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Hello, Wonderland!

I'm Tri, and I bring you Magdalene Grace Garcia: heiress, professional blogger, rescuer of dozens of epileptic purebred dogs, and horror movie buff. She's from Newsflesh, which, as you've probably all figured out by now, is the one with the journalists and the zombies. ...Also the one that the event currently in progress is based on.

She breaks the 4th wall as easily as breathing, because she's a huge pop culture nerd. Please drop me a line on HER PERMISSIONS POST, particularly if you play characters from popular media or horror media from before 2014. Thanks!

I can be reached at [plurk.com profile] tricia868, tricia868 at gmail, or triangulate#3253 if you need me.
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Hey everyone! My name is Meg and I'm new to the game. I'm bringing in this fella here, Caleb Brewster from Turn: Washington's Spies. He's from the American Revolution, a lieutenant in the Continental Army (though he doesn't look like it and one definitely wonders if he even owns a uniform), courier for a spy ring, a former whaler and current smuggler, and a big hairy baby. He's coming from the end of season three - Meaning the war is raging, New York is still under British control, and oh, yeah, someone he knows just made the switch from "decorated general" to "most famous traitor in American history".

I'm super looking forward to playing with everyone here and getting to know you all! You can catch me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] thereargunner or Discord at Meegs#6673 or even Skype at audiodrops. :)

Angry Birb

Aug. 1st, 2017 08:44 pm
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Hello everyone~

My name is Jess and I'm the new Beatrice player. I'm not really new to E-way, but I kind of go in and out every once in a while. Some of you probably know me as Koji's friend IRL.

Looking forward to playing with you guys, hit me up on Plurk at acquireCats if you'd like.
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Hello Entrance way. My name is Tru and I'm a brand new player in these parts. I bring with me this angry little bean right out of DC comics, Damian Wayne. Damian is the latest Robin in the Batman series. He is also the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Gul, and was raised in a cult of assassins so... sorry in advanced for his lack in people skills.

I look forward to shaking off some rust and getting to know some new faces after having such a looong Hiatus from RPing. If you'd like to plot or thread, feel free to hit me up via PM to this journal or on plurk at [plurk.com profile] Starbound.

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Hi everyone, I'm Amber or Ams and I'm bringing in Claire Bennet from Heroes. She comes from the finale of the original series cuz we just don't talk about Reborn, okay?

I'm [plurk.com profile] liveforthefight and liveforthefight#7060. Can't wait to get playing with everyone.
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Hello, there! My name is Katie, and I'm totally new here at Entranceway! It's very nice to meet you all! I'm bringing with me a little blue robot named Turing from 2064: Read Only Memories as my first character!

Turing's the first sapient ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager, pretty much a robot) of their kind! They're a slightly snarky ROM that says what's on their mind, can tell you anything you need to know about almost anything, and enjoys gardening and painting! Just don't call them any names and you've got a good ally in them!

One big thing that I want to point out is that ROMs have the potential to search through the network to look up people's information. Personal information, criminal history, bank accounts, all that fun stuff. Turing is no exception to this! I know that this is something that some people might not be crazy about, and that's totally fine! I'm going to link to this ROM permissions post so I know if it's okay or not for Turing to look back on your own character's information on the network. Don't be shy!

Other than that...I think that pretty much covers everything. My plurk is [plurk.com profile] adanteallegro, feel free hit me with up with a request anytime!

I really look forward to playing with all of you!
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Hello! My name is Sara, and I am brand new and SUPER EXCITED to be here!! I'm bringing in one retired teenaged ex-superhero, Cissie King-Jones, who used to run around in a cheerleader's uniform and a mask as Arrowette. (She will deny it was a cheerleader's uniform, but let's be real: it was.)

Cissie was part of the DC series Young Justice, which ran from 1998-2003, which basically means that DC has absolutely forgotten her in the last 5 years, so her canon point is basically right before the big reboot. Since she hasn't existed since then, it seemed like the right place for Wonderland to snatch her up. (And since they created a new character instead of using her for the tv show... but I'm totally over that, I swear.) BASICALLY, Cissie is a totally normal, friendly teenager... who just happens to be a former superhero and an Olympic gold medalist in archery. Who has a jealous streak, a feisty temper, Mommy Issues and a serious loyal streak that would make any Hufflepuff proud. I can't wait to throw her into things and get her in over her head! c:

My plurk is [plurk.com profile] ladysarai, and I am ladysarai#0594 on discord; feel free to add me! I look forward to playing with everyone!
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Well, maybe not the worst-worst, but pretty terrible.

