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Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:55 am
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Hi! Cerie, here, bringing in Diana Prince from Wonder Woman! She's beauty, she's grace, she'll kick you in the face?

I'm not going to debut her until the new AC period begins but I wanted to let everyone know she was here and that I am super excited to start playing her. You can hit me up with a PM to her journal or at my plurk, [plurk.com profile] superxconductor.

- Cerie, for Jamie Fraser and Diana Prince.

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Jul. 10th, 2017 11:03 am
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Hi! This is Cloude (player of Sarah Weller) bringing you Olivia (Liv) Moore from iZombie.

So, here's the deal, anxious zombie-canon people: You can't tell. Unless you check her pulse (which is about 10 beats per minute) she just looks like she gave up on her hair and complexion. The closets will provide brain food and she only has to eat once per month, so unless something super insanely drastic happens, there probably won't be a need for her (or your characters) to worry or panic! Unless she's aggressively attacked, she won't even have any qualities or skills that set her apart from everyone who's human.

That being said if ever you want a murder mystery and for the killer to be unknown, Liv will totally eat a brain to help - when she does, she has visions of that person's life/how they died/who they were killed by. She also takes on that person's personality. FUN TIMES! Hit me up via PM or on discord at babybokchoy#6194 :) I'm just pending the main community approvals and then her arrival will show up! Can't wait to tag with you all!
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Greetings, Wonderlanders! I'm Tamzin (Beckett's player), and this is Doc Holliday. Yes, THAT Doc Holliday.

Except, he's not quite the historical figure history remembers. Hailing from the Syfy series, Wynonna Earp, Doc is an "almost-immortal" who brokered a deal with a witch on his deathbed for eternal health. He's been assisting his former best friend's great-great-granddaughter (see Wynonna's post below) in putting down the demon revenants that plague Purgatory, some of which he personally helped Wyatt Earp track down back in the day.

Doc tends to masquerade as a native resident of modern society and blends in fairly well, all things considered. Very few have made the proper correlation, and when they do, he tends to don an impassable poker face and dismiss the notion as being absolutely absurd. That said, I really want to see how long he can get away with pretending he's not Doc Holliday before the truth comes out.

Or Wynonna blows his cover for him. :|

Y'all can find me on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] starfleet for all your communication needs. ❤
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Hi everyone, I'm Amber or Ams and I'm bringing in Claire Bennet from Heroes. She comes from the finale of the original series cuz we just don't talk about Reborn, okay?

I'm [plurk.com profile] liveforthefight and liveforthefight#7060. Can't wait to get playing with everyone.
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Hello, Eway! Christine here, and I am bringing you a second Persona character in the form of Ann Takamaki (aka "Panther") from Persona 5. Since the game is still fairly recent, I will definitely take care not to spoil people unless expressly given permission, and any threads with potential spoilers will be marked as such! Ann is coming in with a bunch of her teammates, who will probably be saying hello shortly. As for Ann herself, she's an average high-school student who works as a part-time model thanks to the influence of her flashy fashion designer parents, and in her off-time, she likes to exact vigilante justice by stealing the corrupt desires from people's hearts along with her best bros. :>

Unfortunately, as most of her close CR already knows, towards the end of this month Lily Potter will be heading home, though I'm not dropping her immediately. Plans for wrapping things up have already been discussed with castmates, but she'll be here a few more weeks while all that's underway, and to give some CR a bit of reprieve from all the recent losses. Thank you to everyone who's played with her over the last three years, she's been truly grateful for the second chance and friends that Wonderland was able to offer her, and I'm glad she got to spend two of those years married to James, as it's more time than they would have been given otherwise. It's been fun playing one of Wonderland's resident witches!

Kanji Tatsumi is still here as always, and anyone who wants to reach me can do so at [plurk.com profile] necrofancy or via PM!
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Bringing in Grant Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He's coming in post 3.10 - Maveth, where Coulson's just killed him. Ward's a villain with a deep, dark, haunted past. He spent most of his adult life seeking revenge for others and for himself. It turned him into a manipulative, twisted and cruel character. He died after realizing that he could have achieved far more if he hadn't wasted his time on petty crap. Maybe in Wonderland he'll get the chance to do something else for a change. Who knows...

