn!

The editing tool is really easy, the editing access is open, so feel free to create your own character pages and player bios! There's currently no standard way to set these up, other than putting them under the appropriate headers, so take a look around for some ideas, then go ahead and start adding things!