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Hey everyone, if you don't know me my name is Katie and I already play Rebekah Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries universe here and I'm coming in with my second character now, one Wynonna Earp from the show of the same name. Wynonna is the great-great grandaughter of Wyatt Earp, one of the most famous gunslingers and lawmen of the old west. But in this universe he also put down demons and other things and eventually cursed his entire family line. Enter: Wynonna. She was never supposed to be the heir, but she's not the hero the world deserves, just the one they get. She is adolescent in a lot of her behavior, and can rub a lot of people the wrong way. She's also a hot mess who doesn't understand emotions and people being nice to her, it's not something she's had a lot of in her life.

She also has a nifty gun that can send demons (or in her world, revenants) back to hell. Fun!!!

Anyway, I'm super excited to into her and play her here with you all. I'm playing her from the end of the second episode of the second season so she's had some closure on some things from season one...but still...a lot of issues...

She's such a mess. I'm so sorry for what I'm going to inflict on you.

If you want to plot, chat, whatever, I can be found on plurk at autoclave as always.
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Hello, Entranceway! Christine here, player of Kanji & Ann, bringing in Teddy Altman from Marvel's Young Avengers. Also known as Hulkling, Teddy is a shapeshifter with super strength thanks to his being half-Skrull and half-Kree. Not only is he half-Skrull, but he's the son of the late princess of the Skrull Empire, making him not just an alien twice over, but alien royalty. Learning about his origins has made for a rough coming of age, but he's managing to get by.

Some folks in Wonderland might know him from a previous visit, since he's been here in the past, or may know him by virtue of his being Billy Kaplan's boyfriend. He's coming in from the end of YA #9, after he and Billy part ways for awhile so Teddy can go on a coffee-fueled spirit journey of sorts. He's kind of in the middle of a major existential crisis at the moment, but Wonderland can only help, right? He should be introing along with a new friend in the near future! Until then, I am on plurk at [ profile] necrofancy if anyone wants to reach me directly, or can also be contacted via PM. <3 Looking forward to bringing Teddy into the mix!
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Hey y'all! This is Kelsey and I'm bringing in a second character to join Greg! His name is Taako. He's an elf wizard from the DnD podcast The Adventure Zone. He's aloof, plays dumb, a fancy gay boy, and a kleptomaniac. He specializes in transmutation magic and is actually pretty damn powerful. And he works for an organization that is dedicated to recovering highly powerful and dangerous magical Relics.

Three things y'all should know about Taako:

1. Due to his being a podcast character, he has no set appearance. The only thing we really know is that he is an elf, but even that is up to interpretation. For this reason, I did not pick any particular artist for my icons, and I do not expect everyone to have the exact same image of him in regards to skin color, hair color, facial features, weight, etc. All Taakos are valid Taakos.

2. The organization Taako works for has erased certain words and concepts from the minds of everyone but the few who have been inoculated. For this reason, Taako will occasionally speak or type "static", which I'll represent with text like tͭ̋̇̌͑ͩ̊͑̅̿̓͒͊͏̴̷̪̦̺̝̞̻̣͍̣̕ͅh̶̛̛̙̙̤̖͚͖̜͉̿ͦ̂̃ͦ̏ͮ͆͠ĩ̶̖̜̘̣͎̺͖̠̜̅̏͒͗̒̍̏̋́ͦ̚͠͞s̢̥̬͕̜ͪ͆ͦͣ̓̿͋ͩ̌̀̚

3. Taako is coming from a canonpoint where he is actually in a place called Wonderland. This other Wonderland is a set of challenges set up to cause maximum suffering in the participants (who are there to obtain their heart's desire). A lot of what happens in this other Wonderland is illusion-based, and therefore Taako is going to come in and initially assume he's still in that Wonderland for...probably a while. Just a head's up so this doesn't confuse anyone!

I look forward to throwing Taako at everyone and will put up an IC intro post later today! :D

+1 death

Jun. 18th, 2017 11:13 pm
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Hello everyone! Here I am, shuffling some fresh meat your way.

My name is Owl! I was at entranceway a long, loooong time ago. Like pre-2010 long ago. I'm glad to be back and seeing it evolve into such a cool game! Please feel free to add me on [ profile] rowlet or give me your usernames, I'd love to have people to keep up with!

I'm bringing Ryoji Mochizuki from Persona 3, who is... death? Yeah, he's death. He's also an incorrigible flatterer who wants to be friends with everyone (but especially the ladies. and minato. minato, he'll be so sad/happy/sappy to see you again ;_;)

I'm so excited to get into the swing of things! Thanks for having me aaaah.
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Hi everyone, I'm Amber or Ams and I'm bringing in Claire Bennet from Heroes. She comes from the finale of the original series cuz we just don't talk about Reborn, okay?