<-- dude makes a srs bizness sandwich!

Looking forward to building CR with him. Will post a log for him very soon.

I can be contacted via plurk @ [plurk.com profile] existential
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Hello, there! My name is Katie, and I'm totally new here at Entranceway! It's very nice to meet you all! I'm bringing with me a little blue robot named Turing from 2064: Read Only Memories as my first character!

Turing's the first sapient ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager, pretty much a robot) of their kind! They're a slightly snarky ROM that says what's on their mind, can tell you anything you need to know about almost anything, and enjoys gardening and painting! Just don't call them any names and you've got a good ally in them!

One big thing that I want to point out is that ROMs have the potential to search through the network to look up people's information. Personal information, criminal history, bank accounts, all that fun stuff. Turing is no exception to this! I know that this is something that some people might not be crazy about, and that's totally fine! I'm going to link to this ROM permissions post so I know if it's okay or not for Turing to look back on your own character's information on the network. Don't be shy!

Other than that...I think that pretty much covers everything. My plurk is [plurk.com profile] adanteallegro, feel free hit me with up with a request anytime!

I really look forward to playing with all of you!
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Hey, Nyanka here with a character who isn't from an old book. (No offense to Dorian.) This is Wheatley, an Aperture Science Personality Core from Portal 2. He's specifically designed to be a complete moron, but he means well! Most of the time. Definitely made some huge mistakes, which led to him getting stranded in space. Why space? Because you can shoot portals on the moon.
Wonderland's gonna pluck him right out of space, while he's got some huge regrets on his mind. On the bright side, GLaDOS isn't there to yell at him or anything. As usual, my plurk is [plurk.com profile] nyanka. Feel free to hit me up with a PM.
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Because you got one, and he's this jerk.

Hi hi hello, I'm Caz and I used to play here about three thousand years ago when the earth was still cooling. Greatest hits included the angry guy who writes bad movies from Marble Hornets (not the one you're thinking of, the version before that), the sad guy with a cockroach problem from Amnesia, and other charming and social characters. I've missed this place like blazes and I'm so excited to play with you guys.

Grout here is a vampire from the classic World of Darkness (more specifically, the videogame Bloodlines). He studied psychopathology in the early-to-mid 1800s, got turned by a vampire, and then... carried on studying psychopathology. But now with more blood-drinking. And more fruitless searching for a vampirism cure (and a cure for his frightfully sick wife). And more invasive and occasionally-prophetic hallucinations. He likes facts and he likes clarity and he likes security, and he's not... exactly the most trusting or compassionate person you'll ever meet. He'll be visiting Eway from the mid-1960s, where he's occupying a pretty high position in vampire society, despite only finding out there was such a thing in the last 50 years or so.

He has some vampire abilities (such as compulsion and mild clairvoyance) which I've asked about on his permissions post here, so I'd love people to take a look/fill that out if possible. (There's a lot but I've tried to condense it as much as possible.) Also featured on the permissions post: Blood drinking! He'll be doing a lot of drinking from closet-supplied bloodpacks, but the difference between bloodpacks and humans is like, cardboard vs a steak dinner, so. hmu. Also ghouling! Ever want to be a mildly-superpowered vampire's thrall? Of course you didn't. But the option is there.

And I'm [plurk.com profile] taakotime on plurk or Caz#1241 on discord for plotting/chatting/etc!
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Hello! My name is Sara, and I am brand new and SUPER EXCITED to be here!! I'm bringing in one retired teenaged ex-superhero, Cissie King-Jones, who used to run around in a cheerleader's uniform and a mask as Arrowette. (She will deny it was a cheerleader's uniform, but let's be real: it was.)

