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HEY JERKS. Ewaymas is upon us and Omens!Crowley is gonna be a bit of a jerk. He doesn't like excessive Christmas decorations as it is, so once he sees what the mansion has done to itself, he's gonna cheer himself up with some stupid fun.

Which is to say, he's gonna curse some of the mistletoe. Not all of it, but probably like half of whatever mistletoe is around. Some of it will grow teeth and fly around and try to bite people if they don't honor the kissing tradition. And some of it will compel people to kiss whoever's standing beneath it. It's not gonna force anyone to do anything they don't want to do, but it's persuasive. Where the compelling curse is involved, think of it as lowered inhibitions and a readiness to give into temptation, which is totally Crowley's bag.

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Proudly presenting the First Annual (or daily or weekly or only or whatever, really) Eway Livestreaming Party!

As previously discussed, we will begin a tradition of livestreaming episodes, movies and LP's of characters in the game. Not only does this provide us with an awesome evening activity, it also lets us take a peek at the characters in the game along with their canons. We have a LOT of material, so we've decided to split the streaming party into two parts. Here is the schedule:

Where? Right here
When? Saturday, April 20, 6 pm EST & Sunday, April 21, 4 pm EST

Party A: Saturday, April 20, starting at 6pm EST
Start TimeCanonEpisodeDurationCharacter
06:00 pm Community1x09: Debate 1090:25Annie Edison
06:25 pmOnce Upon A Time1x15: Red Handed0:45Ruby Lucas
07:10 pmOnce Upon A Time2x12: In the Name of the Brother0:45Dr. Whale
08:00 pmSupernatural5x03: Free to be You and Me 0:45Dean, Castiel
08:45 pmSupernatural5x10 Abandon All Hope0:45Crowley, Meg
09:30 pmSupernatural8x02: What's Up, Tiger Mommy0:45Samandriel
10:20 pmThe Walking Dead2x05: Chupacabra0:45Daryl Dixon
11:00 pmThe Mummy---2:05Evelyn Carnaham
01:10 amThe Three Musketeers ---2:05Buckingham, Athos, d'Artagnan, Aramis

Party B: Sunday, April 21, starting at 4pm EST
Start TimeCanonEpisodeDurationCharacter
04:00 pmDead Like Me2x10: Death Defying0:45George Lass
04:45 pmBBC Sherlock1x01 A Study in Pink1:30Sherlock Holmes
06:20 pmFirefly1x14: Objects in Space0:45River Tam
07:05 pmDoctor Who3x01: Smith and Jones0:45Martha Jones
07:55 pmTron: Legacy---2:05Alan Bradley
10:00 pmFMA: Brotherhood1x28: Father0:25Greed
10:25 pmHomestuckFlash Video0:15Homestuck characters

Streaming video games for our video game characters has also been suggested. Due to the amount of material we have, the streaming for video game canons will happen at a separate date, tba. 

Everyone is invited to come, naturally, regardless of whether your canon is represented here or not, whether you're an old or a new player. Depending on how much you guys enjoy this, there will definitely be more events in the future for everyone who didn't get their character sufficiently represented this time around. 

Please leave questions, feedback, comments, ideas, snacks and kisses in the comments <3 Looking forward to doing this with you guys. Note: If you don't find your canon on here, it might be that you didn't comment  in the original planning post and we only discussed things in chat. IF that is the case, please forgive the oversight, and never fear, just kick me and I'll make sure to queue you up for next time <3 

Special thanks to Steph and Emmy for helping me lock down the schedule. *kisses all around*
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You know what we need? 


Or something like that. 

Proudly presenting the First Annual (or daily or weekly or only or whatever, really) Character Stream Parade

Saturday, April 20, 6pm EST
Where? Right over here
What? Have you ever threaded with a character in here and felt 'man, this is really interesting, wish I knew more about this character?' Well, fear not, we got you covered. The stream will be up all night streaming episodes, movies and videos that best represent your character to people who don't know them as well as you do.

Now, what do you need to do? I'm providing the platform for streaming, but it's up to you to decide what gets shown. Drop a comment with your canon and which episode/movie/video from that canon I should acquire for everyone's enjoyment. I will prepare a rough schedule so that even if you don't want to join all night, you can pop in for what you might enjoy most.

So for characters from shows/anime/cartoons/etc: Give me the canon name and episode number. For time reasons, try to stick to one to two episodes maximum. If you have cast mates, try to find episodes suitable for several characters.
For characters from movie franchises: Give me the name of the movie
For characters from video games/web shows: Links please! Can be for cut-scenes, LPs etc.

