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Hi y'all, I would very much appreciate it if you could head over here and fill in the form RE what this lovely demon here can or cannot do around/with/to your character.

That honestly sounds worse than it is.

Thanks love u!
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Hulloh, everyone!

This is a bit overdue, but it hasn't actually come up that much until recently, SO:

I am currently playing a mute telepath, who now finally has a shiny PERMISSION / OPT-OUT POST for his ability, which I would love for you to have a quick look at, especially if

1. you and/or your character(s) don't want to deal with telepathy
2. your character would react to telepathy in a way I might want to know about.

Annnnd that is all, thank you for your attention, carry on and have a splendid day,

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So I was kind of in New Jersey all last week, which, uh, is why I've been silent before and after that. ouo;

But I think my normal civilian life will be back on track now! So I'll be getting back to a bunch of threads, ahah! Including ones with De-aged traveler, if anyone out there is still up for that? ouo;

BUT More relevant news:


The former is for when you want me to not throw in incomprehensible typos into her text comments, or when you want me to leave your child characters alone, or tag or flip out on your characters, or throw them around ahaha.

The second is for me to keep track of all the little girls she's got her big red helmet light on, and I guess also serves as a post for you guys to volunteer your 14 and under characters for adoption! (Girls only, boys stink.)

In addition to that, I still have her HMD POST as well as a GENERAL INFO POST that's updated as I remember things to note in there, eheh.

Finally, uh. Just going to say this: If you ever wanted to thread with Mirror Chell, it might be good to arrange for that now...
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...You can't tell me you wouldn't puff that suit up too.  

I am Laura and I have been around for a bit with Daryl Dixon ([personal profile] unsleeved ) and I will now be dragging Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad to Wonderland as well.  :D  He's...  Not in the best place right now, just this side of some police brutality and general life suckage...  But he's a resilient little bastard and so he'll manage.  At least until the events start rolling in...

ANYWAY.  The main reason for this post (aside from being able to use that gif because it's damn hilarious) is that since Jesse's fresh out of rehab (or almost fresh, it's been a month or so), his tags may occasionally include some potentially triggering things as he works through his shit.  If you'd rather not deal with that, hit me up here or on plurk or aim or via email or wherever you wanna do it.

...Feel free to hit me up for anything else, too!  Looking forward to throwing him at everyone here.  <3
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It probably comes as no surprise, but I've decided to drop Anna Milton here. She didn't have too much CR so it won't be a devastating loss, and obviously I'm still around with River. Sorry to cast mates, but given how grand our cast is I really couldn't justify sitting on the character any longer.

BUT WHILE I HAVE YOU we have loads of people here and not all of you have filled out River Tam's permissions post, which obviously is super important to pretty much any interaction she has with anyone! If people could just mosey on in there, it would be really helpful for me if and when we're threading.

Thanks guys!
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Hello Entranceway!

This is Inky, also known as your resident Castiel ([personal profile] freetobe ) and Ruby ([personal profile] childofthemoon ). I now bring you my third, this here uh.... lovely little girl.

Toph is 12 years old, blind and can manipulate the earth through really cool looking martial arts. It means she can kick some serious butt and she knows it, so don't be surprised if she mouthes off. However, she also just failed to do two things at once and save both her friends, and their animal companion, losing the latter to poachers. She's naturally upset about this. So congratulations, you guys get to deal with a rebellious, upset 12 year old who could stomp the ground and bring the whole mansion down.

Yay? For more information on her, please refer to her app.

Please note Toph's permission post for the use of her powers, especially because she has extremely fine seismic senses. It means sneaking up on her is hard to impossible, plus she has a nifty way of telling if you're lying as long as she meets you in person and you're remotely human. Please fill out the form for further details <3

For plotting purposes, you can reach me on Plurk as [ profile] inkcharm, or on AIM (on request).

Looking forward to throw her at you awesome people <3


Jun. 16th, 2013 11:37 pm
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Hello, beautiful, beautiful Eway. It was only a matter of time before this rehappened. It is I, Stella, player of dear Helen Magnus ([personal profile] absolutelynot), bringing you someone completely different: Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. He's from the middle of the 6th book, after he finds out what Harry has to do next year to really end Voldemort.

