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Hey guys! We've been approached by someone named Erica about a study she's doing for her bachelor's thesis regarding online friendships created through journal-based RP. If anyone's interested in participating and being interviewed for it, an introduction and her contact information is under the LJ-cut!

~ Koji

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Hey guys! First of all, the event is going amazing and I love everything that everyone has done with it. GOOD JOB. ♥

But second, we're in the middle of our gift-giving period for Eway Secret Santa! And this is just a reminder notice that it's running until December 25th. I've already seen some gifts pop up here and there including mine lakjdlkas thank you you're going to get an email from me later when I'm not putting up mod posts and getting ready for work. ♥ and I'm so proud of everyone already oh my god.


IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE → E-mail your gift-ee and let them know so they're not sad on Christmas and so they know to expect it later!

IF YOU CAN'T DO IT/KNOW YOU WON'T HAVE TIME/NEED TO DROP OUT → E-mail me over at so we can get a pinch-hitter set up for your giftee! Please don't worry if you have to do this. Shit happens, you know?

IF YOU'RE STARING AT THIS POST ON THE 26TH WONDERING WHY YOUR SECRET SANTA GIFT NEVER SHOWED UP → E-mail me at and I'll try and figure out what happened and get it fixed for you?! But please don't just sit there all sad. 8(

IF YOU'RE STARING AT THIS POST RIGHT NOW GOING "MAN I WISH I'D GOTTEN HERE A MONTH AGO SO I COULD DO SECRET SANTA" → Email me at and offer up your services as a pinch hitter! If someone drops out, I'd give the pinch hitter the giftee's secret santa form and the idea is that they would get something out to them as soon as possible. PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR PINCH HITTING IF YOU CAN FOLLOW THROUGH. Also, it's not 100% guaranteed that we'll have someone for you to pinch hit for - we might not have anyone drop out, which is fantastic! This is more like a just in case thing, so that we have someone lined up and ready. Pinch hits are first come first serve. ♥

Aaaand that's about it! Have fun, and enjoy your secret santa-ing!

~ Koji
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All the E-mails about Secret Santa have officially gone out! Go check your E-mail and make sure you received your Secret Santa giftee and go start figuring out what to give them!

If you have NOT received your giftee yet, please let me know as soon as possible, either in a comment here, on AIM, PM, anything. If I don't hear from you, it'll be assumed that you received your E-mail.

That should be about it for a few weeks though! Here's a link to the original post, if anyone needs the reference. Have fun, everyone! ♥

~ Koji
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Hey guys! I know I said Secret Santa was closing today, but I'm a giant liar and I wanted to give our newest appers a chance to join in.

So, if anyone wants to join in Secret Santa that hasn't yet, COME POST A COMMENT OVER HERE. It closes (for reals this time) at the end of the day on December 2nd. That's tomorrow, so go sign up! We've had a great turn-out so far; you guys are the coolest. +o+

~ Koji
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Hey there, Eway! We're still kind of early for Ewaymas, but I have a different holiday celebration for you guys. This year, we're doing SECRET SANTA!

How will this work? Well, you comment to this post with this form:

Sign-ups will close December 1st December 2nd, and soon afterwards all participants will be sent their secret partner by e-mail. Once you have your partner, you need to come up with a present for them by December 25th. You'll then send that gift to your partner by E-mail and they will have very happy holidays because of you.

Here's a little mini-FAQ for you (but there will also be a FAQ thread like we do for the events):

What can I send as Secret Santa presents? Do I have to spend money? CAN I spend money? This is ultimately split into two categories - monetary gifts and creative gifts. We live in a magical age where a large majority of websites offer internet gift cards that can be sent digitally, and only require a name and email address. But you absolutely do NOT have to give anything that costs money. Gifts of art, fic, icons, or any other creative things are more than welcome! For monetary gifts though, we heavily suggest that you keep it between $10-$20.

Gift Examples )

Is it okay if I don't/can't do a monetary gift? Absolutely! No matter what you send someone, it's going to be valueable because you put in time and effort, and thought about what kind of present they would enjoy. Please don't feel pressure to bust out your credit card - times are hard and not everyone even has ways of buying things online.

Is it okay if I don't/can't do a creative gift? Absolutely! Sometimes inspiration just doesn't come. Besides, it's a busy season and no one's going to judge you if you don't have time to draw the next Mona Lisa. It's the thought that counts, and gift cards can be just as meaningful as anything else.

But I really wanted to sent my Secret Santa a present in the mail! Please don't, unless it's 100% okay with your gift-ee (in other words, you'd have to reveal yourself and ask them, and if they say no then no). This is why we're not asking anyone for their real addresses - it's a little too invasive on the mod end of things, and I know I personally don't feel comfortable distributing people's addresses to random players? Not that I distrust any of you, but it feels skeevy so we're playing entirely with E-mail here.