I realize not everyone might be available at this date and time. Should the stream be something you guys dig, we can definitely do it more often, though, especially considering that we might not get through everything in one go. This can be the kick-off to a great, and beautiful, and possibly insane thing that Eway does and loves.
So, I hope you'll turn up in big numbers and bring your characters, plus lots of fun. 
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Since Sam apparently slept through some sort of school event (due to RL computer problems FML) I was wondering if someone could explain to me what all went on during it? I only know about it at all because my brother told me. T-T

Also, I just wanted to say that my posts are prolly going to continue being few and far between if my internet doesn't start working again sometime real soon. I'm currently borrowing my grandparents and its slow as the line at the BMV. Not to mention work pretty much eating up my life.

But! I am trying! And I will do my best to be here for this event and all others to come! *determined face*
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I didn't know we were doing a mermaid event, but I'm all for it! So, I went ahead and did up some concept sketches for how Peace might turn out from this; would love feedback so I can decide what he'll look and act like during the event.

*edited to include Peace the lobster
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Hi guys, Koji here!

So, a new event's been announced for next Monday, June 14th through Wednesday, June 16th. You can see that here, if you didn't catch Alice's post. tl;dr - you're all going to be family, and over the course of the event it will go from that warm fuzzies usually reserved for holidays, to hair pulling and screaming. Fun, right?

This post is here mostly to help you guys plan out who your closer relatives are going to be, and to hopefully lessen any confusion. There's going to be a Q&A thread, for asking any questions you might have (and please use it so we can keep things neat and tidy - we'll get back to you ASAP). After that, post a thread for each of your characters, and people will comment with what family roles their characters should play. I promise, it's going to be less complicated looking if we go character-by-character. Not by much, but a little.

Just because you've committed to being one person's brother doesn't mean you can't be someone else's cousin, or have multiple siblings, or even half-siblings if you can manage it either. Seriously, we're going to be a bunch of hicks when this is done. Don't worry too hard if it doesn't make perfect sense.

All right, I'll leave you all to your plotting! Have fun, guys!

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* Events of yesterday had continued into today.

* That is, until Ash ([ profile] mysolemnvow) and his backup heals, Eiko ([ profile] carolling), confronted Reika. And there was a ghost vs. ghost battle and it was epic.

* Following Reika's defeat, Wonderland restores itself to its normal state. Those who were trapped in a dream can now wake up on 8/04. The tattoo curse lifts and characters will not be bothered in their sleep no more. The event is over.

* If anyone happens to be at the beach, they may notice several paper lanterns with candles floating in the water, similar to Toro Nagashi (wiki). The lanterns drift off and away by the time dawn breaks on 8/04.

* Yes this is extremely late but I don't expect my internet to hold stable anymore ~o~;

* I hope you all enjoyed the event!
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8/02 (and 8/03), All Day

* This part of the event will be mansion-wide, regardless if you volunteered to be cursed or not.

* Cursed characters, upon waking (if they are waking up), will find the mansion to feel weirder than usual. They exit into the hallway, but quickly they will realize that some doors are randomly leading into rooms of the Manor of Sleep.

* But, wait! I thought the Manor of Sleep existed only in dreams! Not anymore. Today the Manor of Sleep has become a reality for your characters, splicing itself with the Wonderland mansion practically. One room is Wonderland like usual, another room it's the Manor of Sleep. All characters in Wonderland will experience this phenomenon, regardless if they were cursed/experienced the Manor of Sleep or not.

Officially switched rooms:

The 1st Floor hallways are now Stained Corridors (wiki)
The Music Room is now The Tattoo Altar (wiki) [* You can hear the lullaby repeatedly in this room]
The Tea Room(s) are now Futon Rooms (wiki)
The Library is now the Engraving Shrine (wiki)
The Ballroom is now The Chamber of Thorns (wiki)

* Ghost Encounters Today:
    "Vexen" (See Option C for details). Yes, he'll be here too =(
    "Reika Kuze" (wiki). She'll attack by trying to strangle you with one hand. She can also fly at you with. this thing (video) I don't know what it is.
    "Master Builder" (wiki). He'll try to strike you with his bloody cleaver.
    "Men in White" (wiki). They'll grab at you and try to strangle you.
    "Handmaidens" (wiki). Freaky little children who will try to impale you with their stakes while asking "Are you hurt?"

* Unfortunately no one has a speshful camera to kill these ghosts, so most likely you'll have to run. Though if you can use magic, then you may able to hurt them.

* You can die from being attacked by ghosts, so be careful. The attacking ghosts will be wandering all over in both the Wonderland portion and the Manor of Sleep portion.