For those unfamiliar with him, he is a jerk. He is a big jerk. He is also a very powerful, jerky wizard. His permissions post is here and I would really appreciate if everyone would go looking through it and fill out the handy form. He's got a lot to him and I'll probably add things as I remember, but this will give me an idea of what I can and cannot do with each character. If you'd rather he not tag your character at all, that's totally fine, too. I know he's a bit of a sour, meanie. Just let me know on his permissions post, so I can reference it as needed.

I played his much younger self a really long time ago, so I'm looking forward to where things will go this time :3 As always, easiest contact is [ profile] stellations if you need to reach me, though PMing one of my journals works, too!

P.S. Koji and I are awful with James and Snape. :3

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So you know what Wonderland needs more of? Sparkle! Hey this is Kacey who already plays one classic monster character in the form of Doctor Whale, bringing to you the sweet and bubbly Alice Cullen from that one teen book series about vampires who sparkle in the sun. But don't worry, she only drinks the blood of animals!

She's coming in from the last book, Breaking Dawn. For those who may not know, Alice has the power to see the future. I have permission posts available on both her journal and her Mirror's if you care to fill them out.

I look forward to all the shenanigans and confusing the hell out of everyone who expects her to be like other vampires.
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So, something occurred to me today while I was tagging...

There are a lot of really spectacular characters in this game and I'd bet a lot of them have permissions posts.

Given that I'm new (so, naturally, I missed them if they were posted before about a week ago) and we're about to jump into an event that may involve a lot of permissions-type-scenarios, I thought it might be a good idea to ask everyone if they have one and collect links from those who do.

If you have a permissions post for your character, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could drop a link in the comments. I'm hoping it will be useful to other people as well, but even if it's not, it would still make me feel better. c:

(I know there's a tag for this, but I'm...not sure how current the tagged entries are? They all seem to be from quite a while ago, and I'd bet there are more of them now than there are in that tag. Seemed like something worth double checking, anyway.)
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Hey guys!

Inky here. I was a bit distracted over the holidays, but better late than never: I've put up a permissions post for Castiel, your resident angle of the Lord.

I'd be grateful if you could take a moment to have a look at it and fill out what kind of mojo he can pull on your character.

Thank you in advance!

Happy taggin!

Permissions over here!

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Sorry to interrupt your scheduled shenanigans, but I'd appreciate if you guys fill this! For future reference, and every other reason behind Why People Created Permissions Posts. Also For The Greater Good. Yep.

Thanks in advance! ♥
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So I kinda forgot to post this in my intro, but it's a bit crucial to ALL THE THINGS. Mostly just silly things. This Permissions Post isn't just for quirks and stuff, I also need to know how your character will smell and taste to Redglare, since making it up as I go along seems kind of rude and I'd like your permissions!

So... just fill out that form there, really.
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So I just realized this is kind of important and wrote up a Permissions post for Xanxus 8| Considering he's prone to random, indiscriminate violence. So, if you'd like to take a bit to fill that out for me I would you forever <3 Tyty~
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asdfas Sorry, spamming. This is nearly a late year but uh...

Your friendly neighborhood hollow just wants to be friends~

I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY BRAIN BREAKING THAT MAY OCCUR. Yes, I take my Hollows very srsly. /flees
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Since the MS tends to meddle in things that involve the supernatural, I've gone and put up a PERMISSIONS POST for him. It's not relevant to everyone, but if you're a monstrous supernatural being or heavily involved with one, it'd be awesome if you could give it a look!
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So. Since the good Major is gone I figure we will need to work on maintaining a certain level of mad science in this mansion.

Bhamba will of course gladly assist with that and since the situations have come up more often than I thought they would it's time for Bhamba's permission post.

Content warning: Brain theft, body theft and large reptiles.
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Well, with so few Nations and so many normal people now in Wonderland, Hibari can do what he does best: intimidate by force. So it's permission post time~

Please go HERE and fill out the information. Thank you!