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Item #1: Sparring facility
It's been a while since I've updated the clipboard for the sparring facility, where people sign up to teach/study different subjects. Since we have so many new people, I'm hoping we can get new characters who might be interested in either teaching or studying or both.

Item #2: Sharon's notebooks
Since her notebooks were stolen by her mirror (along with the glasses Tony gifted her), Sharon's been trying to recreate them. Whereas I mostly handwaved everything before, this time I'm actually trying to create what they would look like. I've got Wonderland residents and a notebook on the weird stuff in Wonderland. If you think of anything I should add, anything that Sharon would know that should go in, anything you think would be useful, etc, please let me know. Edit: Also, it's actually helped me to understand Wonderland better by doing this, so if it helps anyone else, that's a bonus.
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Hey guys! We've been approached by someone named Erica about a study she's doing for her bachelor's thesis regarding online friendships created through journal-based RP. If anyone's interested in participating and being interviewed for it, an introduction and her contact information is under the LJ-cut!

~ Koji

Study Information + Erica's Contact Information )
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I am on my way back from Florida today so I figured I would get started throwing Darcy back into the mix. I will be putting up a catch-all log for her later for all day tomorrow as she moves through Wonderland all freshly canon-updated and confused.

SPECIAL NOTE!!!! I am going on another trip to my friend's cabin (yay summer) from July 9th to the 13th and will not have any wifi access or pretty much any cell reception. I will be transferring everything waiting for a response into a word doc so I can work on getting all of those done and then tag bomb the world when I return to the land of wifi.

Thank you all for your patience and feel free to drop any old stuff that I respond to. I hit most of the things yesterday but I've got a chunk still hanging out.

Any questions, feel free to hit me up on plurk - [ profile] riddlesinthedark


Jul. 22nd, 2013 02:17 pm
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Hi, guys! I made a Dracula post in the mirror!verse for the recent plot event. Basically, Dracula is growing weak, because the earth he's been sleeping on is only a reflection of his native soil...without which he can not rest! Lack of proper dirt to sleep in is one of the things that can kill Dracula permanently.

Basically, I'm trying to further things along a bit, just a bit, so people can start figuring out that Matthew Maule isn't quite what he seems. :D

He's going to try and pretend that he's just ill, but might not pull it off very well. :D So, please, come see Dracula in his mirror's room? Anyone and everyone is welcome! Thanks!


Jun. 17th, 2013 08:06 pm
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Hi! I'm back! Sorry about failing the activity check, but I got my re-app done in time to keep all my previous CR, so Dracula never left Wonderland. I'm off to do my tags now. :D
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Uh, I guess it's about time I jumped on this bandwagon too.

If anyone's so inclined, you can add me on plurk at [ profile] crashtheclouds.


May. 31st, 2013 07:46 pm
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this is just a post from a not-mod, begging you all to PLEASE PLEASE remember to tag your posts and replies to posts. it's really super easy, and I am being totally selfish in this request because I want to be able to stalk people and read all your stuff! it's reeeally hard to do that if you don't tag stuff.

so please. remember.


look, I will even use a nice Santana icon here. her smile compells you to.
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Eway already has a bar, and now it also has a diner. Your very own Ruby Lucas and Tohru Honda have sat on the floor of the room together for endless hours, changing every little detail to perfection, and are now ready to provide their friends (and everyone else... even Crowley) with delicious food, drinks, served by them and Aerith Gainsborough, who's chosen to throw her lot in with them. 

The diner is called "The Rabbit Hole", and dirty-minded characters are free to make the odd joke about this (but really, you guys and your humor is why it's not called Eat Me, shame on you). It's located on the 8th floor, room 001, and has been designed to be both stylish and comfortable:
View from the entrance towards left wall | View from the counter towards right wall | View from the back towards entrance.

There's a jukebox mostly filled with classic rock in all shapes and sizes, and three pretty ladies cooking and serving damn good food, what more could anyone want, really? 

Speaking of food, from classic American Diner dishes to homecooked Japanese dishes, you can find a wide variety of food here to tide you over from breakfast to dinner. Hey, at least the stairs will help you walk that right off, too. 

