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Hello, hello, Eway! I have an announcement for you! In the spirit of summer fun and mingle posts, in July Peter Pan is organizing another get-together for everyone! Well, not everyone. Only some very special people, and they're invited whether they want to be or not.

I have for you a Lost People party!

What the hell is that, you might ask, and why should you care? To answer your question, this version of Peter Pan also happens to moonlight as a well-known figure called the Pied Piper. Sound familiar? With a set of pan pipes, Peter has been known to use enchanted music to call boys out of their homes at night and join him on merry adventures as his Lost Boys. The music itself can only be heard by certain individuals and is so alluring they'll want to follow it wherever it leads!

And guess what? Wonderland is his new audience.

How is this going to work? Read on to find out! )

Whether players choose to participate or not is up to them! The compulsion to follow the Pied Piper will grow the strongest by night three, but if you find at the time you'd rather not get involved, you're more than welcome to say the compulsion failed to make them participate.

The reason I'm posting the OOC info early is to get an idea of who Peter's spell will affect! If you have an eligible character and could sign up, I'd really appreciate it! Mostly because Peter will try his best to ICly keep track of who can hear the pipes, and it would make organization a little easier in that regard.
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H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ' S D A Y

First off, This is not a game event, this is Tom Hanniger being a crazy person.
I think it's important to put that out right away to get away from any confusion, here.

I posted some information about this a while ago on the CR meme and had a lot of positive response, but if you didn't get a chance to tag that or are new, here's the deal:

There's a killer coming to Wonderland for a few days on either side of the 14th. He's got a thing about the holiday and he's looking to paint some roses red. You get in his way? It's your blood he'll use.


IF YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS PLOT in the CR meme I lost all my documentation so PLEASE REPLY here so I have everything in one place.

EDIT; This event will run February 12th-15th!

The ballad of Harry Warden.. )


Aug. 5th, 2013 03:54 am
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So obviously the best time to make this post is in the middle of an event. Good job Marie. Anyway, as some of you may already be aware Alana comes off (by my time), and I had a vague idea for some interesting CR get.

What would the interest be like in having her set up a psychiatry practice here in Wonderland? It'll keep her occupied and maybe keep some of the people here sane give others a place to wander in and out of if they ever needed it. I...would not want to thread out every single one of these sessions because it would probably be dull as fuck for both of us, but I am more than open for discussions OOCly via PM/plurk/AIM about how sessions go, and for anything significant I am more than happy to thread those out.

She'll probably make a post about this ICly in a day or two, especially given how traumatising this event will probably be, but I thought I'd get a feel for what the interest in this would be like first!

(On a final note this would be voluntary ICly, since Alana won't be forcing characters to come at all. If your character wouldn't come of their own accord/doesn't have CR who would make them go, this isn't the thing for you.)

EDIT I FORGOT BUT HERE IS AN OOC SIGN UP SHEET so i can keep track of y'all!
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Hello, Entranceway! As you've probably already noticed, Joan Watson is organizing a support group. Now, on that post she's just gauging interest, it's not necessary to respond there to show up on the day, but some characters suggested they might like to be more involved than that, so if you'd like your character to help make the Wonderland Support group happen, let me know here.

What's needed are things like getting a room ready, bringing the snacks, moderating the discussion (keeping people from interrupting each other, that kind of thing), or even just promising to go first at the meeting so it'll be less awkward for other people.

And for anyone who's interested in their character attending at all, if there's a particular day that would work better for you than other days, I'd like to know that as well. Thanks!
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All right, so- Zack suggested having a beach party in his recent post here. Since this is his first time planning anything like this (his idea of vacationing is doing squats on the beach, srsly), he can use all the help he can get!

I'm thinking of tossing up an open log in a couple days (maybe Thursday or Friday), but if you'd like your character to contribute something, ping me here!

Stuff like food, entertainment (games, music, etc), equipment...anything that could make a beach party excellent would be great! C:

Thank you! /o/
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So Rhi and Sydney and I were chatting on plurk about how adorable and hilarious it would be if the young ladies in the mansion had a slumber party and, in general, enjoyed some traditional girly-girl fun.

