May. 7th, 2017

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Greetings Eway! Sara here back again with a new kid helping round out the Persona 5 crew. Leading them, really XD This is Akira, he'll be your resident nasty crimeboy keeping all the new Persona teens in Wonderland together/leashed, so if any of them bother you you are allowed to find him so he can collect them >:T

Looking forward to any and all CR. Just here to pump up the volume

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Hi, kids! This is Nyanka, the maniac behind Wheatley and Dorian Gray, bringing in a friendly fellow who is clearly not in the purse owner camp:

This is Zack, also known as Issac Foster. One or two of you might have seen him when I played him in a murdergame recently. I simply couldn't shake him, so here he is.

Obviously, I have to CW for violent, potentially murderous urges. He has a big problem with people who look really happy. Nothing against them, he just gets the urge to kill them. For this game, though, I'll try not to have him actually kill anyone unless someone wants a death plot of some sort.

Other things I have to CW for are child abuse (because of his past), torture and body horror (because he kind of worked in a murder building where his "coworkers" were even more horrifying than him. I'll spare you the details.)

Hope to see you soon...