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Sakura was just a little late because...you know. Sobbing over letters forever.

Nitori gets a BIGGGGG box of leftover giri-choco (friend chocolate). Like. Huge. There's also a little handmade card with little cut out hearts glued onto it in the shape of a smiley face.

Vivi gets a medium box of giri-choco because he is her age and obviously she's trying to talk to him more :< Accompanied by a card as well about how she thinks he's really nice and neat. Even if she can't see his face.

Kurogane gets a box of NINJA. SHAPED. CHOCOLATES. Yes. That's right. She went there because he 'kinda looks like a ninja'. There's also some rice cakes in there...or something more tart but still kind of sweet. GO WILD. And a card saying that he should smile more. Emphasis on the smile with a big :)! drawn in crayon.

Fai a simple box of chocolate wrapped in a white bow. There's a little pirate drawn on the box in crayon.

Allen & Poland boxes of chocolate with a picture drawn on it of stick figures yelling 'THANK YOU!' with little hearts glued all over them. Because that's how she rolls.

Gokudera box of chocolate with a sweet card thanking him for all his help and telling him that he's an awesome big brother. Unlike her real one.

Kairi & Elaine gets boxes of chocolate as well, despite it not being normal for girls to give girls chocolate too often in Japan on V-day. But she had extras! And they're her friends! :)

Saburo THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS HONMEI-CHOCO. Because of this it is a little larger than mostly everyone else's and she tried her absolute best to make it look like little radios. Made of the best choco-chips she could find in the cupboards. There are stick figures drawn on the box (Saburo's totally has a hat, and Sakura's has pigtails)...and they're holding hands.

But she totally just ding-dong ditches him as the way to present it to him because she chickens out.~♥ (also, Saburo's is only a little smaller than Nitori's because lololol Sakura made a lot and didn't think Saburo needed a BLOCK)

Gift list

Dec. 25th, 2009 07:06 pm
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I realized that since I already posted for all of my characters and I didn't really go into this in any of them, I'd just spam the Flist a little instead of a lot. :|b Plus, this is in case people don't have time to thread gift giving stuff.

Littlefoot )

Ganta )

Gokudera )

Poniko )

Ryohei )

Pakistan )

If you've ever spoken to one of my characters, chances are he or she got you something. If nothing is specified or your character isn't mentioned, feel free to just make something up or PM me or whatever.
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New Years Resolution: Form some CR with Arland that's not a year old. No srsly. Here's the gift list. )

He and Namine will have some gingerbread cookies to pass around to other holiday visitors, topped in delicately piped white icing. Guess which did the baking and which did the decorating!