I'm [ profile] liveforthefight and liveforthefight#7060. Can't wait to get playing with everyone.
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hi everyone! my name's tona, i'm entirely new here, and i'm bringing sara lance from dctv's legends of tomorrow (and arrow). she's a former assassin turned time traveller and hero and she's quite the badass (direct quote by one mick rory). i'm taking her from the end of ep 11 of season two (turncoat), just after she was killed by a recently-evil rip hunter and subsequently revived. and no, it wasn't the first time she died, either.

i'm excited to play her with all of you!

as for me, you can reach me on discord (tona#8599) or add me on plurk ([ profile] abiosis, just give me a heads up if you're adding me please).

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What a stand-up guy, huh? Hello! My name's Claire and I'm bringing back in Bucky Barnes in his fun-sized form during the Second World War.

With anyone not familiar with his disposition from the comics: Imagine tiny MCU!Steve with no ailments and medical issues. Imagine all the shenanigans a healthy Stevie could've gotten up to. Is the image vivid and clear in your mind's eye? Okay, so that's basically this guy. Although, perhaps not so altruistic.

He'll be living on the seventh floor and will be coming in a month before he takes a not-so-death-defying dip in the ocean!! He's technically 20, but he is cursed with the face of 16 year old forever and ever amen Marvel artists are cruel. So please don't call him a kid! You'll regret it!

If you want to friend me on plurk, you are welcome to here [ profile] slanndalous and I'm looking forward to playing with you all again!
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hello. it's me.

my name is PR and i bring to you this delightful trash child, han solo! he's coming fresh off one hell of a revolution and honestly, he wanted some PEACE AND QUIET but now he's here.

as for me, i was in eway for a brief time like.... awhile ago so i may as well be new meat because i remember nothing, and i'm dipping back into RP after a really long break, so!! crashes into game.

you can find me on plurk @ prthecrazyone if you so choose! i am also on discord for plotting purposes.
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Hello, I'm Dante and I'm brand new to Entranceway! I'm bringing Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale! He is a goat monster who is a sweet and nice boy and 100% does not have a mountain of issues and trauma to work through. Yep, just... completely nice kid with nothing shady going on whatsoever. 

He also cries a lot. 

He also makes the best OCs. 

I'm taking him from after the Pacifist ending and boy he is going to have such a good time here. Feel free to add me at [ profile] teenysanguini  on plurk! I've been stalking this game for a while, so I'm excited I get to play here too! 
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hi yeah its javid i know i like JUST rejoined and all but i kinda... live for tabletop podcasts, i guess.... so here's this good goodboy.

his name is angus mcdonald and hes from the adventure zone and hes not only the worlds greatest detective... he is also the worlds most precious detective. he is very polite and is good at following instruction and he is also very, very smart. also he's like eleven years old sooooo more? kids?? in the mansion??? yay????

he's coming in after being told the big balance arc spoilers in ep 59 but before the crew regain all their memories from the stolen century. so he also knows spoilers, but hes an npc who isnt really involved in all that aside from it being a big mystery for him to solve so it probably wont come up? either way lemme know if you want me to avoid spoiler territory or anything like that (thumbs up emoji)

anyway since i forgot last time you can hit me up at [ profile] erlking feel free to add me and we can plot or just talk or whatever, yea!!! thanks i love you bye
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Hellooooo, Wonderland!

My name is Karen and I am a past participant in this wonderful game! I was here for a couple years playing this very character, and I am thrilled to be back to make some more great memories with all of you!

For those uninitiated, I'll be bringing (Robin) John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises! He is a good (former) cop and detective from Gotham, and while he can be a little abrasive at times, odds are decent he'll be pretty all right to your character (assuming your character's not a bad guy or a cannibal or something).

Feel free to hit me up on plurk @ [ profile] blakeroo for plotting, or drop this account a PM and we'll work something out!

i'm sorry.

May. 15th, 2017 01:09 pm
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Heyyy, what's up, guys! I'm Otis and I'm bringing in 13-year-old Rachel "Ray" Gardner from the game Angels of Death, where she'll be joining her canonmate Zack.

Before I go into her a little more, I'm going to go ahead and link her permissions post because it's going to be very important. See, Rachel's goal in canon is to get her serial killer buddy to, you know, kill her. Suicide is off the table because God Says So, but her intention is still to die as soon as possible. There's a bunch of other content warnings she comes with because of course she does, but this is the biggest and most prevalent one. Others are listed on the permissions post. Her Mirror is at [personal profile] oathless and has her own set of issues, but suicidal ideation thankfully isn't one of them.

