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Hey everyone, my character got killed off in Airlocked, so I get more time to go on Eway! Just in time for the event~!

Just a quick FYI, though, I decided drop Wheatley ([personal profile] literalidiotball) from the game. Sorry to all his CR, but I was simply losing the muse for this great character. I guess he's better for shorter term games or memes... Still going strong with Dorian and Zack, though!

Gonna go put up a plotting post real quick!
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Hi everyone! Just announcing that I'm coming back from hiatus with Sylar. However, for my own sanity I think I'm going to drop most of the threads I have right now so I can start fresh. I'm sorry about that (especially re: newer threads i tried to start while on hiatus) but I'm excited to be back and doing new things!!
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As always, I’m flying through my old inbox, if you want to drop anything, feel free. You can also use this handy dandy post to handwave whatever you like, or if you need to get in touch with me about anything I’ve missed while away, here’s your chance. DEHIATUS IS GOOOOOOO~
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I might as well do both of these in one OOC post since I'm cramming it all into one week. :D

Hello, Wonderland! This is Rynn, player of Simon Lauchlan ([personal profile] luckynumberthree) from Zombies Run! and Brennan Trevelyan ([personal profile] outofthebreach) from Dragon Age. I'm bringing in another character, or bringing another character back, as it were - Natasha Romaoff aka the Black Widow from the MCU.

Natasha here was my first character in Eway and had a good run, but I gave her a break for about six months. Recently I really started missing her, so I'm bringing her back to cause some additional chaos. She won't remember her previous stay here, alas, but I hope to renew some of the amazing CR she had and create some more while I'm at it. I'll probably wait a little while to see what the mods are going to be throwing at us event-wise and then toss her back into things right in the middle of it. What could possibly go wrong with that, right?

In addition, I had the two boys on hiatus for the month of February since as a tax preparer, I have no life for about the span of a month or so a year. XD That's winding down a bit now so I'll be gradually tossing them back into things this coming week as well and touching base with CR and canonmates over what I've missed.

The easiest way to find me is over at [ profile] chaneystarr on plurk, feel free to friend me if I've not already nabbed you along the way. You can also PM me or drop me an email at :D
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Hi guys! Rynn here, just letting everyone know I'm still alive, I've mostly survived the crazy season of tax work and now that February is winding down I'm going to be bringing my kids off hiatus and popping them back into the action.

They were all mostly on autopilot while here and if anyone wants some things hammered out for handwaving purposes, please feel free to poke me about them.

In sadder news, I'm slimming down my roster a bit in hopes that I'll have a little better handle on my tag-load hopping back into things so I'm going to send Hayley home for now. I may bring her back at some point in the future if I find I have more time on my hands than I have right now, but for the meantime, she's headed home to take care of her baby while all her relatives are goofing off here. Thanks so much for everyone who gave me such awesome CR for her, I've had a blast playing her here. <3

Otherwise, things are pretty much standard for Simon and Natasha who can be found in the Training Center or the bar and gym respectively. I'll probably be doing some open posts with them in the near future so I can touch base with their CR again and get back into the swing of things. As always, if you want to hit me up for a plot, drop me a comment or find me on plurk at [ profile] chaneystarr
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/finishes 18-page paper a couple days early
/quietly de-hiatuses out of respect for protocol
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 The post probably makes it obvious, but...  I'm back from my hiatus with Jesse here.  I said this on plurk a little while ago but just in case anyone missed it IF YOU'D LIKE TO HANDWAVE SOME INTERACTION DURING THE PAST MONTH let me know and we can do that.  He was on autopilot and didn't leave the mansion so if there's a post your character made that you want him to have responded to, hit me up and we can work it out.

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Hello my friends, Miri here.  Hannibal is back and off haitus but alas, I have to drop Tommy.  

I can't focus on my main muse (that being Hannibal) with that little shit buzzing around my head, and I could barely find the motivation to play with him anyway.  Really going to be sad about lost CR though, and who knows I might re-app him later on.  For now though, we are down one speedster and the Cannibal Narcissist remains.  Rejoice.