Cissie was part of the DC series Young Justice, which ran from 1998-2003, which basically means that DC has absolutely forgotten her in the last 5 years, so her canon point is basically right before the big reboot. Since she hasn't existed since then, it seemed like the right place for Wonderland to snatch her up. (And since they created a new character instead of using her for the tv show... but I'm totally over that, I swear.) BASICALLY, Cissie is a totally normal, friendly teenager... who just happens to be a former superhero and an Olympic gold medalist in archery. Who has a jealous streak, a feisty temper, Mommy Issues and a serious loyal streak that would make any Hufflepuff proud. I can't wait to throw her into things and get her in over her head! c:

My plurk is [plurk.com profile] ladysarai, and I am ladysarai#0594 on discord; feel free to add me! I look forward to playing with everyone!
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Hello eway! This is Jen, I played Norman Babcock here a little while ago and I'm back again to give this thing another shot! This time I'm bringing Georgette "Buffy" Meissonier from the Newsflesh Series by Mira Grant!

Buffy is a fiction blogger, hacker and general all around tech head who also loves vintage tv. And related to that point, yes her nickname is a deliberate reference to the vampire slayer because in her words: "I'm cute, blonde and living in a world full of zombies. What do you think I should I call myself?" Yeah, she's a nerd. She's also the third member of the After the End Times crew alongside George and Shaun. George writes the hard hitting news, Shaun pokes the dead things and Buffy writes poetry and bad porn quality fiction. Also she maintains all their equipment and apparently could have worked for national security if she hadn't been so invested in her writing.

She's coming from the end of her part in the first book and will be pretty upset over it all. I'm looking forward to throwing her into things!

If you'd like to get in touch with me my plurk is [plurk.com profile] blackskymetro and feel free to add me!
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Well, maybe not the worst-worst, but pretty terrible.

Hello, I'm Irrisia, I am new to the game and probably 90% of you, and I am bringing you this bundle of awful:

I'm sorry this is still one of my favourite panels.

I think you've had a teen Loki before, but in brief, he is literally and actually the God of Mischief and Lies and Not-Quite-Legal-Stuff, 616 flavour. This particular Loki is newish and just kind of a flirty off-hand teenage jerk (who somehow occasionally has the urge to be not a jerk and also suffers a ton of remorse and shiny new conscience issues). He's from post YA-v2, but pre-Agent of Asgard, so he's still working on a few things.

Anyway yes, sorry, I ramble when I'm nervous, it's nice to meet you. If you want to poke me about things, I am over on plurk at [plurk.com profile] lanatha or here through PM.
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Hello all! Fresh meat here - the name's Arc, and I've brought Vanellope von Schweetz from the Wreck-It Ralph movie!

She's post-movie, so she's learned to control her glitching, and will probably use it in any way she can to get around fast and annoy people. She might sass your ear off upon meeting you, but she's a reliable friend to have!

If you need to reach me, my plurk is [plurk.com profile] weaponget - feel free to add me!

I'm the worst at making my ooc intros fancy help
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Hi friends! Shana here, adding to my roster of Georgia, Dipper, and Spike with everyone's favorite half-kryptonian clone... SUPERBOY! AKA Kon-El. AKA Conner Kent.

He's from early Teen Titans, so he's only just learned that the human half his DNA comes from Lex Luthor and he's definitely not angsting about that at all. Anyway, he'll be a little thrown by Wonderland but man this is not even the tenth time he's ended up in a different dimension it's fine.

As always, I'm [plurk.com profile] antivillain on plurk and antivillain#2451 on discord if you want to plot!
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Hello, Wonderland! I'm Erin and mostly new to the game! I was here quite awhile ago, but only for a short time.

I'm bringing in Malia Tate from Teen Wolf. She'll be coming from Season 4, Episode 9; her application is here for those interested in further details. She's a teenager who's a werecoyote. She's not exactly a people person (at all) and isn't accustom to living as a human for reasons. She's blunt and will definitely demand answers out of you though, because everyone around her is going to be awful suspicious.