In addition to That Stuff, Ray comes off as a very empty girl, looking dead in the eyes and having very few emotional things to say. She's extremely well-read and has a few specific pings, though... Honestly you probably want to avoid those.

So...yeah! Welcome another disturbed child to Wonderland...and also me! My plurk is [ profile] humbugger and my discord is humbugger#1469.

hi, eway.

May. 15th, 2017 01:29 am
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Hi, Eway! My name is Aly and some of you may remember me from a brief stint I spent in your lovely game a few years ago. Now I'm back, and this time I'm bringing you Peggy Carter -- a lovely little antique spy hauled out of the MCU's dusty vintage-y closet.

Her canon-point is the end of "Life of the Party" Agent Carter S2. Everything's gone to pot (more so than usual) and the intrepid Agent Carter is currently recovering from a rather nasty gut wound. For extra laughs I've gone and decided she'll still be healing up from it upon her arrival. As if she needs more reasons to be cranky and bewildered.

If you'd like, feel free to add me on plurk @ [ profile] novelties. I'm pretty keen to be back among you and it looks like you're all in the thick of a pretty interesting event. Can't wait to jump in!
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Hello everyone, my name is Maddy, I'm brand new (but have admired Eway from a distance because I am a cool kid), and I'm excited to be here already! I've joined the Persona 5 cast as this non-Persona using old fart, Munehisa Iwai.

He's got a long history and currently owns a store back home called Untouchable which sells model guns. He's a gruff man, who comes across as quite scary, but as you get to know him, you realize that he is, indeed, not as scary, but could probably still cause some issues. Also, don't try to sell him weird shit, he's not going to be impressed.

He'll be coming post-rank 6 of his confidant link, and will probably be hoarding a lollipop stash in his room.

If you need to contact me, you can find me on plurk at [ profile] gimmesympathy or, on discord at gimme_sympathy#2029. As well, I do ask that you please read the following for further information.

Once again, thank you for having me.
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Good morning,

My name is Kate and I'm bringing in Haru Okumura from Persona 5.

In a nutshell Haru is the only child of a large business CEO, well-manner, somewhat soft spoken and all around adorable. She's a bit sheltered but tries hard and manages to get herself involved in all that Phantom Thievery going on. As Noir she's a large axe wielding, grenade launcher firing musketeer so she's doing well for herself. That's before the very colourful psy skills or Persona come into play.

The rest of Haru's info is on her application, though it does contain spoilers for the month of October in Persona 5 and such things I'll be marking with a spoiler warning if they come up in threads with others. I am totally stoked to be here and looking forwards to tagging all the things. Haru loves gardening, coffee and tea, so she'll definitely be around and about.
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Greetings Eway! Sara here back again with a new kid helping round out the Persona 5 crew. Leading them, really XD This is Akira, he'll be your resident nasty crimeboy keeping all the new Persona teens in Wonderland together/leashed, so if any of them bother you you are allowed to find him so he can collect them >:T

Looking forward to any and all CR. Just here to pump up the volume

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Hello, Eway! Joining in the train or intros from purse-owners tonight...

For those of you who've been here for a while, you might remember me from my previous time (with Natasha Romanoff and Simon Lauchlan) here but otherwise, HI! My name is Rynn and you can find me on plurk at [ profile] chaneystarr for anyone who wants to add me. :D

This character is a bit of a switch from my precious kids here. Futaba Sakura is a 15-year-old hacker and shut-in who's not that great at people but she's trying to learn. Since Persona 5 is still a new game I will be as careful as I can about more extensive spoilers but she is from about midway through the plot for those worried about what might slip in her threads. Oh yeah, and she's... currently floating in the foyer in a UFO, so. Sorry about that guys?

But overall I'm excited to be giving someone new a try and to see what trouble she can get up to here. ;)
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Oh shit here come dat cat.

Sup everyone, Pen here with a THIRD CHARACTER after like a year of only playing two dumb dudes. This is Mae Borowski from the game Night in the Woods. She dropped out of college, returned home to her tiny Appalachian mining town, and was immediately faced with cosmic horror, existential dread, and that Good millennial feeling like you've been handed a shitty world where everything is stacked against you. Mae is coming from after the events of the game, but I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, at least in any of her posts. Also if you haven't played Night in the Woods yet, you should definitely give it a try, because it's amazing.

Mae comes with no particular abilities or warnings attached, except that she might hit you with a baseball bat if you piss her off enough.
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Look, Power Rangers was really good. Like unfairly good. And then this big dumb red ranger comes along with these inhuman abdominal muscles and all this conflicted morality that struggles to register with his ability to be a teenager in the real world. And then people were like "hey we're apping" and I couldn't not.