If your character knew Tommy well enough, his lack of presence will be noticeable, as he was otherwise bothering everyone and always running around everywhere.  There is also now a greyhound without an owner.  Someone love her.

On that note I'm going to be working up boosting Hannibal's CR to make up for lost time so let me know if you want to do anything with him! Operation ruin Wills life shall recommence. 

xoxo Miri.
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sooooooooooooooo uh, hi.

anyone remember me????

I ended up staying in California for like half a month longer than planned and just got back two days ago SO HEY HI I'M HALF-BACK WITH SANTANA LOPEZ.

...I say half because I am feeling super out of the loop and like a new person, so. you know. we'll see how it goes???

anyway, hi. <3

ps: oh right if anyone cares, I do still have plurk at snoopypez ........


Sep. 6th, 2014 11:51 pm
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Hey! Jensen, Marco-mun here! I am back from an unexpected hiatus...I wasn't able to even post a hiatus for...

I started two new classes and then on Monday my uncle died so I was pretty spotty all week...So sorry about not being around. I will be back now and up for plotting! I look forward to playing with everyone and new players as well!
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--from vacation.

IT'S ME. Ha. Well, uh. Hiatus over, I suppose. Anyway. Here I am! I probably missed everything ever, so if anyone is up to filling me in on shenanigans, that would be swell.

p.s. never spend new year's eve in amsterdam JUST DON'T DO IT trust me
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Hey eway heeeey. Anyone remember me? You know, that girl Mellie who plays Amy Pond but disappeared from the face of the earth for ages? Well I'm finally about to return from hiatus! September was a crazy month for me but everything is starting to fall into place and on my next days off I'll be contacting everyone I have threads with on handwaving/wrapping things up so I can dive back in with a clean slate. Expect to hear from me starting next tuesday.

As for Amy, I'm having her pop off for a short canon update. I haven't yet decided between two relatively close canon points. So it'll feel like not a lot of time has passed for her and then she'll realize that she's been gone a month and has missed a good chunk of things here. She'll be posting quite confused and a little sheepish. I look forward to threading with everyone again! I've missed you all.

I'll probably still be a bit slow as I ease back into the game and I'll be cleaning house to make room for a new roommate within the month! But I'll at least be around more frequently. Can't wait to play with everyone again! And if there's anything special anyone would like to do, just let me know. I'm always game for just about anything!

♥ Mellie
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I have returned from too much sun back to temperate climes! Tagging shall commence.
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...yeah, I really overestimated how much tagging I would be doing. Like any. I'm so sorry to have blown off that event, and I will absolutely backthread anything with anyone if they want.


Jun. 16th, 2013 04:34 pm
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A couple days late sob I'm sorry but I'm back from hiatus! (yay)
And so is John!  (boo) 
I missed you guys and I'm gonna jump right in, in a moment! ♥

I return!

Jun. 3rd, 2013 11:21 pm
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Hey all, remember me? Yep, it's Kelly, coming back from a totally awesome vacation! Actually, I said I wouldn't be back until 6/4, but there's only about half an hour left until it's midnight, so close enough.

And you know what that means!! It means that Harry and Valjean are going to be back in full swing, and also that Blaine will be returned from being canon updated! Keep an eye out for a post from him soon~

And for all the new people who joined while I was gone, hi, hey, hello! I'm Kelly (already said that, but still), and I play these three guys: Blaine Anderson from Glee, Harry Potter from the obvious, and Jean Valjean from Les Miserables. I look forward to getting to meet all of you and seeing you out there! ♥


Apr. 23rd, 2013 11:10 pm
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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to apologize for my sudden, unexpected and unannounced hiatus immediately after joining the game. I had a family birthday/funeral weekend (no, really) that turned into drama week that turned into the four-day work weekend from hell, but I'm FINALLY BACK.

