May. 28th, 2017

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hi yeah its javid i know i like JUST rejoined and all but i kinda... live for tabletop podcasts, i guess.... so here's this good goodboy.

his name is angus mcdonald and hes from the adventure zone and hes not only the worlds greatest detective... he is also the worlds most precious detective. he is very polite and is good at following instruction and he is also very, very smart. also he's like eleven years old sooooo more? kids?? in the mansion??? yay????

he's coming in after being told the big balance arc spoilers in ep 59 but before the crew regain all their memories from the stolen century. so he also knows spoilers, but hes an npc who isnt really involved in all that aside from it being a big mystery for him to solve so it probably wont come up? either way lemme know if you want me to avoid spoiler territory or anything like that (thumbs up emoji)

anyway since i forgot last time you can hit me up at [ profile] erlking feel free to add me and we can plot or just talk or whatever, yea!!! thanks i love you bye