So hi again, Eway. I'm Jessie, already here with [personal profile] Fitz and [personal profile] Maya. This is Jason Scott and he's from the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and he's a big fat hero who loves football and hates bullies. He's pretty grateful that Wonderland has been keeping his friends comfortable while he took seventeen years to get here because I'm slow at app-writing.

I'm at [ profile] eljkofantastico if you want to talk plot things.
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I am Emily, player of Freya Mikaelson, bringing you character number 2! This is Kimberly Hart of Power Rangers fame, 2017 movie style, and she is coming in from the middle of the movie, when things are looking dire but right before spoiler mcspoilerson.

Kim is definitely very different from Freya in terms of her action-oriented nature and outgoing personality so she will probably be getting into all kinds of trouble and you are welcome to encourage or discourage her all you like, but I can't guarantee she'll listen to the latter. She is also friends/protective of Billy but she has her reasons!! Her reasons being he is squishy and gets hurt often.

ANYWAY, you can find me over on plurk ([ profile] iluvroadrunner6) or on either Discord (iluvroadunner6#1178) or AIM (iluvroadrunner6) if you would like to get any plotting happening. Her IC intro will be up as soon as I get comm access!
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Hey Wonderland, long time no see! My name's Chris, and I was here before years ago with a plethora of characters, and I'm back with someone brand spanking new: Billy Cranston aka the Blue Ranger from the new Power Rangers reboot movie!

Billy is a high school senior-slash-superhero, who enjoys country music and blowing things up. He doesn't always get sarcasm or jokes, but he tries his best to fit in without causing too much trouble.

I'm excited to throw him into things as soon as I can, and in the meantime I can be reached on plurk at [ profile] objectpermanence!

If you don't want spoilers, please comment to let me know and I'll try to avoid them.
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Hello again eway! Some of you may remember that I was here three years ago with Aziraphale. I've finally decided to come back to your warm bosom and tender embrace! I've missed y'all!

For those of you who don't remember (since it was so long ago) or have joined here since I left, my name is Connie. I play Aziraphale from Good Omens. He's someone who, upon first meeting him, seems very British, extremely gay, and intelligent (only one of those things is true, though). Normally he owns a bookshop as a front for his book collection, so you can expect to find him in the Library a lot. He also is fond of food, so you'll also spot him having a meal with Crowley from time to time.

I'm also bringing back his mirror, a pretty broken bananas fallen angel version of him. He's just as likely to invite you in for tea as he is to bludgeon you to death for some reason only he can really parse out, so that will be fun.

If you want to contact me for plotting or for funsies I can be reached on plurk, ([ profile] vaguelysauntered) or on discord (korofel#7229). I'm so glad to be back, y'all!
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Hey guys Courtney here, as some of you know Clint Barton has gone home as of the end of this month. I really enjoyed the year I had him here and all the CR I got with him.

But have no fear because I'm still here with Billy (who never seems to wanna leave) and a new guy!

This is Dr. Nate Heywood from Legends of Tomorrow. He's a historian, a time detective and a new member of the team of time traveling misfits.

He also has new powers of turning into steel, which he doesn't actually know about until the second he lands in wonderland so, that will be a thing.

I'll be introing him in a few days. Also feel free to add me on plurk [ profile] courtings
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TIME FOR MORE MURDER VICTIMS...I MEAN- Hi! I'm Kati and am a new player joining in. I am bringing along for the ride one Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa 1. Hope to have a blast and not cause too much trouble ^^;
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Hey there everyone. This is Otter. I also play Jean [personal profile] angewiesen. I would like to introduce a new character!

This is the Judge! He is from a fun game for children called OFF. He acts as a tutorialist and as a guide to players, spouting off exposition left and right like he's swallowed a thesaurus. He is generally a nice and helpful guy, unless you are committing massive world-spreading genocide.

He is also a cat. He likes things that cats like. Feel free to pet him!

The Judge has a very particular, fourth-wall breaking power, so I have made a permissions post for him. Please go and check it out before you play with him, so I know your preferences.

Thank you for your time!

