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Hey guys! I just wanted to give the game a heads up that Jesse is leaving for her first ever canon update tomorrow! She will be back on September 1st (just in time for my hiatus to end!). She will be spending a nebulous amount of time because what is a concrete timeline in a comic book-based show some time back on Earth-1, rescuing her dad, helping team Flash, and basically being the awesome tiny genius she is, before heading back home to Earth-2 once Zoom is turned into CGI dealt with.

While she’s BACK on Earth-2, however, she’s going to have a teeny little moment that kickstarts her metahuman abilities. Which means she’s coming back a bb!speedster. Literally, because she’s coming from the moment RIGHT AFTER her speedster powers kick into gear (a moment between seasons).
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Hi friends! Just dropping a note that Fitz is going off for a canon update today! (No, not that one.) He'll be gone from 7/21 and will be back sometime on 8/03. He'll spend a few months at home, mostly to rescue his girl from being stranded in an alien desert only to find out that his girl fell in love (lust? It's complicated and people fight about it online) with a hunky astronaut while she was out there. He'll come back from the end of AoS episode 3.09, "Closure," after setting off on his way to rescue said hunky astronaut.

Characters are welcome to notice his absence, even though that might mean they just assume he's still throwing himself in self-imposed Science Prison.
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Hey, guys! Elena (and Caroline!) recently went home for a canon update. Elena has now lived up to episode 5.22 of The Vampire Diaries, where a lot of terrible things happened and she is now a vampire. As such, I have updated her permissions post to reflect this.

Feel free to use that post to write down any pertinent information. You never know what plots might arise from it. AND IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING but i will always, always ask before anything happens, if it should. I will always come to you to discuss.

She officially comes back tomorrow, so let me know if anyone wants a a thing upon her return. ❤
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Hi, everyone! Tessa here. I'm just dropping a quick note to say that Wanda will brb. Meaning, I finally did the thing and got her canon update submitted and approved (after I was sitting on it for ages going "UHH WHEN DO I WANNA DO THE THING"). So she'll be temporarily gone from Wonderland from Monday, July 3rd (that's today on the side of the world I'm on), and she will make her return to Wonderland on Monday, July 10th. She'll be coming from basically the end of Captain America: Civil War, so, uh, good times (except not really).

I'm still going to be tagging stuff I currently have going, but obviously nothing new will be started with her in the next week. I'll put up a post next Monday, so until then, Wanda will catch y'all on the flip side.

As for me, my contact info still hasn't changed, so if any of her CR wants to hash anything out about her return, please do not hesitate to hit me up via any of my listed channels on the taken page (or PM works too).

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Hey all! So as of today Nate Heywood ([personal profile] improbablyhandsome) and Rip Hunter ([personal profile] undirected) are being sent home to time travel for a bit. They'll be back in a week, after Nate has mastered the art of hardening and Rip has become an even bigger dick than before!

(Aka they're both being pulled from Legends of Tomorrow 2x12, Camelot/3000.)

Until then.
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WELL. We saw this is coming. While y'all are punching holes in Wonderland, Rocket will FINALLY AFTER ALMOST THREE YEARS be going back to space... for two months. So he'll be coming back from the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

He'll be back on May 20th!
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Hi all! Now that George is back, it's time for Shaun to go off on his canon update, disappearing just before George shows up. It's totally fine. I'm sure she won't even notice. c:

He'll be back in a week with some new information about his own special zombie virus powers, and a greater understanding of how deep the rabbit hole (so to speak) of conspiracy and deception goes. He'll be coming from a meeting with his adoptive parents where he learns how far they'll go to protect their own reputations, and like George, he is fresh out of fucks to give about... just about everything. So, with that in mind, his VERY SPOILERY relationship with his adopted sister might become a little more clear. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable either, so his permissions/opt-out post is here. I'm [plurk.com profile] nutterzoi on Plurk, and happy to chat about any and all of this! And to make new friends. c:

Good luck with George over the next week! Everything will be Just Fine. She won't be upset at all.
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SUP FRIENDS as of today Georgia is off on a canon update for the week! When she returns, she'll be even more of a walking spoiler than before! She'll have a new, fun phobia of the color white, different colored eyes, and oh yeah, an entire new clone body. It's been an exciting year.

