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HI SO since I've realized Frisk's SAVE-point powers can be a little confusing, I've compiled a permissions form for people to fill out if they require it! I really should've done this when I initially apped them in and it's way too late but O H W E L L. If you want or have CR with this tiny child of the improbable time powers, it'd help out a lot if you filled out your preferences regarding their SAVE powers.

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So I was kind of in New Jersey all last week, which, uh, is why I've been silent before and after that. ouo;

But I think my normal civilian life will be back on track now! So I'll be getting back to a bunch of threads, ahah! Including ones with De-aged traveler, if anyone out there is still up for that? ouo;

BUT More relevant news:


The former is for when you want me to not throw in incomprehensible typos into her text comments, or when you want me to leave your child characters alone, or tag or flip out on your characters, or throw them around ahaha.

The second is for me to keep track of all the little girls she's got her big red helmet light on, and I guess also serves as a post for you guys to volunteer your 14 and under characters for adoption! (Girls only, boys stink.)

In addition to that, I still have her HMD POST as well as a GENERAL INFO POST that's updated as I remember things to note in there, eheh.

Finally, uh. Just going to say this: If you ever wanted to thread with Mirror Chell, it might be good to arrange for that now...
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Hey guys!

Inky here. I was a bit distracted over the holidays, but better late than never: I've put up a permissions post for Castiel, your resident angle of the Lord.

I'd be grateful if you could take a moment to have a look at it and fill out what kind of mojo he can pull on your character.

Thank you in advance!

Happy taggin!

Permissions over here!

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My name is Laura and I have been lured to your wonderful game. It's all Kelly's doing, so if I suck, blame her. ;P I will be introducing Cooper Anderson, Blaine's older brother. He comes from Season 3:15. He doesn't acknowledge any canon past that. For those who haven't seen it, he's an actor who's not very good at acting and gives rubbish advice. Fun.

PLOTTING! PM me here or my aim is bigbrothercoop. If you want, just let me know what it is and I'll add you. It's friends locked at the moment. I want to make a mirror but I can't think up a witty name yet.

Let the games begin.

CR Charts!

Jul. 13th, 2011 11:01 pm
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I finally got around to these, ff. I tried not to add EVERYONE EVER but if there's someone missing who you think had a significant impact on any of my peeps, please let me know!

Here's John's!

Here's Beiste's!

Here's Miguel's!

Also I can help if the symbols aren't showing up!
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Okay, peeps! I noticed a lot of you have created FAQs or information sheets on your characters. So....

Click me for info about Albert Wesker! 8D     \o/ Enjoy! I hope...
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I've been asked this a few times now, so I'm going to make a quick post here about what we can do if your character(s) want(s) to have therapy sessions with Lamb.

Info under the cut, because it may get a tiny bit tl;dr )
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I wrote up a little thing for people unfamiliar with Marble Hornets to sort out some of the confusion of Tim versus the Masked Man. So if you're thoroughly confused by his icons and weird mood swings here you go.
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It came to my attention that since Masky doesn't have a name ((And I can't really say he's Tim)) it's really awkward to talk to him in family situations. For the duration of the event he's going to be Alex's little brother Markus. Which for some reason got shortened to Masky.  So call him either and he'll respond.  
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Lithuania's boss tells him that he will marry his neighbour, Poland (and their bosses will get married, too). Thus, a group made up of Lithuania and some of his men travels to Poland. This is how they first meet.

...and there our problem is. Uhm. Anyone who has followed our muses at least the tiniest bit probably understands what it is. The author just made the marriage be about 200 years prior to what the fandom had decided.

The solution? Sit and listen in awe!

cut for tl;dr )

So, the only major thing that I'd need to retcon would be that they were engaged politically in the future. Let's just say that never happened, please?

Also: we need everyone to kind of go "la la la, that didn't happen" to any reference to them knowing each other before Jadwiga and Jogaila's wedding. And say that instead of "ahhh, I can't tell him, he'll hate me forever and no one will ever approve!", the whole thing they've had lately has been "ahhh, I can't tell him, this marriage thing is supposed to be chaste and not personal, it's just politics and there's no way he really likes me like that ><;"

Aaaalso. Their engagement ceremony? It's a ceremony to reaffirm already existing bonds, first stage.
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So, I was instructed to give a little info on Yuuko's cannon since she's a little odd and most everyone who was here for her initial introduction is gone Except Kytha who has been chained to the chat with me and we're not leaving till they stop the deforestation of the Entranceway forests. So I'm giving it again.

In her cannon XXXholic Yuuko is a wish granter. She runs a shop in which she will grant any wish provided that you offer equal payment for the value of your wish. There are certain things she will not do, and in the mansion there are many that she can't do, but what she can do will always have a price. When someone needs her or wants her, or has a wish that they want fulfilled they will simply find her (In the manga they just walk into the shop without always knowing why they're there.)

So yeah, pwease use her as you wish.

She's also very cryptic, not always telling you everything and often times setting you on the right path instead of telling you directly. If you're interested in the manga (Which is pure love) you can find it here. I suggest you read it in conjunction with Tsubasa which can be found here. Which is also godly.


May. 22nd, 2008 05:55 pm
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SO. Sakura's off indefinite hiatus~because it'll work this way:

cut for possible spoilers. :x )

Anyway, whatever version I was playing first, her memories of the mansion will disappear. MEANING, almost early May 25th event. |D;;; B-but only almost. And even after the event she'll still not remember her last stay here. Yeah.

So mansion residents, this also means that Sakura's bubbly personality will disappear..she'll be quiet but as time goes by and she learns more stuff (while I have a hard time) she'll be back in shape! :3


ALSO ALSO ALSO! Sakura wakes up as a boy, Y/N?!


May. 21st, 2008 08:07 am
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Just saying that I'm back from hiatus! I also forgot to say that the hiatus applied to [ profile] kokonikite too. D: Sorry.

Anyway, TRC!Sakura's gonna have to be under semi-hiatus though. I still can't decide on what to do with her during/after the event. The was a thread where Clow was successful in keeping her inside, but there were other days, too. The issue is, we are not sure if this version of Sakura cut for spoilers? ) Can anyone help me? Mods? TRC/CCS charas? Anybodyyyy. =w=; I'd seriously appreciate it! ♥

With Tomoyo, there isn't anything to be updated with her. Since she's sort of post-series anyway. Maybe the Sakura from her time will tell her that she was able to confess to Syaoran and yada yada... Okay. :x I'll update her now. (was thinking while typing orz)