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Hi friends. I should have posted this on 10/10, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER?

I'm going to be pretty slow for the rest of the month of October because I'll be travelling. I'll try to keep responding to tags, but I don't know how quick I'll be.

If anyone wants to drop threads that have been going for awhile, let me know and we can hash out how they would have ended.
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Just a heads up that I'll be out of town at a retreat and not tagging much this weekend (Friday 2/27-Tuesday 3/3). I'll have my laptop and my phone but I don't anticipate being online much. I don't think I've got anything going that's really all that time-sensitive, but let me know if you want/need to handwave anything. ♥ I can be reached on plurk @ [ profile] jaylynnvee.


Jun. 11th, 2013 09:41 pm
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Howdy, folks!

My brother is getting married on Saturday, so needless to say from tomorrow (the 12th) until Sunday the 16th or Monday the 17th I will be slow to nonexistent. Since it's just for a few days, I'm not bothering with an official hiatus, but we're going out of town; while I'll have my phone, laptop and Kindle, I have no idea what the wi-fi situation will be like and will of course be busy doing pre-wedding and actual wedding stuff.

This affects Simon Tam here; he will be on autopilot, but godmoding rights go to Marie if necessary. If you need to get ahold of me for anything, Plurk [ profile] shurimon or e-mail (spdbridge03 at gmail dot com) are the best ways.

See you all later.
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My motivation for RPing has been fluctuating lately, and I haven't been feeling all that well either, so all things considered, I'm calling a slowatus / semi-hiatus thing. Hopefully a week is enough! Only affects Bartz here, and if you guys want to plot or chat whatever you can always hit me up at PM, or plurk ([ profile] godsicle), providing you had an identification somewhere in yours (I don't like strangers, shhh).

See you guys on the other side!
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Hi guys! Work is kicking me in the face, so I'm calling a semi-hiatus until July 19th. I'm still going to be around for all my mod stuff if anyone needs me, but my tags will be slow/non-existent until then.

Also I will get back to my older tags as soon as possible - I know I owe like everyone ever tags from the garden party event and earlier. I just know I won't have the chance for a little bit. ;o; ♥

~ Koji
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Well, semi-sorta hiatus. Basically I'm going away for the weekend, starting tomorrow (Friday 19th) and returning some time on Sunday 21st. I won't have internet access except for my phone so won't be posting or tagging.

Because the event kicks in while I'm not here, I will probably post Spencer's post later tonight (forward-dated) and will be backlogging/tagging/whatever when I return. (P4 guys, you will not escape blind cooking!) If there's anything in particular any of mine need to hit, just poke me here/on Plurk/by PM/by carrier pigeon and I'll hit it up on my return.

This affects [ profile] cull_means_care, [ profile] coolstriderbro, [ profile] scary_enough and [ profile] fans_fire


Aug. 2nd, 2011 08:02 pm
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HEY EVERYONE I'm sure everyone I've been tagging with has noticed I kind of went missing for a while due to the combined efforts or rl and lj going down on everyone like a cheap dollar store hooker buuuut. I'm back! Kind of!

I'm going to be on one of those semi-hiatus things for a while until the whole back to school rush and all that jazz is over, so please put up with me and my random slow tags until August 8th-ish. /)(\ If there's anything you need/want me to tag or backtag, then please go ahead and tell me. If you need to plot anything out, then there's that too. Yeah.

tl;dr i suck but then i don't suck as much but i am still slow.
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Hellooooo. I am taking the shortest of hiatuses! I'm spending the weekend at my cousins' house, and therefore shall be without a computer. I WILL be able to tag stuff I have going (sup, Tim?), because I am addicted to my phone, but won't be able to reply to any new posts until I get back.

..unless you like, decide to email me a link to some new post all HEY, HOW ABOUT YOU TAG THIS POST RIGHT THE HECK NOW? Then I guess I can do it. Whatever.

This is way too much info for like, two days away. Damn you, eway, for your allure.......nce?

I think I need to sleep.
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I don't usually announce things like this, but I thought it might be best, since a few things were planned :)

I'm going to be on a semi-hiatus for the next few days, because I'm going to be getting ready to move back into school on Saturday. This involves a lot of packing, last-second meet ups with people, packing, trying not to go insane, getting things at the last minute, and more packing, so I'll probably be really slow until I'm all moved in.

You might see me comment around a little because I am both a procrastinator and a glutton for punishment, but probably no posts from me, and tags will be really really slow. This applies to Austria, Yukino, Nitori, and Kurt. I'll do my best to get an event up tomorrow (since it's my turn), but if I can't I will be sure to cry at another mod for help with that. ♥

Wish me luck moving in!