* This phenomenon will continue until tomorrow too; however, I hope to have a Final Boss Fight with Reika occurring tomorrow and I need volunteers. Volunteers who either know how to deal with ghosts (and they actually have). Or if they. just know magic, that's okay too. I'm lenient.
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Recap of the 1st part:
* Reika ([ profile] subzeroes) went around cursing various people in the mansion.
* Those cursed people dreamt of the Manor of Sleep (wiki), seeing their lost, loved ones in that place.
* Friends of Vexen were also drawn into the dream, due to the fact that he had already been cursed by Reika months earlier. For some reason, they were able to see his apparition and a spliced version of Castle Oblivion in the Manor.

Now onto part two (08/01 until 08/03)

8/01, Daytime

People cursed from the first part (link) will feel strangely groggy today. They will also find- what else- SPAM in their computer devices. Spooky. The sender name is all a bunch of jumbled characters and symbols scrambled together that don't read as anything. They're a series of voice messages, all a bit static-y in the background, but the sender is clearly the same. The voice is of a young woman's.

Don't want to see anymore )
For some reason, Vexen is missing from Wonderland today, too.

8/01, Nighttime

* The Manor of Sleep wiki, for reference
* IC actions occurring during the dream sequence are in comment log/action log only, since... obviously your character will not have access to a computer to type on.
* Characters share the same dream, so it is possible to meet each other; however, you'll find that the manor seems determined to keep you apart regardless (such as conveniently locked doors).
* It is possible for characters to see each other's missing loved ones too.
* Ghost Encounters Tonight: See Below
* Everyone still has a free flashlight in the manor (jejejejejeje)

If you follow the dead, you can't come back )

Regardless of which path you took, when you awaken on 8/02 you feel like Wonderland is a little different. The tattoo bruise returns with a vengeance (video).

(To be continued)
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Doc here (Reika and Yukiko-mun) proposing an event to youuuu, with mod approval of course.


※ Reika is a ghost. She is a tattooed priestess who takes people's sorrows and pain in the form of tattoos and carries it with her so that those people can move on. Then she sleeps with the pain so that it does not trickle back into the living world and doesn't invite the spirits of the dead to come back (because thinking of them does this apparently). However shit went down and now Reika wants to spread the pain in the form of a curse.

Oh that sounds kind of bad )
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Anyway, just a quick reminder-- signups for the memory event are still ongoing, so there's still time to slide in your characters. You have until 3 PM EST. %hearts; lol i meant to get this up earlier whoops.

God whoever gets the childbirth thing I am so sorry for you.

The Queen will be making the announcement for this event, so watch out for her post ... later this evening, as well as the masterlist of swaps. :1 In the meantime, enjoy Twilight Town WHILE IT LASSSSTS, and keep an eye out on your F-lists, because you might see another ~familiar face~ cropping up.
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The next event lasts from this friday to this sunday. We have a post here for you to volunteer your characters for pairs if you intend on taking part in the event, as well as an explanation of what being in a pair will entail.

If you intend on taking part, please drop a comment in there if you haven't already. We will be closing the post early tomorrow morning and pairing up anyone who isn't yet paired.

The post for selecting the names of your pairs will go up tomorrow evening. We will try to leave it late enough that everyone should have some time to discuss with their character's partner's player, or so we hope, but if you don't, we apologise in advance.
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At midnight EST on the 20th of February all mirrors currently loose in the mansion will have returned to their own side.

By extension, this means that everyone currently on the mirrorside will have been returned too.

There will be a post by Mirror!Saix signalling the start of the return. Not all of the mirrors have to cross back over at the same time he does, but midnight is the final deadline.

Thank you for your participation, and we hope you all had fun!


Feb. 15th, 2009 01:34 am
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Some of you may or may not have worked this out by now, but there's been something off about Saïx on Valentine's day.

That's because it's not actually Saïx.

It's his mirror.

Welcome to the surprise mirror event! )
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Bilbo here. Tomorrow, Hayate will be cleaning the entire mansioninhabited parts of the mansion because...well, he can and its his duty as a butler with an insane agility stat (though some people may be able to catch him in the act). :D

Thus tomorrow, people will find that somebody has entered their room and made it all nice and shiny clean. The doorknobs are polished. The dust bunnies are anihilated. The windows are washed (and if you're on the first and second floors, he got the outside part of the windows too). That random bloodstain on your carpet? Gone. And in some places, there might be a little air freshener hanging around. :o

A log post will be posted if anyone wants to encounter Hayate. \o\;

EDIT: Oh yeah, if your character's room is magically locked or booby trapped or there's a precious object in there that Hayate should never touch otherwise he'll be screwed, let me know.

