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+1 Candy Brat (Again!)

Heeeey all, it's Arc! After some much needed downtime from games as a whole, I decided to bring back everyone's favorite sassy, snarky video game character, Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph!

She won't remember anything due to it being more than 30 days since her drop, but if anyone knew her last time she was here, they are more than welcome to recognize her, be it by voice or appearance. She may not respond well at first, but I feel like she will eventually treat it as her being reset or something. idk, video game logic can be confusing!

I don't remember which room was hers specifically before, so I placed her in room 011 on the second floor.

As before, I'm easily reachable (and friend-able and don't bite!) on plurk, at [ profile] weaponget, so feel free to add me or PP me if you need!

Glad to be back, and in the midst of a very interesting event, too! c:
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Back from Hiatus! Also a drop.

Hey everyone, my character got killed off in Airlocked, so I get more time to go on Eway! Just in time for the event~!

Just a quick FYI, though, I decided drop Wheatley ([personal profile] literalidiotball) from the game. Sorry to all his CR, but I was simply losing the muse for this great character. I guess he's better for shorter term games or memes... Still going strong with Dorian and Zack, though!

Gonna go put up a plotting post real quick!
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Got a Bug in Your Mirrors

So! With all these mirror shenanigans going on, it seems like a good time to remind you all that last mod event Georgia planted a bug in the Mirror side kitchen that, with mod permission, has remained functional and transmitting to the Real side ever since! I have a post for putting anything there you want her to have overheard, either in summary form or in linking logs or whatever you want.

While she has kept very quiet about this up until now, with the Mirrors a little more accessible than before she may have reason to bring some things up with the respective Reals. If you want to plot things out with me, hit me up on this post or on plurk ([ profile] antivillain) or dicord (antivillain#2451) or on my plot comment.
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Ella here, player of Elena and MJ. I'm joining the 'Hurricane Irma is stealing into my state' conga line except less fun. I'd already been slow for other personal RL matters, but my head is just not in the game right now. I'll come back in a couple of weeks or so, but I took the full month just to be on the safe side. If you'd rather handwave/discuss the remainder of a thread instead of chugging along as slowly as I have been doing lately (which is understandable!), let me know and we can work something out. Stay safe, everyone. ❤
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Hey everyone, Vanessa here! Just letting you all know that I will be on hiatus for the next two weeks due to Hurricane Irma coming into my state and stealing all of our collective lunch monies. I was already behind on tags for unrelated reasons but now this is really gonna take the cake so I apologize lol. If I can come back earlier than that I will but consider Eway's local sexy robot, Mettaton, on autopilot! And for my fellow RPers here who are also in Irma's path: love you! Stay safe out there! We're gonna get through this!

A List of Entranceway LiveJournal Posts

Hello everyone!

I've been putting together a list of the early LJ posts for Entranceway for anyone to read or to use for characters interested in looking at the history of Entranceway's network.

As stated on the page, I used an html parser to put most of this list together. Because of this, the list may be missing a few posts (mostly those which have the date in the subject line), or contain OOC posts and non-Entranceway posts. I'd appreciate any help with this project if someone would like to provide it.

Have fun!
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+ 1 redneck

yo wonderland i heard you liked facetwins and assholes so i put some asshole in your facetwin.

this is daryl dixon. some of you might know him from this really obscure series called the walking dead he's not a man of many words and he's a walking time bomb but he's got a heart of gold and there's nothing he wouldn't do for the people he cares about.

he's going to be coming from season 4 just after they lost the prison bc the governor is a fucking asshole.

as always, i can be found over at plurk at [ profile] doggos feel free to add me. i work a lot so it might take some time to get back to you but i promise i will.

that's it for now. o>
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Hey all! Pen here (Rick Sanchez, Sans and Mae) just giving everyone a heads up that I'm going to be on hiatus from September 8th to September 21st I'm going on vacation into the Alaskan wilderness with my family, and I have no earthly idea what the internet/phone signal is going to be like. Plus I'm gonna be busy doing family stuff and running from grizzly bears. If I do end up having a signal of some kind I can probably do a couple of tags here and there.