She'll also be extremely out of fucks, which means among other things that the nature of her relationship with her adopted brother will be way less secret! Since I would rather make sure no one is uncomfortable, I've put up a permissions/opt out post on her journal.

As always, I'm [plurk.com profile] antivillain on plurk or antivillain#2451 on discord if you have any questions! Have fun, and try not to let Shaun shoot anyone while she's gone. He might be a tidge unstable in her absence.
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Hi Eway! Ray Palmer here will be disappearing as of tomorrow (3/25) for a weeklong canonbump, returning next Saturday (4/1) from mid-episode 2x14, Moonshot.

Additionally, as a lot of you know, Faith Lehane ([personal profile] sponsored) is heading home this month. She has now been officially dropped! Thanks for all the dope threads, friends <333
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Nathan Drake will be disappearing from the mansion February 2nd and returning February 12th!

He's got some important things to do, like bloodily climb up a Himalayan mountain, meet a super-old former Nazi, fight an army, encounter some terrifying yeti monsters and discover the lost city of Shambhala.

He'll be back and slightly worse for wear soon. c:
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HELLO fellow nerds! Stanford Pines is going on a canon update this week. He will return on December 17th, updated to after the end of the series, majestically sailing onto the coast on the Stan O'War II.

See you in a week!

ps: this should help with my tagging speed, which has been abysmal lately, I know <3
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So, I flunked AC with James and missed the cutoff for reapping as though he gets to stay. But that's okay, because (pending re-application) he's going home for a canon update for the FIRST TIME EVER.

He'll be coming back on the first day of Ewaymas (which will be roughly a week-ish from now get ready) and he's only updating a few months ahead, to Christmas Holiday of his seventh year. So, basically just long enough for him to forget all about Wonderland and have it come rushing back.

Anyway, he'll be back soon! Sorry to all his CR though, who might be a little alarmed since this is James and he hasn't gone home in more than five years.

~ Koji
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Just a heads up that as of RIGHT NOW (11/1), Rick has gone home for a canon update! He will be back on the 7th and will be fresh from the very, very end of Season 2--in other words, he will show up after having spent about two days in space jail. He's gonna be uhhhhh not in a great place ahahhaha. Feel free to notice that Rick is gone or, yanno, be completely indifferent!! He literally isn't going to expect anyone to notice he's gone.
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Hey guys! So as of Saturday Sept 24th, Clint will be disappearing on a canon update. He'll be back on October 1st post Civil War and finally up to date with (most) of his cast. :)
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As of this Saturday night Cullen is off for a casual canon update. He will return next week a little further down the road, most likely somewhere mid-punching demons in the face at Adamant Fortress. GOODBYE and see you soon!
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 With the Summer of Steven event coming to a close, I have a pretty good place to update Peridot to, so the little angry key lime pie will be taking some time off from Wonderland to go home and defeat the cluster (Steven will help... a little). 

She'll be updated to 4x01: Kindergarten Kid, and with this update, she'll have gained the ability to bubble gems, which is not that important or impressive in Wonderland, but also the ability to manipulate metal. Which is awesome. And she will tell everyone that.

Someone please take care of Claude the Cat while she's gone, and she will be back in a week. Whoo!
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I should've posted this yesterday b u t! Elena will be canon bumped. She disappeared late Saturday evening, and will return next weekend, straight off a fancy Original party. She preemptively apologizes for everything Damon chooses to do and be.

As always, I can be found at [plurk.com profile] womanking! ❤
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Ray Palmer ([personal profile] shrinkage) will be disappearing his giant self from the roof today, and will be back from his future next Thursday, July 28!
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Since I'm sitting the event out anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to canon update this horrible man. From July 15th to the 22nd, he'll be gone back home to experience about four years of development (look it's not my fault his canon got so spaced out). For the canon-familiar, he'll be updated to just after Entry #52. It won't be a huge shift for his character, though he'll lose some of his already scarce friendliness and be more predisposed toward violence than usual, but that's the crux of it.

canon bump!