Anyway, considering the influx of new DW/Torchwood cast, I'm a little overwhelmed by the amount of awkwardly late backtagging I need to do. If it's all the same to everyone, I'm going to say that Jenny went off exploring before eventually finding her way to the forest, where she got just a bit more lost than expected. Being decidedly not human, it took her a while before she collapsed and got sent back to the mansion.

She'll be waking up in her room and I'll be diving back into things ASAP!
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Hi. So, I've been on a hiatus and now I'm coming back. For those of you who have joined while I was gone, I wanted to reintroduce myself. I'm Laura. *waves* I'm an rp addict who messed up my foot and had to take some time off. Guess who's baaaack.

I'm playing Cooper Anderson. Vain actor from Glee. Older brother to Blaine Anderson who is trying not to be so vain. He's from a little further in the future than Blaine, so they didn't have their reconnect like they did on the show. AWKWARD.

aim: bigbrothercoop

Coop is nice and he doesn't bite. HARD


Mar. 6th, 2012 08:24 am
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So I am back home now! Still a little busy catching up with homework and stuff but I'll be able to tag things a lot more easily now. :D

Expect to see Tara, Beiste, George, and John backtagging like crazy!
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Hi guys! I finally got my laptop up and working again, so I'm officially back!

If there's any threads or anything that I left hanging while my laptop wasn't working, just let me know and I'll get to them asap. :D

I'm back!!

Oct. 25th, 2011 01:44 pm
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The BLU mumbling abomination is back in action! So uh.. I seem to have missed quite a lot of stuff...

If anyone has stuff for me to tag or things that should be lit on fire lemme know. Because I'm a helper like that.
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So, uh.

Job hunting sure takes a lot of time and energy, doesn't it?

Back now, though! Again ;; Poland has been in his room being emo about Liet leaving, the MS has been off doing his own mysterious thing. And... I guess the last AC got Burt, but it's been a Hell of a while since I've had the voice for him, anyway.

Anyone care to catch me up?
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So, apparently my laptop charger decided it hated me and died right before finals, causing me to drop off the face of the internet. No problem, right? I can just order a new one once finals are done with. Well, my package must have gotten mislabeled or something, since it got missent twice and then ended up somewhere on the other side of the country. I FINALLY managed to get a new one today, so my laptop is up and running and I will (hopefully) be able to get back in full swing with PM here.
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Hey, guys! So, I disappeared for like, a week or two, because I was moving, then coming home to deal with taking care of my dad and brother with my Mom out of town, and dealing with the (now very) imminent death of a beloved family pet.

I know there Helena's event was about to start when I disappeared, and I'm sorry for missing out on that after being around during the planning stuff. If anyone wants to backlog with the Medicine Seller, Poland, or Burt, I'd be happy to--I'll even toss up a backdated post or two if anyone would like that.

So, yeah. Sorry for the sudden absence, anyone care to fill me in?

...In happier news, a college graduate is me, and I'm back home and permanently more than a mile away from the miserable ex-friends who made it hard to be in my otherwise pleasant college town?


Apr. 27th, 2011 06:38 pm
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So yes. My computer ventured back to me and I shall more than likely be around slightly more (then again the semester is finishing up but yeah.)
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Aaaaaaand I'm back!

Have your trap, your exorcist, and your awesome paternal figure back, Eway!

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TL;DR, I'm back for real this time. Did I miss anything major? AND HELLO NEW PEOPLE. I AM VAIN AND I PLAY [ profile] strongb100d & [ profile] terrierfancy from Homestuck! It's great to meet all of you! Now I'll hurry up and go add everyone ever.
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I'm back! (And just in time for the event, awesome.) The hiatus ended up being a week longer because one of my appointments was pushed back, but I'm done with getting my mouth stabbed. I'll throw up a character post later this week, after I review all related posts of significance.

So. Besides that, did I miss anything?
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Backish with some changes.

The babby mage and yandere data entity are going home since I can't do anything more for them so please hover or the usual code:

friend remove born_from_mist
friend remove so_please_die