Uh, I live outside the United States and I'm not sure Gift certificates would even work for me? Then say so in on your form somewhere! You don't have to get specific, but not every site ships everywhere, so your Secret Santa should know ahead of time if the internet doesn't ship to your evil lair on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. Then they'll know they should probably do DW tokens, a creative gift, or something they KNOW FOR CERTAIN you'll actually be able to enjoy.

What if I can't do Secret Santa anymore? Tell one of the mods (preferably me since I'm organizing it, but any of the others will make sure the message gets to me) so that we can do something about it. We don't want to leave anyone stranded without a Secret Santa!

It's 11:59PM on December 25th and I'm TOTALLY ALMOST DONE REALLY but it's going to be late. Help? Fess up to your gift-ee so that THEY know something's coming for them soon.

I didn't get anything - does my Secret Santa just hate me? :( NO, I'M SURE THAT'S NOT IT. If you haven't gotten anything by like, the 26th or 27th, come talk to me and I'll try to figure out what happened for you.

I missed sign-ups! Can I still play? We're keeping sign-ups open for a while (until December 2nd), so hopefully this won't happen unless we get new players in December, but just come ask me about it! There might be an opportunity to pinch-hit if someone drops out (which I'll post about if there is), or we can try and figure something else out.

Does my gift have to show up EXACTLY on December 25th? Nope! You can give your gift and reveal yourself any time between December 18th and December 25th. Try not to give them out earlier than that, please. And again, if you're going to be late, let your gift-ee know.


Any other questions can go in the FAQ thread and I'll answer them as soon as possible. And remember, have fun and spread lots of holiday cheer! ♥


~ Koji
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The activity check is now over and there are 14 journals being purged. All characters on this list are welcome to re-apply to the game if they choose, and if they re-apply within one month, they may keep their memories. (If you need to get part or all of the character's application from the old applications post, please contact one of the mods to help you out.)

Please go to the admin console and copy and paste this list there.

If there is anyone who is on this list in error, please let one of us know right away. Our AIM screennames are on [ profile] entranceway's main page or you can PM this account.
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'Sup guys. Just a quick post to let everyone know about the super long expanded Setting Post. Check it out when you get a chance, and hopefully it will be helpful. And if there's anything I forgot, let me know. ♥

No worries, Koji's still working on the updated FAQ.

As a reminder, the activity check is still going. It will end Friday night, when the journals remaining on the list will be purged.
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There are 31 journals behind the cut. The rules for activity check are as follows:

♥ All journals marked with an asterisk ( * ) will be considered for purging due to missing two Activity Checks in a row. You need to meet with either Koji, Linda or myself via AIM (our screennames are on [ profile] entranceway's main page) or via PMing this account.

♥ Logs count for activity (action or otherwise), but they must have been posted within the last two weeks, which will extend the length between posts to four weeks. In other words logs will not save someone with 5 or more weeks of inactivity.

♥ Hiatuses are a maximum of eight weeks, and as a reminder there is no such thing as an indefinite hiatus in this game. That would be silly.

♥ All characters who are purged by the end of the Activity Check are welcome to re-apply to the game if they so choose, and if they re-apply within one month, they may keep their memories.

♥ If there are any exceptional circumstances (broken computer, death in the family, anything that would cause someone to stop posting very suddenly), please grab any of the moderators on AIM or contact us at The Inquiries Post.

♥ If there is anyone who is on this list but should not be, whether they are on hiatus or have dropped, comment to this entry and say so, and they will be removed.

♥ If you haven't, please friend this account ([ profile] vitaelamorte) with all of your character journals. Journals must be mutually friended to appear on the nudge list, which is what we use as the basis for these activity checks.

♥ The activity check lasts a week. Journals will be purged on Friday, March 4.

31 journals under here )
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Hi guys. So, some of you might have seen RPS tonight. Some of you might not follow it, but might feel similarly to the secret that was there tonight. Don't worry, it wasn't super wanky terrible or anything, but it made a very valid point: some people this game is missing a little bit of the eway "family" closeness we've always been known for.

Whether you agree or disagree with that sentiment personally, this post will still probably apply to you. :)

While part of the problem is that the game has grown a LOT in the last year (and even more so in the last four months), another issue is that our chat sort of up and died. I can't really explain why people stopped showing up to chat all of a sudden, but the AIM chat has been very dead for months now. This game should have a proper AIM chat to go into.

I'm sure there are a number of people staring at this going "Wait, we have a chat? What? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?". All I can say is that it probably should have been advertised much better, and I apologize for that. It should have been made much clearer that we have one.

Our official Entranceway chat is entranceway on AIM. There have been some others, but that is the official one. Everyone in the game is welcome to join the chat themselves, or ask a moderator for help if they cannot get in on their own. It's open 24 hours a day (lolol does the internet ever close) and if chat becomes as active as it once was, there will likely be someone there any time of day.

It's not a perfect solution, and it won't do anything if people don't go into chat. We can't make anyone participate in a chatroom, after all. But we should be able to go something about this, to make people feel more included again.

