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Yes, Hannibal Lecter from 'Hannibal Rising' and Jack Harkness from 'Torchwood' are back with their memories intact. I'll put something up for Jack tonight on the network and probably log for Hannibalet so I don't spam the comms.
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Hello HELLO, Eway!

Given that AIM chat hates my happiness (and given that I continually forget to invite myself in *cough*) I have finally surrendered to the trend and got a newfangled Plurk account. You can find me over at, uh, lessie how to do this... [ profile] rexboxone! Aha!
So yes, uh, add me or friend me or whatever they call it on this site and laugh as I stumble clumsily through it like the old lady I am.


I am happy to continually backdate tag until the world ends, but the problem is my memory is sometimes faulty and my computer sometimes crashes after I've deleted a notification or something, or I just get really busy and lose track of what I'm doing.

If you have a thread you want me to finish sooner rather than later, or that I've been lagging on and you want me to get back to it while it's fresh, then I have a post for Chell and Mell where you can prod me with a reminder to get back to that thing. I'll always try to finish my threads eventually! But, uh, if you want to put yourself higher on my priority list, that's the way to do it. ^^;

Finally, I have a permissions post for Mell! Essentially it's just to let me know what she should and shouldn't blab about to your Reals or Mirrors, so I don't accidentally ruin your plots.

Also on the topic of Mell, if you ever want to leave feedback on her, you can drop a comment in Chell's HMD post.

Phew! That was a lot!

+1 doctor

Apr. 28th, 2013 06:39 pm
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Dear Entranceway,

Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. :3c

I see a few familiar faces already, but for those who don't know me, I am Shurimon and obviously new to this lovely game. Your River Tam has dragged me kicking and screaming to this game to play River's very protective and loving older brother, Simon. He is rather socially awkward, but fiercely devoted to his sister and a very skilled doctor, to boot. For those who have seen the series, his canon point is post-movie. His application is here if you are interested, and I have an HMD/contact post as well.

The easiest way to reach me is on the Plork [ profile] shurimon; I love having new friends (but also accept PMs from people not on my timeline), so hit me up there. You can also e-mail me (spdbridge03 at gmail dot com) or PM Simon's journal. I have an AIM account at Shuripus, but as I'm away from home most of the day (work + a long commute), that's not as reliable if you need to get ahold of me. I also want to be open about the fact that I can be a fairly slow tagger- I work at a library and my work days can be unpredictable and thus limit my tagging time- but I try to do tags at least once a day.

I think that is all, and I'm very much looking forward to playing with you all.
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HEY EVERYBODY, it's Alex, that lovable, only-psychotic-on-Wednesdays, Coca-Cola-chugging fiend who plays Evelyn Carnahan and Dean Winchester.


I'm bringing a new character to the table! His name is Comte Olivier d'Athos de la Fère, more commonly known as Athos, the unspoken-but-obvious leader of the infamous Three Musketeers. He is something of a drunk functioning alcoholic and has lady-issues, both of which are elaborated on in his application.

He likes wine and sword-fighting, and hates poison and this guy.

So friend-add Athos! He will gladly be your acquaintance as long as you don't betray him.

His mirror is over at [ profile] thesuncomes, and will eventually get some icons.

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Hey, you guys! Guess who has the best timing in the world! That's right! U-C (your Adachi and Tavros) does! You're witnessing yet another case of major enabling. It's been a few years since I've played this guy, but our ever wonderful Zuko has talked me into this. This is the most epic tale of enabling you'll ever hear.

This month I bring you the ever sarcastic Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He's being taken from around the end of the series, so he's far more developed. He's not going to be happy they're missing two people from team Avatar. Nope, a lot of this isn't going to make him happy.  But he'll deal with it. :|

What I'm trying to say is, hey, you should do the hover thing and add [ profile] boomerangbend.
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My name's Sam and I'm brand new here, bringing in Kanaya Maryam of Homestuck. For those who aren't familiar with the canon, not only is she a very fashionable young troll with an insatiable thirst for topiary, but she also happens to be a rainbow drinker. This makes her a rough equivalent of a human vampire, only she glows very brightly, all the time. She's here to meddle and fuss and throw around unsolicited fashion advice, because she's helpful like that. Even if her definition of helpful often involves chainsawing a friend in need in half.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to playing here, and it's nice to meet you all! I can be contacted at sunbrokedown via AIM or PMs to this account, if anyone ever wants to plot or anything. As I realise that Homestuck typing quirks can be incredibly tiresome, I put up a permissions post here if you'd rather avoid dealing with them.
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Hi there, Eway! It's U-C here with my second character, Tavros Nitram! Isn't my timing just amazing? I brought Adachi in during an event too!

...Not that I'm subjecting Tavros to turning into orange juice. I mean, unless someone wants him in the shitty pile of trolls? I'm so indecisive.

Oh, and to people who don't know Tavros, meet a failure of a troll! He's so bad at it that he's typically trolled instead!

Also, I think this makes Homestuck the biggest cast now? Um. I'm happy to contribute, and, uh. It's going to be fun! I'll go make that d_m post now so we all can get our rainbow on.

