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Diana Prince (??)
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Player: Courtney
Contact: [plurk.com profile] courtings
Age: 32
Current Characters: none


Character: Isabela
Age: 30ish- never stated in canon
Canon: Dragon Age
Canon Point:End of Act 2 post Champion of Kirkwall.


    Isabela Wiki

    World State:
    ✴ Hero of Fereldan was a noble rogue, who married Alistair and became Queen
    ✴ Hawke is a purple female Rogue
    ✴ All companions recruited
    ✴ Hawke slept with Isabela
    ✴ Hawke saved Isabela from the Arishok, killing him and becoming Champion of Kirkwall.

    Isabela is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Eastern Seas and it's been said she is the sharpest blade in Llomerryn. Sold into a loveless marriage at a young age by her mother, Isabela learned how to adapt to what life threw at her. She took on the role of swashbuckling pirate captain and smuggler after her husband was murdered, something people still wondered about her hand in. She is equally skilled with a dagger as she is with her wit and both have the potential to cut deeply.

    Sly, sarcastic, and sassy, Isabela is rarely serious, and why should she be? Life is too short and she intends to enjoy it, no matter what she's doing.
    She values fun, freedom, being on the winning side, and otherwise getting ahead of everyone else. She appreciates a wit as quick and dry as her own, responds well to sarcasm and flirtation, has a bawdy sense of humor, and has little patience for fools, or preachy, prudish, and meddling types.

    Isabela is a mystery and she likes it that way. She learned how to twist the truth so no one knew what out of her mouth was a lie- when almost everything about her, down to her name, is false. She never tells the same version of a story twice and always leaves people guessing. She is however very honest about her dishonesty. She will lie, cheat, and steal to make sure that she survives damn the consequences. She puts herself first in every situation and will never apologize for it. She is not without morals though, loose and vague as they maybe. When she found out she was smuggling refugees that would be sold into slavery she lets them go even though she knows it will cost her dearly. These brief flashes of compassion are something she loathes to admit to though, clinging tightly to her reputation.

    Her loyalty and trust are rare, but once she gives it she won't take it back without due cause. She would never admit it outright but she cares about her friends and is protective of them. Just as she was protective and cared about her crew- most of whom she lost in the wreck of her ship. The loyalty Hawke inspires in her surprises both him and even herself when she ends up coming back to his side to deal with the Qunari and return the relic. In the past she would have been half away across the sea and wouldn't have looked back. Her loyalty is further solidified when Hawke defends her to the Arishok, dueling him rather than letting him take her.

    Above all Isabela values her freedom. That's what sailing represents to her. The freedom to not be tied down, so go wherever she wants and not have to answer to anyone but herself. She doesn't like closed confined spaces and she doesn't do relationships. Mostly because when she cares about someone she's more afraid that she will eventually hurt them, as she knows she can't be tied down. The closest thing she gets to a relationship is Hawke and friends is as close as she will let him get.

    Isabela is human, so she doesn’t have any supernatural abilities.

    Isabela is a duelist, she has superior skills with knives, daggers, and short swords. She prefers finesse and speed rather than brute strength with she fights. She relies on form, stance and dirty tricks to best her opponent.

    As a rogue and pirate captain she is skilled in things like stealth, lock-picking, pick-pocketing, gambling, cheating, lying, getting herself out of tight spots and drinking anyone who tries under the table. She also know how to use her feminine charms to get what she wants.

    She is also a skilled sailor and captain, knows how to command and run a ship, navigate using stars, charts and maps.

    [Choose from one of the following: Aiada, Daimonia, Elios, Peromei, Piphron, Sosyne, or Thras. Refer to the proper info page for more information and be sure to include a very brief reason why you chose the alignment.]



    Remember that we ask for samples that show 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, such as environmental effect. You can also use the same sample source for both, just make sure to directly link or quote the emotion portion. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

    General Sample: Written or link to sample for general character portrayal

    Emotion Sample: Written or link to sample for use and effects of emotions. If part of a thread, please DIRECTLY LINK to the specific tag.



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AGE: Unknown
DOB: Unknown
ORIGIN: Themyscira
PB: Gal Gadot
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'10"
Diana was born during antiquity, circa 3000 BC, on the shrouded isle of Themyscira. This is the home of the Amazons, god-like women given the power by Zeus to dispense justice in the world of men and after Zeus’ defeat at the hands of Ares, they retreated into seclusion in order to prepare and train for the next time that Ares would rise again. Diana was unique in this society of women, being the only child, and as such she was both cherished and over-protected.

Diana’s mother was Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, and had always told Diana that she’d been formed from clay and a wish to the gods because she’d so dearly wanted a child. While Hippolyta was a formidable warrior in her own right, this was not the life she’d wanted for Diana and as such kept her sheltered and tried to steer her away from the martial society so prevalent on Themyscira. Diana, however, was curious and brave like any Amazon warrior and sought the training that she saw her older companions engaging in - even to the point of training in secret with Amazonian general Antiope against her mother’s wishes. Diana, above all, is curious and seeks knowledge and that extends to both the physical and the intellectual. While drinking in every battle stance, every weapon technique, every way of defending oneself and launching an attack that she could she also learned every language known to man and god and learned how to survive in every sense of the word. Her intelligence was unparalleled and her aptitude for learning new things excelled above and beyond all of the other Amazons on Themyscira.

