May. 26th, 2017

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Hi, all! I'm Eve, and I play Sharon.

Sharon is one of those characters where whenever she gets upset, she throws herself into her work, and after her mirror stole or wiped all of her notes (both hardcopy and electronic), and the glasses that her kind-of-cousin Tony Stark gave her, she did just that.

And she's working on rebuilding her notes on Wonderland's residents.

Obviously, this could be problematic. Sharon can get things wrong and still be IC, but I don't have that same leeway. So if there's something that you, as the player see that needs to be changed, or if you have any thoughts or concerns, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'm not trying to upset any players with this.

Characters, however is a whole other thing. It'll take a while to get the notes where they need to be, but you know that nothing stays secret forever - especially not in Wonderland. Which could lead to drama down the road.

So please feel free to check out the notes and voice your opinions/things that I need to know that Sharon wouldn't necessarily know, like whether this is a bit Too Much and you don't want my character anywhere near yours, etc.