Oh, and I should probably say this. If you would, could you please do the hover thing and add peterpanbutter? Thank you!
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Hello all!

I'm Gina, and I'm venturing into unknown waters and thrilled to be doing it!  No Persona cast, no matter how...extensive (wow, guys!  That's impressive.  Well done!)...could be complete without this scarf-wearing sweetheart, so I'm here to bring you Ryoji Mochizuki!

For the most part, Ryoji is a charming, if sometimes excessively forward, high school student, but behind his honest smiles lies a depth of power that he has only just begun to recall.  To explain further would require I drop ALL of the spoilers, so I'll conclude by saying that he is dying to meet your characters, and he hopes the sentiment is returned.

I'm really excited to be here!  You can contact me on AIM (gingerandrust), and I hope you all add [ profile] sewntoyourfeet 

I'm looking forward to talking with you all!
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Hey ya'll, it's Alex (aka Dean Winchester)!

We needed more lady-folk, so I give thee Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy movie. She is a librarian and VERY ADVENTUROUS. :D

Friend add [ profile] libraritology, please~
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IN OTHER NEWS: anybody want a prankster?


This is John Egbert of Homestuck. I'm Kelsey, mun of Beiste and Miguel. Um. friend add hamburellakind


New member

Apr. 5th, 2011 04:16 pm
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Hey all, I'm Ryia a brand new member playing the role of Guy Cecil, the Dashing Swordsman from Tales of the Abyss. Can't wait to play with everybody. ^_~


Mar. 5th, 2011 10:10 pm
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HELLO PEOPLE. My name is Elle, I'm going to be playing this rad person who thinks she's way more rad than she actually is-- Rachel Berry from Glee! Kurt, step aside, no more solos for you.

(just kidding)

I'm pulling her from right after 1:19 Dream On, so right after she hears Elphaba singing on tape 8] I mean...

So please add [ profile] negative_five/hover away!

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BRUM BRUM BRUM. /mandolin sounds

Yeah, okay. So I'm Kelsey (aka [ profile] usskickass). And I decided I needed a more outgoing character's Miguel of The Road to El Dorado. The most outgoing person possible? Yeah, maybe.

He likes ~adventure~ and such so, once he figures out to use the communication thingys (he's from 1519) he's probably going to be jumping into just about everything with enthusiasm and fascination.

Um, if there are any questions, LET ME KNOW. I have to head to class but I'll put up his contact stuff later so don't worry! Totally on the ball here. Totally.

friend add kch_kch ! or hover!

/so excite
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Hellos and salutations and junk like that. I'm Shu, or whatever you wanna call me. I don't really care, and I bring you Nepeta Leijon from Homestuck! Yes, another troll with ever so grating text and mannerisms. Hopefully I don't screw anything up! Don't hesitate to say anything if I do. ^ ^;;

Er, so ya' know friend add [ profile] saferoleplay I am super bad at this.

Hi ^-^

Feb. 19th, 2011 09:43 pm
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Hi, everyone. ^-^ I... used to play here a long time ago, but now I'm back again. Thanks for having me back.

My name is Tian, and I'm bringing in [ profile] jivitadana from the Persona 3 series. He's Persona 3 Portable-specific since that's the version I played.

He's pretty quiet, but friendly and social, I promise. This is my first time playing him though, so if you see something you think I could improve on, I have an anonymous HMD at his journal.

Thanks, and looking forward to threading with you all. ^-^

So, please: friend add jivitadana or do the cool [ profile] jivitadana. ^-^

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So, guess who decided they had a desire to be STRONG?

This is Vain ([ profile] terrierfancy & [ profile] froggertech-mun) and I'm bringing Equius Zahhak into the game! He's... he's just special. He's a creeper, really who perspires heavily because of a multitude of things.

Also, not spoiling it for people, but if you want you can check out his application to check his timeline! Just know that certain crazy people are not going to be safe from him knowing that they're crazy.

Dropping [ profile] officercueball, btw. So please:

friend add strongb100d
friend remove officercueball

Or do those [ profile] strongb100d [ profile] officercueball


Feb. 6th, 2011 05:47 pm
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Helloooo everybody.

I too am awful at introductions, but I'm happy to shove Captain Shakespeare into entranceway, for everyone's piratical pleasure.

You all already know me as Alex, and the captain is my second character - I already play Dean Winchester ([ profile] dashboardlite ).  So please add [ profile] murderbypirate  to your friendslist!

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Hey folks,

I'm back again with another fourth. This time it's Harry Mason from Silent Hill Shattered Memories (another writer!). I'll be posting for him in a moment or two. Please come throw a rock at him or something.

You know the drill, do the hover thing [ profile] fathers_love  or the friend add fathers_love.

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Mouette here, saying good morning with her fourth character, aka. "Mouette loves being doomed not to find any castmates, ever" aka. Philip from the Penumbra PC games. Yaaaay~!

First things first, [Bad username or site: sadfreezingbrit title=hoveringisfunforeveryone @], but friend add sadfreezingbrit is pretty neat too.