The diner is available as a location starting today, and you can pretty much always meet the aforementioned ladies there. Should you ever feel the need to throw a birthday party or just have a feast with friends, they'll be all too happy to assist. 

Down the Rabbit Hole you go~

We hope to see you there sometimes <3
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Proudly presenting the First Annual (or daily or weekly or only or whatever, really) Eway Livestreaming Party!

As previously discussed, we will begin a tradition of livestreaming episodes, movies and LP's of characters in the game. Not only does this provide us with an awesome evening activity, it also lets us take a peek at the characters in the game along with their canons. We have a LOT of material, so we've decided to split the streaming party into two parts. Here is the schedule:

Where? Right here
When? Saturday, April 20, 6 pm EST & Sunday, April 21, 4 pm EST

Party A: Saturday, April 20, starting at 6pm EST
Start TimeCanonEpisodeDurationCharacter
06:00 pm Community1x09: Debate 1090:25Annie Edison
06:25 pmOnce Upon A Time1x15: Red Handed0:45Ruby Lucas
07:10 pmOnce Upon A Time2x12: In the Name of the Brother0:45Dr. Whale
08:00 pmSupernatural5x03: Free to be You and Me 0:45Dean, Castiel
08:45 pmSupernatural5x10 Abandon All Hope0:45Crowley, Meg
09:30 pmSupernatural8x02: What's Up, Tiger Mommy0:45Samandriel
10:20 pmThe Walking Dead2x05: Chupacabra0:45Daryl Dixon
11:00 pmThe Mummy---2:05Evelyn Carnaham
01:10 amThe Three Musketeers ---2:05Buckingham, Athos, d'Artagnan, Aramis

Party B: Sunday, April 21, starting at 4pm EST
Start TimeCanonEpisodeDurationCharacter
04:00 pmDead Like Me2x10: Death Defying0:45George Lass
04:45 pmBBC Sherlock1x01 A Study in Pink1:30Sherlock Holmes
06:20 pmFirefly1x14: Objects in Space0:45River Tam
07:05 pmDoctor Who3x01: Smith and Jones0:45Martha Jones
07:55 pmTron: Legacy---2:05Alan Bradley
10:00 pmFMA: Brotherhood1x28: Father0:25Greed
10:25 pmHomestuckFlash Video0:15Homestuck characters

Streaming video games for our video game characters has also been suggested. Due to the amount of material we have, the streaming for video game canons will happen at a separate date, tba. 

Everyone is invited to come, naturally, regardless of whether your canon is represented here or not, whether you're an old or a new player. Depending on how much you guys enjoy this, there will definitely be more events in the future for everyone who didn't get their character sufficiently represented this time around. 

Please leave questions, feedback, comments, ideas, snacks and kisses in the comments <3 Looking forward to doing this with you guys. Note: If you don't find your canon on here, it might be that you didn't comment  in the original planning post and we only discussed things in chat. IF that is the case, please forgive the oversight, and never fear, just kick me and I'll make sure to queue you up for next time <3 

Special thanks to Steph and Emmy for helping me lock down the schedule. *kisses all around*
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It was just too weird having a name similar to the mod journal :P Plus I didn't like it much anyway. So from now on, you will see Whale tags from [personal profile] jolting. That is all.
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 Just a heads up that I changed Dean's journal name, so fromtherack is going to be [personal profile] righteously  now. Don't be wigged out if it pops up in your inbox!
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You know what we need? 


Or something like that. 

Proudly presenting the First Annual (or daily or weekly or only or whatever, really) Character Stream Parade

Saturday, April 20, 6pm EST
Where? Right over here
What? Have you ever threaded with a character in here and felt 'man, this is really interesting, wish I knew more about this character?' Well, fear not, we got you covered. The stream will be up all night streaming episodes, movies and videos that best represent your character to people who don't know them as well as you do.