As for her werecoyote side, she doesn't currently have the capacity to shift into a coyote. She's still affected by the full moon as werewolves are and had a good grasp on control of that, but how fun that should be to deal with given that her canon point puts her in a place where she's not trusting anyone, nor has anyone she knows in Wonderland. Awesome. Overall, her amusement level is gonna be preeetty low to show up somewhere she can't leave. She's not sorry if she tries to punch someone.

I'm really excited to get her out there and look forward to playing with ya'll! Feel free to add me on plurk, [plurk.com profile] illusen for plotting stuffs (or PM her journal.) Very happy to be here!

(And! Her intro is up right here!)

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Jan. 15th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Heyyyyy, Eway! This is Juri, player of one cranky, reclusive scientist by the name of Harrison Wells ([personal profile] breacher) with a character that is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

I'm bringing in Chiaki Nanami from the Danganronpa series, specifically from the second game! She is a cute gamer girl who just wants to keep people from murdering each other, geez you guys. For the most part though, Chiaki is pretty chill and good with rolling with the punches and being a team player in general. Though she is from the second game in the series and boy howdy can her canon be a spoiler mine field, they shouldn't really come up, so no big. ♥

I am super hyped to bring her into the game and looking forward to playing with everyone! Feel free to hit me up on plurk at [plurk.com profile] contrariante for plotting or whatever.
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Hello, Wonderland! ♥ My name is Hana and I'm new to the game. I'll be bringing in Sayaka Maizono from that one murder video game series called Dangan Ronpa. I've been eying this game for a while and after taking a break from RP games, I'm very excited to be here and getting back into games.

Dangan Ronpa is a series about a evil teddy bear trapping a bunch of students and forcing them to kill each other. Sayaka is from the first game of the series and she's known as a "Super High School Level Idol". Basically, she's a pop star and is skilled at singing and dancing. Personality wise, she's very cheerful and friendly, she enjoys meeting new people and is quite easy to chat with! There are times where it seems like she can read the minds of others and she'll make jokes about how she's psychic. (But she swears she's not really psychic! It's just girl's intuition!!!) I've had some ideas on how I want Sayaka to develop and needless to say, I can't wait to see how things play out with her. I have her application in my journal in case anyone wants to read up on her. Just a warning, there are some spoilers from the DR3 anime that recently ended. If anyone needs to avoid DR spoilers in general, let me know and I can make a spoiler opt out page in Sayaka's journal.

I'm super excited to play with all of you!! Feel free to hit me up on my plurk [plurk.com profile] konimi for plotting or geeking out about things.
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Hey, it's Nyanka! You know, the weird person who brought Dorian Gray to Wonderland? Well, I'm here with another guy from classic literature, and the local vampires better prepare to get a groupie.

As some of you may know, R.M. Renfield is a devoted servant to the infamous Count Dracula, known for his lack of sanity and strange diet (i.e. eating bugs). This version of him was an inmate at Dr. Seward's asylum, and is coming to Wonderland after escaping... Again.

A couple of warnings as we get settled in. At first, I had Fenton from Penny Dreadful as Renfield's played by, but the more I looked at him the more I realized having a teenager representing a 59 year old wasn't the best idea, and I couldn't find any better PBs that conveyed the same nearly feral mannerisms. Please bear with me while I slowly draw Renfield some better icons.

The other warning is, he eats more than just bugs. Hide your pets!

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Jan. 2nd, 2017 12:50 am
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Hello people of Eway! This is Tad, who already plays with you as Camille O'Connell ([personal profile] therapize), now bringing you this fashionable guy:

and yes, he has to be a dick about it.

Captain Rip Hunter is a former Time Master of DCTV/Legends of Tomorrow fame. Also, he is not Rory Williams, and will give anyone who calls him Rory Williams a look. While he is intimately familiar with traveling through time, and even with multiple dimensions, he's not going to take being in Wonderland so well. Also, technically he's the one in charge of the other three Legends running around here: Klepto, Pyro, and Shrink-o.

Fun times!