Hello, I'm Irrisia, I am new to the game and probably 90% of you, and I am bringing you this bundle of awful:

I'm sorry this is still one of my favourite panels.

I think you've had a teen Loki before, but in brief, he is literally and actually the God of Mischief and Lies and Not-Quite-Legal-Stuff, 616 flavour. This particular Loki is newish and just kind of a flirty off-hand teenage jerk (who somehow occasionally has the urge to be not a jerk and also suffers a ton of remorse and shiny new conscience issues). He's from post YA-v2, but pre-Agent of Asgard, so he's still working on a few things.

Anyway yes, sorry, I ramble when I'm nervous, it's nice to meet you. If you want to poke me about things, I am over on plurk at [plurk.com profile] lanatha or here through PM.
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Hello all! Fresh meat here - the name's Arc, and I've brought Vanellope von Schweetz from the Wreck-It Ralph movie!

She's post-movie, so she's learned to control her glitching, and will probably use it in any way she can to get around fast and annoy people. She might sass your ear off upon meeting you, but she's a reliable friend to have!

If you need to reach me, my plurk is [plurk.com profile] weaponget - feel free to add me!

I'm the worst at making my ooc intros fancy help
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Hello everyone! I'm Rory and this is my first time in game. I'm thrilled to be here and can't wait to get started.

I've brought in Sam Wilson from MCU. Sam's a war vet turned ptsd counselor who met Captain America and was pulled into that crazy ass world. He's pretty good with people and likes to make jokes, he thinks he's hilarious. He's loyal, decent, and will probably take most of Wonderland in stride. I'm not sure where to room him yet, but I'll figure that out when it's not so late.

Other than that, I have a permissions up if anyone wants to opt out of anything and his IC Inbox, too. I can be reached through pm or nofreak#2095 @ discord (though I'm bad for forgetting to check here).

I'll be doing an IC intro tomorrow, technically today, it's over here now and I can't wait to play off everyone. Thanks!
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Hello, Wonderland! I'm Erin and mostly new to the game! I was here quite awhile ago, but only for a short time.

I'm bringing in Malia Tate from Teen Wolf. She'll be coming from Season 4, Episode 9; her application is here for those interested in further details. She's a teenager who's a werecoyote. She's not exactly a people person (at all) and isn't accustom to living as a human for reasons. She's blunt and will definitely demand answers out of you though, because everyone around her is going to be awful suspicious.

As for her werecoyote side, she doesn't currently have the capacity to shift into a coyote. She's still affected by the full moon as werewolves are and had a good grasp on control of that, but how fun that should be to deal with given that her canon point puts her in a place where she's not trusting anyone, nor has anyone she knows in Wonderland. Awesome. Overall, her amusement level is gonna be preeetty low to show up somewhere she can't leave. She's not sorry if she tries to punch someone.

I'm really excited to get her out there and look forward to playing with ya'll! Feel free to add me on plurk, [plurk.com profile] illusen for plotting stuffs (or PM her journal.) Very happy to be here!

(And! Her intro is up right here!)
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Hello, Wonderland! ♥ My name is Hana and I'm new to the game. I'll be bringing in Sayaka Maizono from that one murder video game series called Dangan Ronpa. I've been eying this game for a while and after taking a break from RP games, I'm very excited to be here and getting back into games.

Dangan Ronpa is a series about a evil teddy bear trapping a bunch of students and forcing them to kill each other. Sayaka is from the first game of the series and she's known as a "Super High School Level Idol". Basically, she's a pop star and is skilled at singing and dancing. Personality wise, she's very cheerful and friendly, she enjoys meeting new people and is quite easy to chat with! There are times where it seems like she can read the minds of others and she'll make jokes about how she's psychic. (But she swears she's not really psychic! It's just girl's intuition!!!) I've had some ideas on how I want Sayaka to develop and needless to say, I can't wait to see how things play out with her. I have her application in my journal in case anyone wants to read up on her. Just a warning, there are some spoilers from the DR3 anime that recently ended. If anyone needs to avoid DR spoilers in general, let me know and I can make a spoiler opt out page in Sayaka's journal.

I'm super excited to play with all of you!! Feel free to hit me up on my plurk [plurk.com profile] konimi for plotting or geeking out about things.
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Hey guys! I'm Andrea and I'm bringing in Daisy Johnson from Agents of SHIELD. I know she's been played here before, but just in case you don't know who she is...

Daisy is an Inhuman(part alien/part human. Mostly human though) and has a power to create and control the manipulations in everything. If you want to get more of an idea of what this looks like check out this video: here

She's also a hacker and loves working with tech, and is also a field agent for SHIELD. So she knows how to use guns and how to kick butt. I'm so bad at these intros I'm sorry!