+1 alien

Feb. 27th, 2017 11:08 am
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SUP EWAY. i'm lyn. some of you may remember me from when i played leliana from dragon age here a little while ago before life got cray. i am back!! and this time with an alien!!

this is kara zor-el, aka supergirl, aka the girl of steel, aka the maid of might--you get the picture. she's a snarky early-twenty-something superhero with a massive guilt complex and a deep love of science. for those of you familiar with comics canon, she's coming in from the end of convergence: justice league, aka the comic where they forgot kara's the baby of the group and had her calling jesse "kiddo" because what is consistent writing???

anyway!! i'm super happy to be here and look forward to playing with y'all. if you'd like, you can add me on plurk ([ profile] chanterie) for plotting and cats and occasional crying about comics and such. o/
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Hello, there! My name is Katie, and I'm totally new here at Entranceway! It's very nice to meet you all! I'm bringing with me a little blue robot named Turing from 2064: Read Only Memories as my first character!

Turing's the first sapient ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager, pretty much a robot) of their kind! They're a slightly snarky ROM that says what's on their mind, can tell you anything you need to know about almost anything, and enjoys gardening and painting! Just don't call them any names and you've got a good ally in them!

One big thing that I want to point out is that ROMs have the potential to search through the network to look up people's information. Personal information, criminal history, bank accounts, all that fun stuff. Turing is no exception to this! I know that this is something that some people might not be crazy about, and that's totally fine! I'm going to link to this ROM permissions post so I know if it's okay or not for Turing to look back on your own character's information on the network. Don't be shy!

Other than that...I think that pretty much covers everything. My plurk is [ profile] adanteallegro, feel free hit me with up with a request anytime!

I really look forward to playing with all of you!
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Hi everyone, Fiona here! Already playing your friendly neigbourhood mercenary ([personal profile] thecourier), a slightly grouchy rogue ([personal profile] noble_son) and an affable vampire ([personal profile] mandrakes), I am adding a fourth - and likely final - character to my roster here at Eway.

This is Anthony J. Crowley, as he likes to be known, coming in from not long after the end of Good Omens. I believe that he's been in-game before, so if anyone might remember him and would like to make something of it, hit me up!

Other than that... I'm looking forward to playing Hell's most approachable demon, one who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards, here in Entranceway.

Add me on plurk if you like! You can find me at [ profile] hardtostarboard.
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Because you got one, and he's this jerk.

Hi hi hello, I'm Caz and I used to play here about three thousand years ago when the earth was still cooling. Greatest hits included the angry guy who writes bad movies from Marble Hornets (not the one you're thinking of, the version before that), the sad guy with a cockroach problem from Amnesia, and other charming and social characters. I've missed this place like blazes and I'm so excited to play with you guys.

Grout here is a vampire from the classic World of Darkness (more specifically, the videogame Bloodlines). He studied psychopathology in the early-to-mid 1800s, got turned by a vampire, and then... carried on studying psychopathology. But now with more blood-drinking. And more fruitless searching for a vampirism cure (and a cure for his frightfully sick wife). And more invasive and occasionally-prophetic hallucinations. He likes facts and he likes clarity and he likes security, and he's not... exactly the most trusting or compassionate person you'll ever meet. He'll be visiting Eway from the mid-1960s, where he's occupying a pretty high position in vampire society, despite only finding out there was such a thing in the last 50 years or so.

He has some vampire abilities (such as compulsion and mild clairvoyance) which I've asked about on his permissions post here, so I'd love people to take a look/fill that out if possible. (There's a lot but I've tried to condense it as much as possible.) Also featured on the permissions post: Blood drinking! He'll be doing a lot of drinking from closet-supplied bloodpacks, but the difference between bloodpacks and humans is like, cardboard vs a steak dinner, so. hmu. Also ghouling! Ever want to be a mildly-superpowered vampire's thrall? Of course you didn't. But the option is there.

And I'm [ profile] taakotime on plurk or Caz#1241 on discord for plotting/chatting/etc!
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Hello! My name is Sara, and I am brand new and SUPER EXCITED to be here!! I'm bringing in one retired teenaged ex-superhero, Cissie King-Jones, who used to run around in a cheerleader's uniform and a mask as Arrowette. (She will deny it was a cheerleader's uniform, but let's be real: it was.)

Cissie was part of the DC series Young Justice, which ran from 1998-2003, which basically means that DC has absolutely forgotten her in the last 5 years, so her canon point is basically right before the big reboot. Since she hasn't existed since then, it seemed like the right place for Wonderland to snatch her up. (And since they created a new character instead of using her for the tv show... but I'm totally over that, I swear.) BASICALLY, Cissie is a totally normal, friendly teenager... who just happens to be a former superhero and an Olympic gold medalist in archery. Who has a jealous streak, a feisty temper, Mommy Issues and a serious loyal streak that would make any Hufflepuff proud. I can't wait to throw her into things and get her in over her head! c:

My plurk is [ profile] ladysarai, and I am ladysarai#0594 on discord; feel free to add me! I look forward to playing with everyone!