Philip will be played by Mr. Matthew Macfadyen, since he's barely a pair of hands in-game. Unfortunately he's bound to be a giant ball of spoilers for Penumbra, so if you plan on playing I recommend you close your eyes and go LALALALALANOTLISTENING! on him until you're done.

What to say about him? Well, he's a physicist, thirty years old, a lot bit neurotic, perhaps a little too academic, humourless, genocidal and/or arrogant at times, but otherwise a pretty average and decent guy.

He also hears a voice in his head that tells him to kill people. Wait, what?! )

Anduhmmmm.... I think that's it. If you've got any more questions, fire away!
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Sup everyone. It's Kristen (Gokudera/Ryohei/Rei/Simon/Sh'lainn-mun) and apparently dropping Ganta left a hole in my life. 8| So here's another Deadman Wonderland character for you.

His name's Nagi. He talks in a mechanical voice and is kind of screwed up but uh...he's nice? idk.

friend add notursalvation or [ profile] notursalvation
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Dear Reborn Cast,

I couldn't help it. I brought Mukuro back - Just to kufu at you guys. |"D

My b.


No but really, so I dropped Saburo and re-app'd Mukuro cuz the muse has been kicking me lately. Starting Monday ahaa Afest tiem orz there's going to be more pineapple in this mansion.

Yes. That is all.
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um. hi! i, uh, feel kind of awkward here, which i guess fits in with the character i'm introing to y'all, but uh-- okay let's skip to the important parts i guess.

my name is renee! s-some of you might remember me! this would be my... second time coming back to eway after dropping out? THIRD? i don't even know anymore, gosh it's been so long since i first joined, it's like--

UM ANYWAY YEAH this is tohru adachi. or just adachi. he is from persona 4. he is from near the end of the game, so let this be a SPOILER WARNING to y'all who plan on playing/are not yet done with/whatever it. if you've even managed to avoid relevant spoilers by now, gosh i knew them before i ever even thought of playing the game.

adachi is a fail detective who pukes at first sight of a dead body and has a big mouth that gets him in trouble a lot. he is also a coffee-fetching expert. unless he gets distracted by talking to some random teenagers on the way. but he can legally carry a gun!!!!!

anyway, please friend add this account, and um yes i am happy to be back! also, my aim name is a sick sight (still) so there's, um, that! h-hoorayyy

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...I told myself I'd never get a full deck of characters when I first was peer prussia'd into joining here. :|;;; That sure turned out great. Have a Crona and a Ragnarok from Soul Eater, if you will.

Please add [ profile] poem_in_despair or hoveradd!
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hi it's Kura, your KH Sora player here, bringing in a new character to eway


he's going to eat all your ketchup. just. omnomnomnomnom
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*waves sleepily* Seme here.

It's everyone's favorite A++ Yandere Nice girl from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu..!

I think I've added everyone bit by bit with the friend add but if not add [ profile] so_please_die or hover click..!

I'll post for her in a bit once my brain stops failing me. Still have that other application to finish too..almost done too../sob
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lmfao Ganta's back, guys. He doesn't have any of his memories from when he was in the mansion previously though. o/

I'll make a post for him shortly.

Please friend add rookie_deadman or [ profile] rookie_deadman.
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Hello there, E-way~ ♥

This here's Mika/Oz-mun with my second character!

I bring you none other than the marshmallow-eating villain from Katekyo Hitman Reborn~! Byakuran comes from near the beginning of the TYL arc after he'd /killed/ a certain mist guardian so he shouldn't be full of too much spoilers.

Though you may want to beware~! Behind his happy smiles, he's... more evil than he seems, so please. Don't let the smile fool you~!

Don't forget to friend-add [ profile] evilwhitesmiles~


Mar. 24th, 2010 12:28 am
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Huzzah, early-Thursday application acceptance greeting posts!

So, uh.. hai! I'll be Neku [who's last name is so unimportant I totally have to look it up every time i use it to make sure its spelled right because yeah. Not like it's hard or anything.. I just suck at spelling] possibly because I relate to the emo-teen  thing? NOT REALLY -flee- -ahem- But I'll try to be entertaining and not overly angsty or anything! ^^; [expect dramaz?]

Yeah if i'm being strange sorry, it's sort of my first LJ RP as well. So.. still figuring things out. And I always suck at first impressions. At least I have a backspace right now.. 
So hi! Looking forward to this! Let's go!

Oh! yeah.  I'm Kevin. But I like sky better 'cuz it's in all my online names usually (except some of them) but you can totally call me either! Or anything!

PS. What's the etymology of the word "mun"? Like I know what it means and all.. I just can't see where it comes from. XD


Mar. 15th, 2010 11:19 pm
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AshleyAutumn here again to say I just added two more accounts to my list of madness. They'll join you tomorrow. AREN'T YOU GLAD, HELENA? 

Please be sure to add [ profile] iwontgoback and [ profile] vryimportantman
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Yeah, I'm back! Nothing really has changed aside from the fact that she's from 2010 so...yeah.

Do the hover trick! \o\