Apr. 7th, 2012 01:07 pm
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 HI okay I'm a newbie. 

My name is Violet and I'm bringing you guys Remus Lupin. That one werewolf guy. From Harry Potter. ♥♥

UM SO ALSO. You have ridiculous awesome event things going on, but I am way too easily confused for all of this so I will mostly be watching all the shenanigans in a corner until the latest event has come to an end, and then I'll get Remus to come out and play with you. xD

UM SO HI. /the awkwardest. 

ETA: ALSO I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAY HERE gah I am super forgetful please forgive and bear with me. But. I hope we can all be friends! :D I am permanently on aim except when I'm sleeping so that's probably the best way to contact me. Um. And. Yes I think this is all.
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Hi guys. So, some of you might have seen RPS tonight. Some of you might not follow it, but might feel similarly to the secret that was there tonight. Don't worry, it wasn't super wanky terrible or anything, but it made a very valid point: some people this game is missing a little bit of the eway "family" closeness we've always been known for.

Whether you agree or disagree with that sentiment personally, this post will still probably apply to you. :)

While part of the problem is that the game has grown a LOT in the last year (and even more so in the last four months), another issue is that our chat sort of up and died. I can't really explain why people stopped showing up to chat all of a sudden, but the AIM chat has been very dead for months now. This game should have a proper AIM chat to go into.

I'm sure there are a number of people staring at this going "Wait, we have a chat? What? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?". All I can say is that it probably should have been advertised much better, and I apologize for that. It should have been made much clearer that we have one.

Our official Entranceway chat is entranceway on AIM. There have been some others, but that is the official one. Everyone in the game is welcome to join the chat themselves, or ask a moderator for help if they cannot get in on their own. It's open 24 hours a day (lolol does the internet ever close) and if chat becomes as active as it once was, there will likely be someone there any time of day.

It's not a perfect solution, and it won't do anything if people don't go into chat. We can't make anyone participate in a chatroom, after all. But we should be able to go something about this, to make people feel more included again.

And please, if anyone has any more suggestions, please offer them up. It's entirely possible that we're missing the mark on what is causing this, so feedback is encouraged.

Thank you very much for your time in the tl;dr chat announcement. I'll be heading off to the chat now. <3

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Again, infamous late night crack chat strikes again. wtf is up with that? Srsly.

I should be sleeping... srsly. Oooops~ )
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NEVER SAY that fun cannot be had in chat. A couple of us were in there tonight, and the subject of replacing words in game scripts came up... and of course, we had to have a go. (and our new battlecry is "COCK AWAKEN!") OBVIOUSLY NSFW.

Something...tastes kind of funny... What is it? It's so familiar... )