I'm really excited to play here and feel free to add me on plurk! [plurk.com profile] punkchica321

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Hellooooo lovelies! I'm Kayla and I am so so psyched to be here with all of you lovely darlings! I know some of you (hi, guuuuys!) and I am totally looking forward to getting to know the rest of you!

I bring you one Cisco Ramon, Team Flash's resident nicknamer and tech genius. He is also a giant nerd [so plz to be heading over here if canon punctures/fourth walling is a no no? it's kind of important so I don't push people into boundaries they DNW part in!] and will be so very all over this whole WONDERLAND THING as soon as he gets his head around the fact that this is a thing and it is real and it is happening and it is not his fault.

Cisco is also a metahuman with some precog abilities [also in the above-linked permissions post!] who kind of sort of hates his powers A LOT right now because I'm super nice and took him from 2x18, right after his failed attempt of opening the breach, and before his pep talk with Barry. Oops?!

HMD, PMs, or [plurk.com profile] loyalwolf for contact. I'm looking forward to diving into things here ASAP after the current event is over, so come at me with all your plotty needs, darlings!

~Kayla (Cisco)~
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Hello hello! I'm Tamzin, brand spanking new to these here waters of yours, bringing with me Beckett Warner from a terribad, campy indie film called Innocence that I have an absurd soft spot for. It's (loosely) based on the 2001 novel of the same name.

Beckett's spent the past few months attending a prep school run by Lamiae (incarnations of Lamia) that feast on the ~pure~ blood of virgins in order to preserve their beauty and immortality. She's targeted by them, spending a good portion of the film attempting to unravel the mystery and save herself. Unfortunately, she's not entirely successful in these endeavors and will thus be arriving in Wonderland shortly after the Lamiae have managed to capture her.

The biggest lead she's had in this has been her "sixth sense" for supernatural beings and occurrences, as well as a series of visions that appear to work in tandem with impending doom and secrets that merit discovery. I've set up a permissions post in regards to these abilities. Please take a moment to fill it out! ♥

Y'all can find me on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] starfleet for all your communication needs.
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Hi! I'm Amy, completely new to Entranceway. I'm bringing in Peter Petrelli from a TV series called Heroes. Back home in New York, he quit his job as a hospice nurse after finding out that he can fly after having dreams about doing just that. :3 His life gets very interesting and crazy within the span of a few weeks. Watch Heroes if you haven't already or re-watch because it's been a decade since it was first aired!

His canon point is mid-#116 where he's just learning to control the different abilities he's managed to gain via empathic mimicry. Basically Peter's capable of mimicking other people's powers and so far has flight, regeneration, telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, precognitive dreaming, space-time manipulation, and a few other thingies but he's still new to it all.

I will be creating a permissions post for him and will be adding more info to his journal. I'm definitely excited to be here and I look forward to tagging with Peter.

Feel free to add me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] existential
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Hellooooo Eway. I'm Sammo and I preemptively apologize for having apped Rafe Adler in this last round.

He's the main antagonist in the latest chapter of the Uncharted video games series, has a boner for 17th century pirate treasure, way too much money and free time, and fantastic hair. Like. Seriously, his hair is ridiculous. His app's over here if you're interested in slogging through and don't mind spoilers for A Thief's End! I'm gonna probably be throwing up his intro post in a little bit so. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

I'm probably way too excited to be here so feel free to hit me up with a PM to the account, or friend me on Plurk @ [plurk.com profile] pistachioed C:
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Hello, chums! I'm Hannah. A new Hannah. There are so many Hannahs here.

I'm bringing you one Theon Greyjoy from the canon that will never end, A Song of Ice and Fire. Theon is pretty layered and complicated, but he's basically a huge fuckup and gloryhound who has been pulled between two different families and cultures for most of his life and never actually figured out who he's supposed to be. This leads him to make really bad decisions.

I've brought him from the end of A Clash of Kings, so he's still...Theon, not Reek. And no, Ramsay Bolton Snow is not his friend, don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

You can add me on plurk over at [plurk.com profile] muttonchops. I'll be doing an IC intro soon!
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Hello, Wonderland~!