Now, what do you need to do? I'm providing the platform for streaming, but it's up to you to decide what gets shown. Drop a comment with your canon and which episode/movie/video from that canon I should acquire for everyone's enjoyment. I will prepare a rough schedule so that even if you don't want to join all night, you can pop in for what you might enjoy most.

So for characters from shows/anime/cartoons/etc: Give me the canon name and episode number. For time reasons, try to stick to one to two episodes maximum. If you have cast mates, try to find episodes suitable for several characters.
For characters from movie franchises: Give me the name of the movie
For characters from video games/web shows: Links please! Can be for cut-scenes, LPs etc.

I realize not everyone might be available at this date and time. Should the stream be something you guys dig, we can definitely do it more often, though, especially considering that we might not get through everything in one go. This can be the kick-off to a great, and beautiful, and possibly insane thing that Eway does and loves.
So, I hope you'll turn up in big numbers and bring your characters, plus lots of fun. 
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Hey folks! Just wanted to let everyone know I'm back. Things have been a little rough lately, but they appear to be calming down now.

I have some new troll players to harass missed some new faces in my absence, so hello. I'm Shun, your resident Akihiko and Nepeta. I'm on the quiet side, but I love and am open to plotting things, so please don't be afraid to ask or inquire.

I've got a lot of catching up to do, so if I need to know something or neglect something important in my tags, just let me know and I'll fix it.
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I'm also joining the ranks of people who will be at Otakon. HOWEVER, I will not actually be disappearing completely until next weekend because I actually live in Baltimore and therefore don't have to catch a plane or anything messy like that.

What is this post for, then? Well, I was thinking that it might be a fun idea to set up a meeting place and time for Eway people to show up and meet each other! Since searching the entire con all weekend for someone you want to meet is a huge pain.

Yay? Nay? I'm being STUPID STUPID DUMB and should forget the whole thing?
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Hey bros, this is a...sort of...notice that I will be out from tomorrow until possibly Monday.

I'm going to San Fran!  They're going to lock me in Alcatraz, it'll be great.  Anyway, just letting you guys know.  This affects any threads you all might have with [ profile] dashboardlite and/or [ profile] respectedman .

Love you all~
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Due to circumstances beyond my control *cough*Caz'sinternethatingme*cough*, I had to make a new AIM account.  That being said, I had a lot of buddies on there, and now I need to re-add all of you.  SO.

Please message uncalendula whenever you can so I can talk to you all again! <3
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Okay last one on PC issues at least from me! My PC was wiped by a family member in an attempt to get it back to me. However that attempt seems to have failed. I really don't have time to keep screwing with it until after I take a test for my class and I need to study. So it's still gonna be a'while

So what does this mean for you?

Again, I'll admit I haven't been on my new accounts much because that's where I caught it and I'm a little leery to return to the scene of the crime when I'm using my back up. For that I'm sorry and I'll try to at least get Harry going again soon. Sorry for the delay.

Loud Howard is going to have to go on hiatus until I get use to my new script blocker and figure out what to allow on LJ without allowing too much.

So. hiatus for Loud Howard
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Since this seems to be affecting a lot of people, I thought I would throw in some of my knowledge and possibly help someone else, or at the very least keep it from happening to them.

As some of you have noticed, LJ's full-screen ads are fairly loaded with viruses. )

TL;DR version: LJ ads kill your computer. Use script blockers to stop it.
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Okay! I'll confess for the last two days I've been battling with something my PC caught on LJ via an ad (I don't even know) and blah blah needless to say I'm still in the middle of war of corruption and frustration in which a chainsaw might be the next plausible thing I use on this PC.

Bad news: Probably not gonna be on like I normally am. 

Good news: If I can't get this shit solved by Wednesday I might be scraping this PC and moving on to something new and shiny because this stuff is getting to my RP and school work.

 I go down and I'm doing everything in my power to NOT go down. I'll have someone say something. Niko and Amber you have the right to assume that M!Seimei was useful as he always is which is not much at all.

That should cover everything. Hopefully this more a warning than an actual problem at this point that's going to be an issue for you guys.

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Due to a stalker issue I had to change my personal LJ and my AIM.