I cannot wait to get started playing him with all of you! If anyone wants to plot, please feel free to add me on plurk as [plurk.com profile] tadity, or hitting me up on discord when I remember to log on at tadity#3259.
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Hello! It is Shana, player of Georgia ([personal profile] choosetruth), Ed ([personal profile] transmutate), and Dipper ([personal profile] krmvgivv) here with a character who has only one question to ask you all:

SPIKE from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here to break my nerd streak. He is coming from the end of Angel the Series and he's... going to take all of this pretty in stride, actually, he's been to a lot of different dimensions before this is just Tuesday for him.

As always, I'm available for plotting on aim at aboutblood, plurk at [plurk.com profile] antivillain, and discord at antivillain#2451. Intro will probably go up tomorrow! Can't wait to start slinging British swearwords at you all!
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Hello Eway! I'm Rachel and I was here not too long ago. Because I can't quit you, I'm bringing in Daenerys from Game of Thrones, primarily from the show. For those that don't know her, she's the last remaining member (as far as she knows) of House Targaryen. She's a claimant for the Iron Throne and is known as the "Mother of Dragons" because through her actions, dragons have been returned to the world.

She's coming near the tail end of Season 6 when she is preparing to finally getting ready to sail for Westeros. She's just broken up with her lover Daario Naharis and named Tyrion her Hand of the Queen. Wonderland will be a bit of a shock since she has to put aside her plans for conquering Westeros yet again and also be without her dragons.

I'm on plurk at [plurk.com profile] la_fille_en_histoire, available for plotting. I should have a post up for her soon. I'm looking forward to playing with everyone!
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Hey Wonderlanders,

Brooke here (Mun of Rose Hathaway & Kenzi Malikov) bringing you Kate Fuller of From Dusk Till Dawn fame! Not the one from the movie starring Quentin Tarantino, but the series of the same name, brought to you by the same director!

Kate is coming in from halfway through Season Two and to put it kindly, her life is a disaster. (Keeping this light on the spoilers for all you still wanting to watch - which you should!) Wonderland is probably the best place for her but she's not entirely on board :|

For those who don't have me on plurk, please feel free to add me a I tend to do a lot of plotting through there. ( [plurk.com profile] brooklyn2181 ). Discord is Brooke#8775. Alternatively, you can always PM this journal!
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Now that I have your attention, my name is Katie and some of you already know me as the player of Rebekah Mikaelson. I'm here today to bring in my second character, the original billionaire playboy turned superhero vigilante, Bruce Wayne. Specifically, the older Batfleck version from the DCEU. He's the definition of a salty winter adult but I am bringing him from after the end credits scene in Suicide Squad so at least he's not as bitter and jaded as he was before.

I don't have a formal permissions post up for him yet but I wanted to put this out there re: fourthwalling. This version of Bruce is particularly paranoid and if people start telling him they know he's Batman or that he's a fictional character as soon as he arrives it will make him difficult to play. I don't want to impede on anyone's fun but for now I would prefer any fourthwalling to be kept to prose or brackets and not said to his face, if it happens at all. Maybe once he's further established we could work out those revelations, but not in the beginning. Feel free to show recognition of the name Bruce Wayne at the very least since at least that he's used to since he's a celebrity in his own world. The CW DCTV crew is free to assume some version of him exists in their world too, if they want to. I hope this request sounds reasonable.

If there's a specific situation you want to discusss feel free to leave it here or pm me with it or you can private plurk me at [plurk.com profile] autoclave. You can also add me for general chat/plotting/etc, as I am always excited to have more game people to talk to.

I'm really excited to throw him into Wonderland, and I hope you're excited too.
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Hey guys! I'm Andrea and I'm bringing in Daisy Johnson from Agents of SHIELD. I know she's been played here before, but just in case you don't know who she is...

Daisy is an Inhuman(part alien/part human. Mostly human though) and has a power to create and control the manipulations in everything. If you want to get more of an idea of what this looks like check out this video: here

She's also a hacker and loves working with tech, and is also a field agent for SHIELD. So she knows how to use guns and how to kick butt. I'm so bad at these intros I'm sorry!