And please, if anyone has any more suggestions, please offer them up. It's entirely possible that we're missing the mark on what is causing this, so feedback is encouraged.

Thank you very much for your time in the tl;dr chat announcement. I'll be heading off to the chat now. <3

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The next event lasts from this friday to this sunday. We have a post here for you to volunteer your characters for pairs if you intend on taking part in the event, as well as an explanation of what being in a pair will entail.

If you intend on taking part, please drop a comment in there if you haven't already. We will be closing the post early tomorrow morning and pairing up anyone who isn't yet paired.

The post for selecting the names of your pairs will go up tomorrow evening. We will try to leave it late enough that everyone should have some time to discuss with their character's partner's player, or so we hope, but if you don't, we apologise in advance.
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Re: Languages in Wonderland.

We do have a line on this and it is thus:

  • All characters can understand each other, even when they are not speaking the same language.


  • It will be possible for characters to tell that it is not their own language that is being spoken.

Characters may use words that other characters do not understand, but posts made entirely in other languages will be understood. We have characters from universes where it is not reasonable to expect them to speak English, and English language characters, Japanese language characters, and then some.

Wonderland gets inside characters' heads, and it translates for them.

Please remember this. This information is now in the FAQ. We do not object to posts that are not in English, provided translations are included or can be sufficiently understood, and the same goes for comments.
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Hello denizens of Entranceway.

As you may know, there has been an opening for the position of a new moderator and applications have been submitted to Linda-mod. The decision has been made, and this is just a quick announcement to let you know.

This is your new moderator, saying hello to you all! This is going to be fun.

Feel free to hit me up on AIM at Hexaethylene, or by email at any time.

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Sorry about the delay; Thanksgiving Event is up, along with a sweet bonus: on December 2nd, when people wake up, the Mansion and its grounds will be covered in an immaculate blanket of snow, just barely knee-deep. The pond has iced over, but not completely, so it's not yet safe to step on. Oddly enough, it's now that there's the least reason for life in this mansion that it appears: should characters venture into the forest, they'll find themselves confronted with small herds of wandering reindeer, and wolves with thick winter coats.

Incongruously, and in defiance of all laws of nature, the beach has developed a few icebergs just about ten meters from the shore. Penguins waddle on the shore, apparently entirely unimpressed by their current situation.

At night, the sky is laced with the aurora borealis-- the Northern Lights.

These changes in the mansion's environment will remain until further notice. ♥
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Because we were overdue one of these:

A post for listing wanted characters/series is up! :B

Also, the F-list add/remove should be updated, so snap snap for all the new people, add 'em on and lets get some interaction up in hurr! \o/
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Allllrighty, guys; after some fiddling around, I've updated the friend add/remove lists, the rooming list aaand the long-due-for-an-overhaul taken characters list. There's still a few names I'm unsure of (and the possibility that I've outright deleted someone who I shouldn't have is certainly possible) so again, please check to make sure it's more or less in order. Thanks guys. ♥
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Wow it only took two years to throw anything semi-comprehensive together, huh? orz

I've been meaning to do it for a while, but now a list/visual guide to areas in and around the Mansion is now up. It's not quite complete, and it'll probably have to keep getting stuff added to it as we go along-- I missed out on the clinic/lab in the basement, for example, but it's there; you can actually go up to the roof for a romaaaantic date, rite?! as well.

Anyway, if you can think of any other places/areas you want to leave around, why don't you suggest something? >|3 After all, the world has to expand sometime, doesn't it~?

edit;; whoa lmao wasn't that embarrassing. HTML error fixed; warning that it is a little image-heavy though |D;
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A sort of mini-event announcement, as well as the (re)entrance of a Wonderland resident: The March Hare.

Please add him at [ profile] mm_tea_ism ♥ On to the mini-event.

March is the month of madness (the ides of March, anyone?), and it's just convenient that Easter happens to fall in March. The March Hare has a treat for everyone: on Easter, pretty, colored eggs will be appearing in various spots around the mansion (and some doomed lucky residents may even get a few from the March Hare himself).

However, these aren't just your garden-variety chocolate Easter eggs-- crack them open, and you might wind up with anything from a dysfunctional party popper to a full table loaded with tea party trimmings in your lap. Whatever's inside, though, also comes with a cute, live easter bunny with it.

...Of course, you do the math. With so many mansion residents cracking open so many Easter eggs, the rabbit population of the Mansion is going to go way up. Around sunset, all the rabbits will come pelting through the mansion corridors (getting underfoot of anyone unlucky enough not to get out of their way) towards the main entrance, and out. Once they're outside, they'll start to dance. Residents are welcome to join them (or just gape at them) until they're dead on their feet, but the rabbits will just keep dancing and jumping, higher and higher-- did that one just disappear in the sky?

By the time midnight strikes, most of them will be gone.

--so anyway! I'm not sure if you'd prefer a log to go up for that last bit, or you'd rather assume it, so lemme know what you think. :3

your ever-idle,
[ profile] kytha-mod.