My name is Arden and I'm super excited to be here. I retired from the general game-o-sphere about 3-4 years ago to focus on running my game ([community profile] knightsoflegend ), so this is my first foray back into things in actual years. I'm bringing you Miss Cordelia Chase of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series fame.  She's a former reigning Queen Mean Girl of her high school, who has come a long way over the years, thanks to fighting demons and facing evil alongside Buffy and Angel.  Most importantly, she inherited the ability to have visions that come from the Powers that Be - flashes of vague information regarding future supernatural events that are intended to give Angel some forewarning about people who might need his help.  This makes for a fun plotting device and I have mod permission for her to receive these visions in game, if you're planning anything, and would like her to experience a 'warning vision' about it beforehand!  Feel free to poke me anywhere (her journal, Plurk, AIM, etc) to ask about this.  :)  She will not receive any visions about player plots without permission from the mun beforehand.

Please feel free to add me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] ardendactyl, although heads up that I post mod stuff regularly there for Knights of Legend, so no hard feelings at all if you don't follow my timeline.  I am also available on aim at thegreatmuldini!

+1 quake

Mar. 14th, 2016 11:55 am
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Hello, Eway! I'm Tessa, and some of you with super good memories might remember me being here for a couple of months last summer with a character from The Originals.

BUT!! I'm back and this time I'm bringing in Daisy Johnson (aka Skye, before that it was: aka we don't talk about the name her orphanage gave her) from the MCU, specifically Agents of SHIELD. Her canon point is 3x01, for those familiar with the show.

She's a SHIELD agent, but she's also what canon calls an "inhuman". Her powers are basically vibration manipulation/seismic energy generation/wtf-ever you want to call it, and for those I have a permissions post. Obviously she can't do anything game breaking to the setting while here with them, but sometimes these powers can effect other people (she's used them to restart a heart on a guy with static powers, and used them to slow someone's fall from a high place so that they were able to land gently and unharmed on the ground, etc. etc. etc., you know STUFF LIKE THAT), so if you're uncomfortable with her using these powers on your character, just hit me up on that post. She's also a good hacker, so if you don't want her hacking anything of yours, that's there too. I will say that she's gotten more chill about her hacking and doesn't do it as freely any longer (thx SHIELD), so this will only come up if she has reason to. And ... if she has reason to, chances are we plotted it out, but just to be sure - it is there.

I'll have an IC post up for her sometime today (and an IC contact post on her journal and all that jazz), and in the meantime, please feel free to add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] figureskating__ - I'm very excited to get started here again!

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Well hey there Wonderland.

So after some dedicated enabling from a handful of people here and having eyed this game for as long as I can remember... I am finally doing what I really should have done eons ago and have succumbed to the cult of awesome of Eway.

I'm Brooke and I'm bringing you Rose Hathaway. She's from that one series of books you've probably never heard of that sounds a lot like High School for Vampires, but really isn't. (Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead). Rose is a Dhampir (Half-Human/Half-Vampire) who has spent her whole life training to protect a race of good Vampires (Moroi) from a race not so good ones (Strigoi).

She's reckless, mouthy and has a tendency to hit first and find out who she just hit later, due to her complete lack of impulse control. She's coming in from early in the series (Book 2) and permissions will eventually come into play for Rose but for now it's more like an Info Post for people to check out if they wish - especially relevant to those who play Vampires.... or douchebags.

Please do feel free to add me on plurk: [plurk.com profile] brooklyn2181
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hello all! I'm Zero and today I'm bringing y'all a pretentious student film director who also happens to be a lying liar who lies. I have no idea if anyone's even vaguely familiar with the Marble Hornets web series, but I've heard that you've had some castmembers from this series in Wonderland in the past? Which, neat, because this series is seriously the most obscure. It's a mystery-suspense kind of deal, with a focus on unreliable narrators and a narrative pieced together via old tapes. There's a Slender Man-esque antagonist that Alex is implied to have some very peculiar ties with, so that baggage is gonna be rattling around in his skull by the time he ends up here.

Alex is an interesting guy, especially since I'm bringing him from before he does...a lot of the spoilery things he does. He's not the most stablest of people, let's just say. He's kind of an asshole and I admit this quite freely.

I can best be reached on aim at arcaneswearwords (I know I know it's obsolete etc. etc.) or just by pm-ing this here journal. I tend to be a pretty speedy tagger so if you ever have questions, concerns, comments, queries, threats, etc., feel free to hmu

I don't have any cool gifs of this nerd because he's the least cool person to ever exist, so here's a gif of his pb and two other dudes reacting to a very surprising light switch

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Hey everyone! My name is Vain and I'm bringing Papyrus from Undertale to the game. He's a big doofy skeleton.

I am just a chill guy who used to play here a long time ago, so it's great to be back! I'm super excited and happy to see you all, whether it be again or for the first time! I look forward to playing with you!

If you'd like to get ahold of me, please feel free to send me a PM or add me on plurk!