I'm really excited to play here and feel free to add me on plurk! [plurk.com profile] punkchica321

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Hi y'all! It's Ruthi. I literally just apped Eleven a couple weeks ago but y'all made me feel so welcome I dug this garbage out of some dumpster. AKA hi this is Sylar from Heroes. Yeah, the one who kills people and may or may not eat brains. But he's from the end of the series, when he was like "maybe I'll try … not that." So people with superpowers should be safe!

Or … will they be??

I'm sure it's fine.

Don't worry he's still super self-obsessed sociopath, redemptive arcs don't change that shit.

I'm still [plurk.com profile] ruthnor on plurk, ruthituesday#3720 on discord, and toberuthless on AIM.
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Hello, friends! Tessa here, again, after a super brief absence from officially being in the game, having dropped my one and only earlier this month. With my return, I bring you this lady, also another Marvel character, as my last here was let's be real: I've probably forgotten how to RP characters from other canons. This is Wanda Maximoff, Marvel Cinematic Universe version.

However, unlike all of the rest -- I think (?) -- of her Avengers castmates here in Wonderland, I'm bringing her in from a canon point of Age of Ultron, so WHOOPS sorta confusion is a go.

All of the Eway-related links on her journal are here if anyone wants to take a look (some of them are still in progress as of this OOC intro, but the ones that are definitely up now are: permissions, HMD, IC contact .. stay tuned for the rest coming hopefully by tomorrow at the latest). An IC intro is also on the way ASAP.

I'm still around on plurk at [plurk.com profile] figureskating__ and I finally joined the discord party recently, where I'm tessellations#6577 -- feel free to add me at either or both places, or hit me up via PM to Wanda's journal.
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Hi everyone!! I'm Ruthi, and I'll be bringing you Eleven from Stranger Things. She spent most of her life in a lab so she's not very good at other people but she's a loyal fierce cinnamon roll who will murder u with her brain. And she really likes Eggos.

THIS IS MY FIRST CHARACTER IN EWAY I'm totally new and fresh and clean. My plurk is [plurk.com profile] ruthnor, my discord is ruthituesday#3720, and my AIM is to be ruthless.
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Hello, friends! It's Shana, known for playing spooky nerd ([personal profile] krmvgivv), computer nerd ([personal profile] reverseengineer), and news nerd ([personal profile] choosetruth) bringing in an alchemy nerd to round out the pack! This is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. His hobbies include changing junk into other junk, fighting things and people far out of his league and, um...

Being slightly sensitive about his height.

As always, I'm [plurk.com profile] antivillain on plurk, antivillain#2451 on discord, and aboutblood on aim. Hit me up for plotting or whatnot. Can't wait to start tossing him around!
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Hi guys! It's Kristen with a third character, the protagonist from SMT III: Nocturne. I'm calling him Naoki because the game conveniently doesn't give him a name itself.

He's kind of a demon, and kind of...looks it...

Okay that's all. :)
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Hellooooo lovelies! I'm Kayla and I am so so psyched to be here with all of you lovely darlings! I know some of you (hi, guuuuys!) and I am totally looking forward to getting to know the rest of you!

I bring you one Cisco Ramon, Team Flash's resident nicknamer and tech genius. He is also a giant nerd [so plz to be heading over here if canon punctures/fourth walling is a no no? it's kind of important so I don't push people into boundaries they DNW part in!] and will be so very all over this whole WONDERLAND THING as soon as he gets his head around the fact that this is a thing and it is real and it is happening and it is not his fault.

Cisco is also a metahuman with some precog abilities [also in the above-linked permissions post!] who kind of sort of hates his powers A LOT right now because I'm super nice and took him from 2x18, right after his failed attempt of opening the breach, and before his pep talk with Barry. Oops?!

HMD, PMs, or [plurk.com profile] loyalwolf for contact. I'm looking forward to diving into things here ASAP after the current event is over, so come at me with all your plotty needs, darlings!

~Kayla (Cisco)~