EDIT 2: And um, I'd like to declare a semi-hiatus starting Friday due to studying for finals. Orz.
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All right, after running all the names submitted through a randomizer, the results are in! The one who gets to claim the 'treasure' is none other than:


Poke me when you're next online or something. o/ By the way, this doesn't mean people can't still get close to the top; after all, bitter defeat is sweetest when you get close. Soooo close. GA GA GA GA

Since most people will probably, you know, be doing real things on Halloween, feel free to play it up until the next day. Get creative! here are the details for the event in case you forgot; I also forgot to note that whatever time your character gets hurled outside, it'll already be night-- with a spoooooky ol' full moon. ♥ The general party log is here.

If your character decides to stay awake long enough, they may end up dancing with ghosts~ But whether they decide to curl up by the fire or stay up, by the time the sun rises, everything will go back to what it was. Including their clothes. :O
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Think the mansion's done playing tricks on you? Not yet. But if you're willing to invest a little effort, you might find yourself in for a very special treat~ ♥

Over the next few days, the mansion's residents will find pieces of paper-- brown with age, smelling of old leather and ink-- slipped under their doors, in odd corners of the mansion. Each piece has a message scrawled on it:

"The beast's in its tower, all's right with the world."

"Treasures untold belong to the bold."

But what do they mean?

Ready for the mansion's third Halloween? )

TL;DR: characters get stuck in a haunted house mansion for a day, but it's set up as a 'game' where characters search for an unspecified treasure. The place is booby-trapped like all get-out, but none of it is really threatening (plenty eerie, but nothing that would get you injured). Whenever someone trips more than five traps, a chute opens beneath them and they're thrown out from the mansion, where a Halloween party is in full swing on the grounds.

The treasure in the top of the tower is... a secret! To decide who gets to the 'highest spire', comment with the names of the characters you're offering up. We'll draw the 'winner' from a hat, like we usually do. :3

Expect your characters to run into (and by 'run into' I mean 'be commented on by') the ghosts, which will all be run from the account [ profile] hollow_shades. Each particular ghost is looking for something-- if your character can figure it out, you might get a reward!
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Okay, since I figure that I've left enough time for anyone who's interested to speak up, I'm drawing the numbers now...

After the Very Scientific method of writing all the numbers on slips of paper and shaking it around, the winner is--

42. lmao. Ovan-mun, you're up to bat~ How did you want to do this?

Also, since I'm a big meanie and I like the mansion being on its head: the event will last until the morning (6 AM) of the 29th (Sunday); a whole extra 24 hours. Enjoy, chums. :|

One last note, since it's bound to come up: people can still, in fact, go in and out of the mansion itself. Just note that since the mansion looks like it's upside down even from outside, any characters that step out the front door will find themselves having to cling to it very shortly (or, you know, they can fall ten floors); anyone who wants to get in will, er, have to exercise some serious mountaineering skills.

... Also, you can eat normally. Trying to drink soda doesn't mean that it'll like, start flooding out your nose.

I'll post for Eiko in a bit, I think. Thanks for playing~
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Hey guys, Kytha here-- Eiko's mun, too lazy to log onto mod account.

If you'll kindly recall, Eiko's event is coming up on the 27th. After thinking about it, though, I figured it would be more fun to (for once!) have an event that just doesn't end at the mansion's whim-- you (or, you know, your characters) can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. [/wat]

Basically, the premise is this: for those who've played FF9, you probably remember that there's an actual !@$#@!%ing switch in a room that turns Ipsen's Castle upside-down or right-side-up, depending on which way it's flipped. Same principle applies in the mansion: somewhere, there's a switch that will set everything back to rights!

If you'd like to let one of your characters find the switch, comment on this post with your characters and, uh, a random number no bigger than 100. No two people can have the same number; I'll put them all in a hat and shake it up before picking who gets to be the 'lucky' person to land everyone back on their heads. This is mostly to be fairer to people who don't hang out on the internet 24/7 (like meeeeeeee i mean lol) and give everyone who's interested a shot at, uh. Their moment of infamy. :D

Just to make it clear, every mun only gets to pick one number. If you're drawn, you can pick any of your characters to do the honors. \o/ Hell, your character can drag his buddies in, if they're the type who'd wander around in a group.

I hope that made sense. Any qs, lemme know. :(

On that note: since the time the event ends (the switch will like, disappear back into the wall once it's flipped!) now depends on a character's actions, I don't mind extending the event for like, another day for people to 'enjoy' the upside-down mansion. :B What do you think, Ewayers~? One day of vertigo, or two?
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Since I'm Ada's mun and all, I thought that I'd take the liberty of explaining exactly what some of the Resident Evil monsters are and what they're capable of. Because I know a lot of people may not have played the game, and it's better for you to know what your characters are up against, right? This will probably be very tl;dr, b-but I'll try my best to avoid that.

p.s: don't watch any of the videos if you're faint-hearted.