When Diana was a teenager, her mother discovered she’d been training in secret and after a heated discussion with Antiope, allowed her to continue training. Diana was pushed harder than any Amazon before her - faster, harder, stronger, more punishment, more enemies. Diana was being prepared for a purpose and a war that she did not know the true magnitude of and Hippolyta, out of love, tried to protect her from the scope of it; Diana’s destiny lay far beyond the island of Themyscira and far from being shaped from clay, she was the daughter of Zeus himself and destined to destroy Ares once and for all.

Things for Diana progressed as life on Themyscira always did until a strange object began to fall from the sky one morning, fire streaking from it and smoke trailing behind. It splashed into the ocean beyond and, again, ever curious, Diana swam to see what had befallen her island home. She found something she’d only read about but never seen before: a man. Stranger still, this man claimed to have come from a world embroiled in a fiery war unlike that which had ever been seen before, sending up alarm amongst all the Amazons. Was this the war to end all wars, the rise of Ares once again?

This man brought with him others, those he called Germans, and a vicious skirmish broke out on the beaches of Themyscira between these Germans and their guns and the Amazons with their Classical-era weapons. While the Amazons succeeded in pushing them back from Themyscira’s shores, the world had been irrevocably changed: man had found them, someway and somehow, and their shroud had been pierced. The first man to have fallen upon their shore fought alongside them, though, standing shoulder to shoulder to Diana to help defend the Amazons and while casualties were heavy (including beloved general Antiope), Diana and her mother were safe.

Who was this mysterious stranger? Even application of the golden lasso of truth did not give the lie to this man, Steve Trevor’s, story and a decision had to be made. Hippolyta favored remaining hidden and keeping Themyscira isolated from the world of men as it had been for the last several thousand years. Diana, on the other hand, felt that it was their duty to fight and to champion men against what surely must be the madness of Ares inflicted upon the world. Against her mother’s wishes, Diana chose to aid Steve Trevor in escaping Themyscira only to be met at the docks by her mother, who granted her Antiope’s tiara and her blessing.

The world of men was a new one for Diana. Ever curious, she learned that women had less freedom in this new, “modern” world as they did in her home and people expected her to be quiet unless spoken to. That did not settle well with her, honestly, and in spite of being told not to rush into situations and to blend, to appear demure, to do anything to keep from being striking Diana did anything but. She was a bold slash against the dreary grey of 1918 London and in her quest to find Ares and end the war, she was relentless. While she was willing to aid Steve and abide by his methods to a certain extent, she was still headstrong and determined to do things her own way and to seek truth and apply justice in spite of the obstacles ahead of her.

When the English government will not fund a mission behind enemy lines in Belgium to destroy a cache of poison bombs, Diana and Steve take it upon themselves to form their own team and make their own way. They are secretly funded by one of the politicians that Steve works closely with but everything is unofficial, off the books and highly dangerous. None of this was a deterrent for Diana; danger was no object when people’s lives were at stake and while she’d never met the men, women and children who fought along the eastern front of the war, she felt for them all the same.

Upon arrival at the front in Belgium, Diana’s compassion is pricked by the story of a woman and her children who have been unable to receive aid due to the veritable No Man’s Land between the Allied and Triple Alliance forces and none of the men at the front nor Trevor’s men wish to risk crossing the field of battle. None of them wish to even try, which baffles and angers Diana, who feels that the strong must do anything they can to defend and protect the weak.

She takes it upon herself to cross the battlefield alone, using her bracers and her shield to deflect enemy fire so that the Allied forces can cross behind her. Her valor gives the Allieds a victory where they had been in a stalemate for years and forces Steve to look at her in a new light; the two of them share a dance and an evening together in the reclaimed Belgian city and Diana discovers the difference between compassionate and passionate love for the first time.

From this point on, Diana’s path diverges from that of her compatriots. Her aim is to stop Ares at all costs and while she originally thinks Ares is in the guise of a German general, it turns out that he is actually a British diplomat attempting to broker peace and the same diplomat who funded Trevor’s trip behind enemy lines. While Trevor and his team attempt to prevent a launch of dangerous, mask-eating mustard bombs from being deployed on Allied troops and civilians, Diana goes head to head with her half-brother, Ares, and finds her strength in love to be able to defeat the chaos of war.

The war takes from her the very first man she’s ever loved, Steve Trevor, but gives her a keen understanding of the world of men. Men are easily corrupted, they are prone to anger but they also have a goodness inside them that is worth saving. It is the drive to protect that good within humanity that keeps Diana on the path of truth and justice throughout the intervening years until the modern era, when she eventually teams up with Bruce Wayne and others to defeat Doomsday and defend the world once more from those who might wish to end it.

Diana is secretive and close with her heart when it is something deeply meaningful but those with a keen intuition can discern her secrets and know the sadness that she carries with her, the loss she has from the Great War, and even now she still has a photograph taken in a Belgian village on a wintry day, showing a group of unlikely heroes who fought against all odds to champion the cause of humanity over evil.


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07/15 - junpei, shu [top-level]


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