Try not to burn down the mansion without me my dudes! (Because Rick and Mae at least would be super into doing that obvs).
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hiatus return!

Hi everyone! Just announcing that I'm coming back from hiatus with Sylar. However, for my own sanity I think I'm going to drop most of the threads I have right now so I can start fresh. I'm sorry about that (especially re: newer threads i tried to start while on hiatus) but I'm excited to be back and doing new things!!
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[PLAYER PLOT] Let's go for a dreamwalk!

Hey Wonderland! Have you ever wanted kittens for fists? To summon beautiful men? Or perhaps you've longed to explore the halls of your own memories, or even the memories of others?


Thanks to mod permission you'll be able to do all of these things and more thanks to Ford and his mad science! That's right, the nerds strike again.*

*- Since this is not a regular game event, you can absolutely OPT OUT of this! It's just for people who want to participate.

Follow meeee... )

Feel free to ask questions and put up plotting comments below! :D
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+1 friendly neighborhood strong fish (again)

hey whats up this is javid player of the good kid detective boy broadcasting my mistakes for all to see

so listen i was here over a year ago with this strong one eyed fish lady and now shes back memoryless and from a different timeline completely. she WAS post pacifist but now shes from the betrayed undyne neutral ending because i love pain.

basically undyne is a highly energetic person who values her strength and her friends above all, only now half her friends are dead because she befriended the human and then was betrayed by them. so thats nice. shes fallen into a deep depression in the months since the human went through the underground so shes slightly more somber flavored now but shes still got that good saltwater kick.

also anime is real

that is all

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+1 Russian Spy

Hello! I am Saro, and I am bringing you Natasha Romanoff. She's my first character in Eway, and I'm excited to see how she goes over here.

I know I'm not the first Natasha (or the second) in the game, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me if there's anything I should know about past CR. I am here to have fun, and I will do what I can to make sure other people are having fun too.

Feel free to add me on plurk at [ profile] sarosaron. It is pretty much always the best way to reach me.


So uh hey whats good

I'm Snap, I was the Chara here a month or so back, and now I am the Chara here once again! For those not familiar: Chara Dreemurr is a dead kid from the Hit Video Game Entertainment Program, Toby Fox's Pro "Undertale" 3. They're nonbinary and chock-full of anger and bad jokes, and also they're like 10.

Me, personally? I'm Snap. I can be found at [ profile] temporarycancer, as always. Come say hi. I'll show you cool turtle pics.


Hello all! My name is Barb! Not my first time roleplaying in a dreamwidth (or LJ for that matter) setting, but my first time at this game and my return after like a five year retirement from RP games haha. So please forgive me if I'm a little rusty trying to remember all the dreamwidth things!

Anyway, I'll be bringing along Magnus Burnsides from The Adventure Zone. He's the team fighter (and lvl 2 rogue), loves dogs, is full of all sorts of rustic hospitality, and also loves to rip the arms off of robots! He is a big and ruff boy, but don't be alarmed by his burliness since he's mostly a sweetheart (unless you're actively trying to kill him or are just a dick.).

I'm still getting my stuff all set up and I'm sure I'll set up a permission post in the next few days, but I'm gonna try to have an introduction posts up in a little bit to get the ball rolling!

If you wanna get in contact with me or just chat, hit me up on my plurk!

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+1 superkid

Hello! I'm Jessi, bringing in my first character for entranceway.

His name is Jonathan Kent, the young son of Clark and Lois who has four hundred years of energy and a lot of attitude. He's half Kryptonian and half human, making him pretty strong, resilient, full of nifty abilities, and super cute.

I mean, look at him.

My plurk is [ profile] sharkly, and my discord is jessi#9413. Please feel free to add me on either! I would be more than happy to talk/plot game stuff.

I look forward to playing with you!
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Canon update!

Hey guys! I just wanted to give the game a heads up that Jesse is leaving for her first ever canon update tomorrow! She will be back on September 1st (just in time for my hiatus to end!). She will be spending a nebulous amount of time because what is a concrete timeline in a comic book-based show some time back on Earth-1, rescuing her dad, helping team Flash, and basically being the awesome tiny genius she is, before heading back home to Earth-2 once Zoom is turned into CGI dealt with.