Firstly, if you want a better idea of what the mansion is going to look like throughout this event: visual references 1 | 2 | 3.

enemies )

information about the plagas )
Any questions, feel free to ask them here, or grab one of us over AIM! Me or one of the other RE muns (lol all three of us) will be glad to answer it for you. If I've forgotten any of the enemies, let me know about that too. |D
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A sort of mini-event announcement, as well as the (re)entrance of a Wonderland resident: The March Hare.

Please add him at [ profile] mm_tea_ism ♥ On to the mini-event.

March is the month of madness (the ides of March, anyone?), and it's just convenient that Easter happens to fall in March. The March Hare has a treat for everyone: on Easter, pretty, colored eggs will be appearing in various spots around the mansion (and some doomed lucky residents may even get a few from the March Hare himself).

However, these aren't just your garden-variety chocolate Easter eggs-- crack them open, and you might wind up with anything from a dysfunctional party popper to a full table loaded with tea party trimmings in your lap. Whatever's inside, though, also comes with a cute, live easter bunny with it.

...Of course, you do the math. With so many mansion residents cracking open so many Easter eggs, the rabbit population of the Mansion is going to go way up. Around sunset, all the rabbits will come pelting through the mansion corridors (getting underfoot of anyone unlucky enough not to get out of their way) towards the main entrance, and out. Once they're outside, they'll start to dance. Residents are welcome to join them (or just gape at them) until they're dead on their feet, but the rabbits will just keep dancing and jumping, higher and higher-- did that one just disappear in the sky?

By the time midnight strikes, most of them will be gone.

--so anyway! I'm not sure if you'd prefer a log to go up for that last bit, or you'd rather assume it, so lemme know what you think. :3

your ever-idle,
[ profile] kytha-mod.
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I hate that I haven't had any time to actually post this thing up. So, if you could excuse the last minute lateness AGAIN, we can be well on our way to finishing this~

Valentine's Day is right around the corner (or in my case less than 5 hours away ooooops~). While we're not exactly doing a big event like last year as we have the Chinese New Year to worry about, the mansion is going to have a bit of "romantic flare" along with the other decorations. :)

On February 14th, the dining room will be filled with an array of sweets and confectionaries. Chocolates, fruits, pastries... and for the older residents some alcoholic filled chocolates with some cherries.... maybe. If you're lucky.

As an added bonus, everyone gets a little Cherub cupid pet that floats around with them for the majority of the day. You may choose not to do this option, but the cherub may feel the need to stick your character's behind with a little heart shaped arrow... the effects of said shot will be of a friendly and happy euphoria as IF you were in love. (No, this isn't a cliche RP case of THE CUPID SHOOTS YOU, YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE FIRST PERSON YOU SEE.)

There may be some cases where the love shots will cause your character to.. see things. What kind of things? Well, have you all heard of the term 'red string of fate'? Your characters may be prone to seeing maybe one, or two strings. In fact, if your character happens to be in a relationship they may find themselves attached to their significant other. Or maybe you'd like to take a different route and decide that this is a good way for characters to well... 'meet' someone destined for them. Character development is such a wonderful idea.

In rare and SPECIAL cases, (meaning if I see a slew of posts that pertain to the next subject I'm going to be very annoyed and not be a very pleasant mod) will those affected see that red strings are attached to the mansion wall itself. Why?

.... because Leo decided to mix in some chinese legend along with a little plottage into the pot.

This event will end immediately on the 15 to make way for Syrup's Chinese New Year event.


♥ The TamponTrophy-mod
[ profile] leochan~

P.S. Syrup I tried to wait for you to come online to talk to you about if this was gonna mess up your plot but you weren't on. PLZ TO NOT BE KILLING ME. D:
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Well, after being informed of who the judges are, I'm listing up who's judging what. |D

01. Beast Boy
02. Linda
03. Roxas

01. Tino Tonitini
02. Raven
03. Leon S. Kennedy
04. Axel

The main theme for the DINNER-FOR-ALL: APPLES

With that, have fun. :3 Please post on the original post if your character is going to be involved in cooking. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Sorry that this is so late. Augh. D|
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Just to let everyone know, there is a very large fire in the Living Room that is threatening to spill throughout the mansion.

Also.. a certain cute black haired cat boy is currently pinned to the wall in said room and is in danger of a very painful death. *coughRitsukacough* All info is in the log over at Eway Logs.

<333 Please return to your regularly scheduled programing.