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It's the holidays, so I will have to be on semi-hiatus, which may turn into a hiatus if things get really busy. I'll do my best to tag though!

This affects just [ profile] savedbysnow. ^^ I should be back in full swing by the middle of January.

Thanks. ^-^
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See this icon?

This is me trying to deal with Christmas at my house. AHHHHHHHHH!

So! I'm officially calling a semi-hiatus. I'll likely be sneaking around tagging here and there and maybe a post or two because I love Pookie and Rema but nothing's guaranteed, and I'm definitely going to be very, very, very slow.

SO. I hope everyone has fun with the event (I know I am so far) and I'll be around more again after the 25th. This affects [ profile] kitty_in_wonder, [ profile] miserablefate, [ profile] pottershotter, [ profile] elegantvirtuoso, and [ profile] tobethebest.

~ Koji ♥
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Ugh. I feel Sooooooooooo bad for this... but.. I gotta post at least a semi-hiatus.

I know I just joined, but i'mma be going to see my family for X-mas holidays starting today/tomorrow/whatever and i'mma be almost all gone til the 29th. Though i'll still make posts here and there though I make no complete promises. I'm really sorry again to everyone but i'll do what I can amongst the family-tiems~~

I still hope everyone has a good X-mas and such things and I look forward to coming back fully and posting alot to making up for my joining-then-going-on-hiatus-thing. XD Anyway. I'mma go now.

Cya all~
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My lappy blew up again. :< So, I won't be around as much for a while. But at least I have no classes at present! So, yeah.

I won't be around as much for a little while until I get the thing fixed. Patchy will be spending most to all of her time in the library, in her room, being kind of sick.
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So just as a forewarning, a trojan virus has completely decimated my computer. I have no idea how long it will be before I have enough money to get it fixed.

I do have access to my boyfriend's computer, but I will only be using it when he's not around / asleep, so tagging for Soubi and Lawr will be extremely slow for a while.

I will also be calling full hiatus from December 23-31, as I am going back up north for a while to molest Becky visit my family.



Dec. 18th, 2008 01:59 am
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So I'm hopping cities for a pre-Christmas break with a handful of friends, and won't be back until Sunday. Well. Saturday, but Saturday evening is the Christmas night out, and we all know how they end up. I'll have my Sidekick on me at all times -- the thing is practically stapled to my hand -- so for those of you that assumed Draco would shut the fuck down for a few days, I can only offer you my apologies. 8')

He will, however, be a tad quieter than usual.

See you all when I get back.~

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Bilbo here. Tomorrow, Hayate will be cleaning the entire mansioninhabited parts of the mansion because...well, he can and its his duty as a butler with an insane agility stat (though some people may be able to catch him in the act). :D

Thus tomorrow, people will find that somebody has entered their room and made it all nice and shiny clean. The doorknobs are polished. The dust bunnies are anihilated. The windows are washed (and if you're on the first and second floors, he got the outside part of the windows too). That random bloodstain on your carpet? Gone. And in some places, there might be a little air freshener hanging around. :o

A log post will be posted if anyone wants to encounter Hayate. \o\;

EDIT: Oh yeah, if your character's room is magically locked or booby trapped or there's a precious object in there that Hayate should never touch otherwise he'll be screwed, let me know.

EDIT 2: And um, I'd like to declare a semi-hiatus starting Friday due to studying for finals. Orz.
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I'm putting Saix on semi-hiatus. He'll be around, but not much. My tagging is going to be slow as hell for a while, so I apologise. Anything currently in progress (Hi thar, Kadaj) will get finished, but since the dream event just take it as read that Saix is going to hole himself up in his room and not come out for a bit, although he may be around for the Thanksgiving event.
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Hey guys.

You might have noticed that I wasn't able to participate with the Geostigma event. D:

Tomoyo muse is sort of in a coma.. I dunno. I'm probably not too inspired to play her right now.

SO. Hiatus affects her. ):

If it takes too long, I'd have to decide whether I'd keep her or not. *d-doesn't want to leave her OTP but alas~*


With Sakura-hime..pretend that she's been sleeping mostly while the Geostigma week was on going. I'd have to decide if she died or not..since she's too fragile right now, it's most likely she will. But.. =3=;;;;;;;
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Hello it's Ren again.~ :) Unforctunatley my mom doesn't have the money to pay for the internet so I might be out of a computer for a few weeks. Don't know when this will happen or for how long. This is just a warning so my characters may be inactive for a while. I'll be taking a semi hiatus when this is happening.

Players affected:

Silabus ([ profile] princeofsmiles): Will probably be off on his journey to find his beloved Haseo.~

Luke ([ profile] nobleredhead): Will be trying to get back at Jade for the "kitty" incident.~