Jun. 21st, 2011 10:54 am
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Hello everyone! Minato and Elaine are considering designing a census for everyone in Wonderland... Which got Tian and I talking about an OOC database of Entranceway! So anyway, these are some of the funfacts we came up with!

Entranceway has:
45 muns
88 muses (journal count, so people like Clarence and Subby aren't counted, and neither are the NPCs)
69 male characters and 19 female ones. FFFF
44 fandoms
60 mirror journals
Breakdown under the cut! )

SOOO this was obviously just an excuse to make lists. XD Anyway, we're also coming up with a GoogleDocs file so that we have a database that's easily updated as well! And there are a couple of other funfacts in there that Tian and I can't fill out by ourselves, so we really need your help, if you can spare the time! Please fill out the information below if you're bored with nothing to do. :) Everything's optional, so feel free to leave categories blank. Tian and I will try to fill up as much as we can, too, but only when we're sure!

Also if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to comment here. (For example, we're considering approximate height, but we're not sure if it's too hard...?)


Aug. 27th, 2010 07:19 pm
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 So in addition to these fun statistics about characters I sat around today and compiled this:

We have 50 muns.

3 have 6 characters
1 has 5 characters
4 have 4 characters
4 have 3 characters
13 have 2 characters
25 have only 1 character
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Some additions to the over-all counting thing, and a plea for help:

male: 62
female: 32
neither or both: 3

(obviously, I failed at one point because some numbers don't match exactly. But it all sums up to about the same number, so I hope that is okay ;;)

Aaaaand the question about sexuality/pairings/etc.

We have three gay couples and one threesome:
Soubi and Ritsuka
Lithuania and Poland
Seimei and Hibari
Seeu, Lawrence and Yujinn
(courtesy of Niko)

And one het one:
Austria and Hungary

What/Whom did we miss?
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Talking about Japanese food, we started to wonder.... and counted.

There are currently in the mansion:
104 residents in total
of which
31 are Japanese
30 are American
9 are British
6 are from outer space
and everyone else is from random places or nowhere

...we did a little guessing on a few people, but I think that we are about right. ......just yeah. sharing random thoughts.

Cast numbers:
The largest casts have 7 members.
7: Bioshock
6: Reborn!, Hetalia (7 on the list but I'm pretty sure that one of them was dropped)
5: Glee
4: Bleach, D. Gray-man, Marble Hornets
3: Loveless, Pandora Hearts, S-cry-ed
2: Harry Potter, Hourou Musuko, Ouran, Persona 4, Preston, Vampire Game
every other cast has only one person from it.

our conclusions:
Japanese people (and we counted half blooded ones towards Japanese) make up less than 1/3 of the mansion's residents
there are nearly as much Americans as them.
And we have extremely many obscure and rare series on our list.
We have 62 canons here

Also whew variety, WE HAZ IT.