You know, staying up late, eating junk food, painting each others' nails, crank calls, calling your crush and admitting you love them, kidnapping unsuspecting gentlemen and using them to play 'makeovers' with...cute innocent fun like that. I'm picturing one huge log, with different threads for different activities (so you don't get stuck doing one thing).

Does this interest and/or amuse you? Feedback and ideas are highly encouraged. And hopefully we could hold it during a time where an event is not in session.

EDIT: We will do this sometime after the Film Noir event, so no worries <3
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Unfortunately it seems like the three of us can't ever get together in the same area due to time constraints. So Wesker, Kura, and I, Seeu-Mun need a place to plot out a fight that's going to happen between the three characters over something that Wesker and Kura are trying to build.

Yeah so we're using this area here~

All right guys. Um For starters just how far along is the collapser?

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HI, Entranceway. I have a humble request for PLOT help! ^-^

Your resident Persona 3 crew known as SEES (Minato, Akihiko, Mitsuru, Shinjiro) has a plan to break into the Teachers' Lounge at night! They want to retrieve a Notebook they had confiscated from them by Dr. Brennan. Basically the plan is: they'll sneak into school late at night, get into the Teachers' Lounge, retrieve said Notebook, and then PROFIT.

However, is the Disciplinary Committee going to let them get away with it? You decide, Disciplinary Committee members!

But be forewarned:
- Mitsuru's ice powers will be shattering windows and freezing whatever happens to get in her way
- Shinjiro has superhuman strength
- Minato has supercharged elemental magic spells
- Most importantly, Akihiko will be sparking with electricity, and then he and his Persona will cause a school-wide power outage (deliciously mod-approved!) post-Notebook retrieval. Nagi will fix this problem and bring power back in a few hours.

So we'd like to know which Disciplinary Committee members WANT IN on confronting them as they escape in the dark! This will be an open log, with one thread dedicated to the four of them initially sneaking in and retrieving the Notebook, but we need Disciplinary Committee members to stop them in the hallways or somewhere somehow either as a threadjack OR as new comments/threads in the log. ^-^

SEES will probably get separated to make the encounters easier to deal with? They'll get their hands on the Notebook (probably Mitsuru will find it), but how much trouble it'll be to get away is another story.

Any takers or any other ideas of how to go about this? ^-^ Thank you! I thought the log would go up Friday, but it can be pushed back if we have to. ^-^

EDIT: The log will probably go up Saturday morning or early afternoon!


Mar. 2nd, 2011 10:45 am
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I'm sorry, everybody. That didn't explain very much at all.

To summarise: You know that one Operator mini-event that has been and will be causing people problems? Well, Alex is going to find himself masked up and gravedigging for the convenience of all the nice people who may or may not be fatally shanked. Of course, I'm not sure how many people are actually dying, so odds are he'll have plenty of free time to roam the grounds being masked and weird.

To summarise the summary: If you'd like that creepy Kralie kid to mask up and bury or otherwise bother your character, let me know here!

To summarise the summary of the summary: SHENANIGANS! :D


Feb. 25th, 2011 01:30 am
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You all know how Santana's an unapologetic slut, right? And you all know how NO ONE BUT TIM IS PUTTING OUT, right?

Yeah, that needs to change. For plot reasons, even! No, really! It is going to come to her attention that she's been pretty much monogamous since.. October. And this, obviously, will cause her to freak out.

SO! She needs someone to sleep with. No strings, just a good time, blah blah. Guys preferable, but especially in this state of mind, she wouldn't say no to anyone a girl. I am good for any type of threading, or even just.. 'say it happened and move on'. XD

...This is such a weird post to make, what the hell.
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So, apparently the 0perator was interested in using an ex-assassin robot, so Peace's original personality, Necron 99, is going to be making an appearance around here. Now, an encounter with a masked up Necron 99 doesn't have to be fatal; the guy's going to be a smidge bit off, not necessarily interested in non-magic users and targets the 0perator gave him, and he's not used to the weapons he pulled out of his closet.

Let me know if you're interested in interacting with Necron 99 (just don't expect a long conversation; the guy's pretty much all business) and what you'd like to see happen.
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So Maskers here has been remarkably benign and innocent and downright cute lately. But due to his little conversation with Alex, he's pretty pissed off right now. And he'd like to kill/mutilate/stab/eviscerate someone right now. Any volunteers?

