Apr. 19th, 2017

adaptiveimmunities: (gonna fight a zombie moose)
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Hi all! Now that George is back, it's time for Shaun to go off on his canon update, disappearing just before George shows up. It's totally fine. I'm sure she won't even notice. c:

He'll be back in a week with some new information about his own special zombie virus powers, and a greater understanding of how deep the rabbit hole (so to speak) of conspiracy and deception goes. He'll be coming from a meeting with his adoptive parents where he learns how far they'll go to protect their own reputations, and like George, he is fresh out of fucks to give about... just about everything. So, with that in mind, his VERY SPOILERY relationship with his adopted sister might become a little more clear. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable either, so his permissions/opt-out post is here. I'm [plurk.com profile] nutterzoi on Plurk, and happy to chat about any and all of this! And to make new friends. c:

Good luck with George over the next week! Everything will be Just Fine. She won't be upset at all.