I don't use AIM often much anymore, but I'm always up for plotting or just random chats!
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New player here uh my name's Jo and I'm bringing to you this incredibly charismatic whipper snapper of a fellow named Max. He'll be the father to all children and mother to all fathers he's your go to guy for long-winded conversations let me just tell you.

Sometimes he'll say the brilliantly thought out 'ummm' or perhaps throw in a sophisticated 'hmmm' and idk he might even provide words like 'the' or 'okay'. Oh and...sorry in advance about the name thing. He really won't give it. Have fun with the endless list of nicknames you can give him though. I suggest Miss Australia.

You can find me at plurk on Watership. I'm stupidly active and like to sit on everyone's laps and ask if they want to be my buddy so....sorry.............about that.
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The sun is bright, the moon is irrelevant, and Kevin from Welcome To Night Vale has arrived in Wonderland. I'm so, so sorry.

Hi, I'm Caz. I used to be here at Eway eight bajillion years ago, playing a selection of gross stab-happy guys who frowned a lot. Now, by popular demand, I'm back to break the mold with a gross stab-happy guy who smiles a lot! He likes cat videos, hard work, and intestines. Here's his permissions post and hmd and whatnot.

For anyone not familiar with WtNV canon, it's worth knowing that Kevin is almost the spitting image of Cecil, not counting the creepy smile and even creepier fathomless black eyes. And I believe there was a rather lovely Cecil in Wonderland for some time. So if your character knew Cecil while his presence graced the mansion, Kevin will look weirdly familiar.

And I need to finish drawing his icons holy crap

I look forward to playing with all of you, old and new!
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Hello hello! I'm Rin, bringing you Faith Lehane from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm so excited to finally do this and play with you all!

Her canon point is late into the recent comics season so if you're curious, her application is over here and some quick info with some general permissions is over here! There's a navigation box on her journal so if you'd like to make use of either the ic inbox or the HMD, you can find them front and center.

She's a social-worker-flavored vampire slayer who likes to take troubled young ladies under her wing but never actually follows her own advice. (And since she's from pretty far in her castmates' futures, she and I will stay pretty much mum about details unless you guys specifically ask me to have her spill.)

If you want to contact me: PM this journal, add me on Plurk ([plurk.com profile] printed), or shoot me an email (presserint @ gmail). See you soon!
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HEY THERE WONDERLAND and creepy mirrors and regular people (who is regular ever, even) and real life dead people! I'm Nico! And I'm bringin' you Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You!!

like Yuu said, I'm new, he's new, WE'RE SHINY AND NEW. hope I don't break nothin' too soon! I'M SO EXCITED TO PLAY WITH YOU ALL! I'm pretty sociable most days so if you wanna plot or just talk come at me!! I might be a bit shy in the beginning though. and by bit I mean a lot.

you can best reach me at plurk, gchat, and LINE. I only ever got AIM 'cause Yuu is a bastard. Permissions are here which also works as an OPT-OUT for mind-reading shenanigans.

LET'S HAVE SO MANY SHENANIGANS TOGETHER and I hope we all have fun with this grumpy loser and just. everything! I love Alice in Wonderland a lot so VIBRATES, SCREAMS????!!!!
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*sneaks in*

Hi. I'm Yuu. I'm bringing in Yoshiya Kiryu (better known as Joshua) from The World Ends With You.

We're both new to Entrance Way, so please be gentle with us. Permissions post is here, if anyone wants to plot or anything, and I can be reached on AIM, LINE, or Plurk pretty much anytime I'm online.

...Okay bye. *sneaks out*
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Hello! My name is Tanya. I'm new to entranceway and I'm bringing Nageki Fujishiro, a mourning dove from the game Hatoful Boyfriend. He comes from a world where birds have been genetically uplifted and displaced humans as the dominant species on Earth. Meeting a bunch of humans all in one place (and living in a mansion!) will be a very interesting experience for him.

Don't disrespect books in his presence, though.

My plurk account is [plurk.com profile] Tasarla. You can also PM me, if you want to talk.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.
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I'm Amy, and I'm new here. Well, I think I played here like a year and a half ago, but I forget >.<. Anyway, I am joining all you lovely folks with Raj, from the October Daye series. He's a Cait Sidhe, like his adopted uncle Tybalt, and he's a Prince of Cats, so one day he'll have to challenge Tybalt and kill him to claim his role as King of Cats. But that's a long, long way off, and for now he's quite willing to just be a Prince. He's also a teenage boy, with all the fun that entails.

I can be contacted on AIM at palmedfire, or plurk at [plurk.com profile] otokoyakudream

I look forward to playing with y'all!