You don't have to die, he'd be happy to stab you and drag you out to the forest and leave you to potentially bleed to death. He just needs to get some of his menacing qualities back.
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This is a call for victims! In honor of the new Marble Hornets which has been going for a while now, shush and...just because I thought it would be fun, I have decided to allow Slenderman to have a little rampage! That is, if anyone would like to join in.

The general gist is, Slendy is pissed off or feeling energetic or something, and his activity is going to kick up a notch for a little while. If anyone would like to be floodled, here is where we plot it!

Floodling severity can range from uneasiness and mild memory loss all the way through to masking up or horrible bloody evisceration! Really any level of injury/trauma is acceptable, whatever is most fun for all involved.

We're kicking off here with Dean, and I'd love to add more to the list!

this has been mod approved <3


Jan. 2nd, 2011 02:52 pm
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Hey folks! I'm back from holidays -- it turned out that I didn't even have internet access for most of my days off, which is why I went from official slowatus to apparent hiatus.

Poor Ellis has missed his favorite holiday of the year... however, I am planning on saying that he's kind of drunk himself into a stupor via New Years and that the house (yess... the house... >_>""") nabbed some memories in the process.

So! I would love to plan some tagging opportunities where Ellis doesn't remember much about a situation and another character does... or perhaps we can plan something so that Ellis does remember a thread or a situation that happened, it's just like... either we can back-tag or say that it happened without having to go and backlog things?

I'm not really entirely sure how to deal with having been unable to play, but not wanting my character to have literally disappeared while I as the player was gone. It's just too mean a thing to do to an Ellis. XD

Anyways, halp!
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So Ellis-Mun and I were thinking that it would be useful for all the doctors during this event to have a basic knowledge of what's wrong with their patients and where they're all located. Post back to this with what's wrong with your character (other than the delusions of Wonderland) and where you want them to be (plus any notes you think the doctors should know): 

Let me just check your chart... )


Aug. 12th, 2010 11:39 pm
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So for our own and hopefully everyone else's entertainment, V and Mouette and I were thinking about having our characters flee through various posts during the event and collect people as they go, with the hopeful end result being that we all eventually wind up with a giant, awesome GHOUL-FIGHTING MOB.

So let me know here if you want to participate, or if you have any ideas to make it more awesome, or whatever else!
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Okay, so I was talking to Kira at Otakon, and we agreed that after meeting each others' creepy, badtouchy mirrors, Poland and Liet have been avoiding each other.

Which means neither of them have been in their room for like, around a week. However, they're likely to reach the end of their tolerance for being without each other pretty soon...

Any thieves or vandals or other assorted ne'er-do-wells want to have taken advantage of their absence somehow? It would almost seem like a pity for them to come back and find their room NOT trashed.
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Yay, I'm back in action!

However, it seems that i missed the plotting, so I still need family members....

Yujinn - Married to Seeu
Hubb: Ritsuka/Seimei Uncle
Major: Ritsuka/Seimei uncle. Seeu's father.
Jean; Iceland's COusin
Ivanova: Ganta's aunt, Duzell's mother, Iceland's grandmother, Sirius's sister.
Ryuho: Gokudera's ex, and Haru's husband. Kanami's brother.
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Hey everybody, V here again~

It seems there are more people interested in Sinclair's plasmids than I thought! So, this post is to get everything in order sos I can stop hijacking threads. XD

About Plasmids/Playing with them in-game. )

Now, I know I have Iceland and Gokudera signed up to try them at some point. The way I'm doing this is you get to pick the effect - when Jim shot up, for example, he was able to turn into water. :3 Anything you can think of is fair game. There are plasmids that already exist, so if your character has something in mind that they want - say, starting a fire with the snap of their fingers! - Sinclair can set them up. I linked the Bioshock 2 plasmids above, but any first game plasmids are fair game, too.

If anyone else is game, feel free to reply~ Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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OKAY GUYS so since it's spring time and I have two characters who love baseball, obviously it's time we should try to make the Wonderland Series!

Pretty much, if your character would be interested, they can 'sign up' for tryouts. (For all intents and purposes, pretend that there's a piece of paper somewhere with Yamamoto's scribble that says 'BASEBALL TRYOUTS')

Your character will then get to 'try out', meaning you can pick a position and whatever. Depending on the amount of people involved, there will be two or three teams.