Jul. 8th, 2016 10:51 am
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Tomorrow morning, Bonnie Bennett will not appear in her usual haunts! She will return next Saturday, 16-July, thrust into season three and ready to party!!!
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Heyo! As of today, your resident Dr. Frankenstein is shipping out for a canon update and will be updating from the end of Penny Dreadful's first season (1.08) to the end of the series (3.09)!

He's just come from getting the shit kicked out of him by Dracula, saying goodbye to some friends, and hanging up his science hat once and for all after realizing it's only making his creations' lives worse, not better. Hallelujah, character growth!

He'll be returning around July 9th with a newfound appreciation for Wonderland and will be making an active effort to change himself and stop being so much of a dick. He'll be seeing you in a week, Wonderland!
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Starting today (May 23rd) Michonne is gone for a little canon update. She'll be back on the 30th, in the midst of playing the world's shittiest game of eenie meenie miney moe.


Insert pre-emptive 'my bad I thought you were Negan' here.

Hit me up on plurk @propernice if you have any questions!

- Britt
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Hi guys! Just a quick mid-event note that Kaneki's going to be gone for a week (starting yesterday, actually, whoops) so that he can go home and spend some time becoming a crazy pants.


Luckily, he's not going to come back as a human-eating monster, but he is going to be...different. He will SEEM more or less like himself? But anyone who has talked to him more than a couple times before will likely notice some differences in his behavior. (He's also going to have white hair, which is...weird?)

Anyway, your friendly neighborhood ghoul will be back in a week. :>
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Hey everyone! As of today, Clarke Griffin will be disappearing to chew some gum and kick some ass. She'll be coming back post-S2, right after leaving Camp Jaha.

She'll have a lot more kills under her belt, a new title as Wanheda (Commander of Death), and a really low self-worth. See ya in a week, Wonderlandians. ♥
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As of Monday 29-Feb, Jane Foster has returned home so she can finally try catching up with her enormo cast ugh. She will be updated to Thor: The Dark World, and when she gets back she will have a "fun" surprise for all of you.

Be back next Monday :D
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HEY GUYS guess what time it is


Though to save on spam I'm doing this for all three of us (Raos, Kris & Britt,) but as of December 1st Regina Mills, Henry Mills and Robin Hood have returned to Storybrooke to live out their lives for a while.

Regina and Robin are being updated to the end of the Season 5 Premiere, and Henry is being updated to the Camelot flashback in 5x08 - 'Birth' so when they come back, they're all gonna be dressed HELLA FINE. Regina will be dressed like this and i tried to find gifs of Henry and Robin but it's hot and I'm lazy and let's be real, Regina's wins best dressed hands down any time anyway.

THEY'LL SEE YOU ON DECEMBER 7TH (Pending on Robin's reapp, at least o/)
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Michonne is heading out for a week, but when she comes back she'll be wearing a meat curtain of dead zombies (To steal some phrasing from The Talking Dead, lol.)

In any case, she's leaving and will be back in 7 days!

- Britt
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Sup guys! As of 11/5 Dipper and Mabel are off on a canon update! Together. I can speak for both of us because twins.

Anyway, they're gonna be vanishing for a little bit and when they return they'll be fresh out of 2x15 The Last Mabelcorn so Dipper's gonna be even more paranoid and sleep deprived than usual and Mabel's gonna be covered in unicorn blood. YEP GONNA BE FUN.
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Hey guys! As of today, Dorian will be disappearing for a little bit to go on a canon update! Two years will have passed for him by the time he returns, encompassing the discoveries made in both Descent and Trespasser, with him coming from the aftermath of the latter. He will be back in a week with a fancy new title and a lot of news for anyone from Thedas who might be interested. See you guys then!
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Hey guys!

This has been a long time coming, but starting on August 1st, Evie is going to disappear from Wonderland. She'll be gone for about 1-2 weeks (depending on what I hear back about whenever the next event is, since I don't want her showing up in the middle of it).

When she comes back, she'll have been updated to "just after getting stabbed and bleeding out in her husband's arms while he loses his shit" so...being dead will be...