While she’s BACK on Earth-2, however, she’s going to have a teeny little moment that kickstarts her metahuman abilities. Which means she’s coming back a bb!speedster. Literally, because she’s coming from the moment RIGHT AFTER her speedster powers kick into gear (a moment between seasons).
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+1 all-around mess.

Hi people of Eway! My name is Jamie (he/him if you please) and I'm pleased to have the chance to play with you all! I'm new here, and actually quite new to DWRP as a whole, too.

This is Michael Andersen, from one of the lesser-known Slenderman Youtube series MLAndersen0 (also sometimes called The Andersen Journals, I guess), which is, like most Slenderverse canons, filled with everybody having a Bad Time.

I'm just going to link my permissions post right here because there are some potentially very upsetting topics (especially in regards to mental health) that could come up, and I absolutely don't want to inadvertently trigger anyone or make them uncomfortable.

That's about it, probably, but please feel free to add me on plurk @ [ profile] decomposing if you want because making new friends is gr8. I'm also on Discord @ decaying#4375

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+1 Skeleton King

Hey all! This is Katie, Turing's player ([personal profile] romsapience), bringing you my second character: Papyrus from the game Undertale!

This Papyrus comes from the neutral ending where he ends up becoming king of the underground, and he thinks that all of his friends are on vacation when in reality they're all dead!! It's a pretty sad ending but that's not going to bring him down...namely because no one's actually told him the truth of the whereabouts of his friends. Fun!!

I've got my permissions/opt out post right here if you're so inclined to check it out. Also, if you want to add me or ask me anything or anything like that, my plurk is [ profile] adanteallegro and my discord is adanteallegro#0390!

I don't know what else to put in here and I have only a few minutes left before I have to go back to work! So OFF I GO.

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+1 Corncob

Ok what happened with Ishimaru's hair here.

Ahoy, people of Wonderland! The name's Tsubo and I'm bringing you guys Mondo Oowada from the murder video game series Dangan Ronpa! (Yet another guy who has zero idea the hell's going on.) This is my first time in Entranceway and my first time playing a DR character, so I'm kinda nervous but also excited to play with all of you!

Before anything, I would like to just highlight that he came from a mutual killing setting, in which he was forced into a situation with 14 other students to murder each other. Therefore, there might be mentions of said murders or the like while tagging with him. In regards of that, please check out his OPT OUT POST! Whether you want to opt out from tagging Mondo completely or just opt out of certain things (like DR spoilers, etc), or even leave some notes, that's the place!

About Mondo himself, he's the head of the biggest bousouzoku in Japan. The Western equivalent for bousouzoku would be something like an outlaw biker gang, but most of the times the members are consisted of teens only. They do a lot of illegal bike customisations, noise disturbance, vandalism, brawls, etc. Mondo himself has been brought to the juvenile classification office in the past (in Japan, before you get sent into juvenile detention center, you'll be brought here to be interviewed and tested so they can decide what to do with you). That said, he isn't the friendliest guy in the world, but if you get to befriend him, he's incredibly loyal. Mostly. He's pretty nice and caring to the people he's fond of, but due to the canon point I took him from, he might be even more closed off than before. Fun times. If you'd like to read up more on him, you can check out his APP PAGE (NOTE: DR series spoilers!!), INFO PAGE, and PERMISSION POST.

So that's about it! I hope to have fun here with everyone, and feel free to add me at [ profile] tsubo for chats and plotting!
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Short hiatus

Hey all, Will here. Due to medical issues and a surgery scheduled to remove an unwanted organ on Monday, I'm going to hiatus briefly. Just about 3 weeks.

Hopefully I will have the energy and consciousness to try and work on backtags and clear some of that up, but not sure how much energy I'll have for a while. Thanks for understanding.

Everyone is on autopilot. This is for Newt Scamander, Seth Gecko, and Wendy Corduroy.