This will, of course, probably not happen until a bit later in the month, as Yamamoto will be working on finding a good place to play on the grounds. And prepping lines and bases and stuff. So yeah.

Plus friendly rivalry is always awesome!

So leave a comment here if you have a character (or characters, really) that would be interested in playing on a team! Throwing in alts are encouraged because there's no way there'd be playercest; they won't even be interacting! And ideally there's supposed to be 9 people per team, but we can adjust depending on how many sign up!

EDIT: The official IC thing will probably go up sometime during the first full week of June. It'll take Yamamoto a while to prep a 'field', but also I will be having family over and my internet access will be greatly reduced. SO THERE IS TIME TO THROW ALL YOUR CHARACTERS IN.

Plus I highly encourage the introduction of other sports, like Cricket and Soccer. Hey, it's something to do during downtime.

Tentative Roster list so far )


Feb. 23rd, 2010 12:45 am
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Hey Folks!

Haru is getting a little sad about all the people leaving the mansion and has decided to take it into his own hands. Oddly enough this means that he wants to have a party, a rave specifically.  There will of course be loud music thumping away, neon lights, and the whole shebang of going wild. I've already talked to a few of you but is anyone else interested in going to this thing?

If so just comment and join in the plotage cause right now everything is on the table for what can be done or not! If your character isn't the type to go but you still wanna attend then maybe we can figure out a way to get some of the stubborn ones out of their hiding places!

So comment with interest/ideas/questions!

Oh! And I want to pick a day where people will be able to enjoy it without disturbing anything else so it'll probably be like a RP-wise Saturday or Friday night with a log opened up.

[Edit] I'm going to open the thread (possibly late) Friday night (EST) but the rave RPwise will happen on Saturday. Haru will make a post then I'll make a log but of course you guys can comment in your journals about it.  [/Edit]


Feb. 8th, 2010 09:39 pm
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tl;dr explanation )

- needed: FEMALE or effeminate MALE
- for: flirting, blushing, doing stuff together and maybe holding hands
- offered: nice, old fashioned knightly male nation
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So, the Major is well aware that there are people howling for his blood. As such, he is changing rooms at this time. His old room is still furnished and everything, but happens to be set with a variety of boobytraps (Poison and explosives, nothing that will destroy the mansion, he has to live there.). It is also set with a closed-circuit camera that he can use to see who might have tracked him down.

His current room has a resettable trap based on some materials from the library. It works like a confuse spell. Essentially people trying to enter his new room will be hit by a spell that may cause them to forget why they are there, and make them wander off. This will wear off in a few hours.

Finally; the Major is curious about the revival mechanism of the mansion. He's on the look-out for someone who looks reasonable inoffensive to poison/murder so he can study what happens. Does anyone want to volunteer for murder, or failing that, to have their body jacked after death during an event or some such?
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Harro everyone, Eri here making a feeble attempt to run a mini plot thing with a few volunteers. After this upcoming event (though if necessary I'm flexible on when this all happens), Faith here will be canon bumping so that she's not a roving idiotic maniac stealing people's bikes and starting fights every time she turns around.

Ultimately, I'd like to send her on a rampage and then have some of the residents kill her off to maximize the extreme HORRORS and angst. I'd need a few things, so I'm just trying to gauge and see who if anyone would be interested.

CUT FOR TLDR details )

eta3: Okay, everything is full up and this miniplot is closed to any newcomers, unless there's extreme IC reason for another person to be involved. An email tree has been started and depending on how quickly we work everything out, the actual plot will get into gear Thursday or Friday. Any ?'s, IM me (thegreateri)
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ffft okay, last update for me. Promise. ♥ I just like trying to keep everyone together, on the same page, whatevs.

So Poniko's pretty much told a few people that it's her fault, and Robin and England confirmed there's a bomb in the mansion. England states it's location so yeah.

There's a few things your character could still be doing:
1) Freeing people, because it's a bit easier to do that from the outside especially if you're American
2) Trying to break into the kitchen, again, see above, if you really want to.
3) Getting the hell out of there.


4) Being involved in the bombing disarming process.