So for all who had it before (lazy, what?) please friend add [ profile] graceful_vanity and on AIM gracefulvanity.

Thanks for your time. ♥
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I thought I'd just offer this to any Eway peeps who are in Texas/Austin/San Antonio area.

This Saturday (cause lol United Nations Day) there is going to be a meet up at the Tea Gardens. Cosplay is not required, this is all simply for fun and to see who all is around in our area that enjoys the series Axis Powers Hetalia! I personally am seeing it as a get-together-derp time though.

So if anyone is in the area and would like to go, lemme know! 8D

The address is 3875 Salty Marsh. San Antonio, Tx 78212

Also, next weekend//Halloween Weekend is Onicon! (in Houston, Tx) is anyone other than America-mun, Korea-mun, and myself going? Out of morbid curiosity |D?
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HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY, [ profile] entranceway!

Rock on, guys ♥

Hey, folks!

Jul. 4th, 2008 07:59 pm
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Did you know that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was published during this same day, in 1869??

So let's not only celebrate America's independence, but the publication of the story that helped make this RP's concept possible! Weehee!


May. 7th, 2008 01:29 pm
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 Okay, so there seems to have been a mix up.

I think I added everyone on entranceway with my main account on LJ along with my Aina account. I believe that you aren't supposed to do that xD. SO, please friend remove [profile] strawberrytaiso
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ERR. Guys. I was trying to update my f-list..but didn't notice that I was logged in on my personal account. =/ I-it took me some time to replace those ADDs to REMOVEs orz;; So, yeah. If you added it, then please

friend remove baliwnababae

|D;;; I'm really sorry!


Jan. 7th, 2008 05:23 pm
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Just a heads up to those that don't have [community profile] entranceworks  friended: the Eway FST is over here!


Dec. 9th, 2007 09:53 pm
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Okay, so I made a post about this fst stuff earlier. But this time, I'm looking more specifically for songs to do with relationships between characters. These can be romantic, platonic, whatever you like! And any 'theme songs' that you've got floating around for some of the mansion's events and stuff that have happened in the past/been happening recently, feel free to suggest those too.

Thanks for all your help and patience everyone! ♥

eway fst!

Dec. 1st, 2007 09:09 pm
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Okay, I know that this idea has been thrown around before, and I hope that I'm not stepping on any toes by making this post... but us in chat wanted to try and get the idea off the ground.

Basically, we're compiling an Entranceway FST, and we need your help! We've already got 'Through the Looking Glass' by Stone Sour for the overall theme, but surely you guys've got some music that reminds you of your characters and their relationships. So feel free to throw ideas around in this post, or link to lyrics and music if you're decided (if you link music, you'll get cookies. srsly) and we'll compile a cool little FST that reminds us of Eway and the people in it. (Yes, I am Captain Jas Obvious.)

So, go wild! ♥
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Because apparently, Livejournal aren't making its issues with email notifications particularly well known, so I thought I may as well just share this anyway.

"Some Internet Service Providers are blocking mail from LiveJournal. If you are not receiving notifications or mail sent to your forwarding address, please see Why can't I receive email from LiveJournal? for further information, and then contact your email provider. Mail to Hotmail, Windows Live/MSN, Cox, Juno, and Netzero is currently blocked; LiveJournal engineers are working to contact those providers and resolve the block."

It'll be a hassle to switch over any email accounts, but honestly, this has been going on for a week now and it doesn't look to be changing any time soon. D: So switching to another provider might help?

Just helping spread the word. :o
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Dear players of [ profile] entranceway;

I'm not sure how many of you have been at this roleplay since the very beginning, (I haven't, but this particular anniversary came to mind, so I thought I may as well mention it!) but today, September the 1st 2007, Eway turns a year old!

We've seen a lot of people and characters coming and going, the establishment of the AIM chat, running in-jokes (Demyx's box of virginity, Luxord's death count, and many many more) and many more things that've made us smile. Things that've made us cry. And I'm at risk of sounding too cheesy and nostalgic here, so I think I'll just say this:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] entranceway, and here's to another year of absolute awesomeness! ♥