Now I wanted to cap the scene at a small number, mostly so we can get it finished by later tomorrow (yeah I'll be at work all day tomorrow, but during my breaks I can post tiny replies). Whoever wants in, feel free, but it'll mostly be to disarm the 'bomb' and save Austria's piano keep America from killing anyone else.

Hell, if there's enough people? MAYBE THERE WILL BE OTHER BOMBS FOR PEOPLE TO GO AFTER idek anymore I want everyone to stay involvedddddd

IF YOU STILL WANT A STAND OFF LET ME KNOW PLEASE I'm trying to keep up with everyone. I know a few people wanted at least one standoff, and we could at least start something today so yeah. Let me know prs. This got way too epic way too fast. |D;

But anyway, IC wise, starting tomorrow in game, everything will be back to normal, and everyone who was killed should be back, as well.

Oh, and FYI, to those who could maybe notice (other Vongolas, cough) Yamamoto's missing from the mansion entirely. Feel free to assume he's dead! This is until I figure out if I'm canon updating him or not

Thanks again for all the participation, guys! I hope it was as good for you as it was for me! XD ♥
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HEY EVERYONE I HOPE YOU'RE ALL HAVING FUN oh god so many tagsssss but it's amazing, I love the cooperation so far! :3 A few things I've been nitpicky with a few people, but other than that, nothing too crazy.

Okay, so this is what's down for today until tomorrow.

America's been running rampant for over 24 hours now. Some people have died, many more have been shot. Now, when your character wakes up today (Saturday morning, of course) you'll find out that the mansion has changed. Of course, it's going to feed into America's delusions and encourage it, because we all know how much this place loves death and destruction.

Residents? Welcome to Guantanamo Bay.

If you were good and behaving and staying in your rooms, you'll find that getting out of them is even more difficult, as the doors are like... hardcore prison cell doors. The kitchen and dining rooms are sealed off with steel doors, but surprisingly, if you're character is 'American', they can activate the 'finger pads' to locked rooms and gain clearance. This works for cells, too, but you can't free yourself this way Of course, there's even less places to hide and more 'security' cameras, though of course it's still America coming after you if you 'break the rules' so whatever, and strict prison is strict. Now, if you get shot/stunned/whatever, he's just going to throw you in a 'cell'/room and lock you in there.






Some areas are triggered with alarms, though, so don't be surprised if you're walking and suddenly sirens start blaring alerting everyone of everything. America's also hyping up his arsenal, since there's so many 'supernatural' characters running around (no pun intended) so yeah, if you still wanna get shot and/or get into a standoff THERE IS STILL TIME.

Also, for 'end game'.. I need to speak to the muns of Reid, Robin, Emma, and England since you are all technically America's hostages now. I might try to pull you guys into a chat later, or something. There's something that needs to be set up next, and you guys potentially play a big part in it. <3
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HEY [ profile] dontcallmemika [ profile] dusty_divinityS!

In Castiel's canon, angel bitches communicate both verbally and telepathically (I GUESS THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL IT, IDEK). So bearing this in mind, I'm wondering if your canons are the same/similar and if so/not, would y'all want to have a little Angel Network within the mansion?

idk if this is something that needs mod approval. if so, please beat me until i'm red?

also if i missed an angel I'M SORRY.
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So, I've been suffering major activity fail with Aerith lately, and it's partly RL being hectic, but it's also partly a lack of anything to do with Aerith precisely because RL has been hectic.

Well, fingers crossed, within the next couple of days RL should settle down because I've been offered a job and now I'm just waiting to hear back about when I start, which means that I can finally get a move on with some of the things I've wanted to do with Aerith.


Everyone's been down in the dumps, and recent events aren't making it any better, so I was thinking of having Aerith organise a mansion-wide party. Food, games, competitions, a bonfire, music, and dancing, maybe fireworks, all that fun stuff.

If anyone thinks it would be fun and has any suggestions for things that should be provided for entertainment, pipe up here. Similarly, if you have any characters that would like to get in on the action of organising it all and putting it on, give me a shout.

There's no date set for it yet. If we can get the ball rolling here we can pick a date that's best suited to as many people interested as possible.
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[A little plain paper folded note. Not fancy at all and with small writing is slipped under everyone's door.]

What does it say? )