Apr. 17th, 2017

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Look, Power Rangers was really good. Like unfairly good. And then this big dumb red ranger comes along with these inhuman abdominal muscles and all this conflicted morality that struggles to register with his ability to be a teenager in the real world. And then people were like "hey we're apping" and I couldn't not.

So hi again, Eway. I'm Jessie, already here with [personal profile] Fitz and [personal profile] Maya. This is Jason Scott and he's from the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and he's a big fat hero who loves football and hates bullies. He's pretty grateful that Wonderland has been keeping his friends comfortable while he took seventeen years to get here because I'm slow at app-writing.

I'm at [plurk.com profile] eljkofantastico if you want to talk plot things.
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Happy Monday, Eway! My name is Bex, I am a complete newbie to Wonderland. This is my first time in a big game in about two years, and with a new muse to boot - Detective Chloe Decker from the FOX drama Lucifer.

Chloe is a hard-nosed LAPD detective who happens to have the Devil himself as her partner. Granted, she doesn't believe him but he can be useful. She'll be coming from the late-season hiatus episode "A Good Day to Die," and she's going to be less than thrilled to be here. You can read her application here and you can find me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] bexxen and we can be friends or fanflail together or whatever!

I'm looking forward to playing with you all and Chloe's IC intro will be up in the network comm momentarily. <3
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Howdy Wonderland, this is RJ, back again with Bill Cipher! There’s quite a few new faces I see, so I thought a small reintroduction wouldn’t hurt! One special thing about Bill is his power to know practically EVERYTHING and that includes about your character! If you want to limit any if this (or just flat out not interact with him) You can always specify here!

I went ahead and replied to my old threads, but feel free to drop them as need be! Given that Bill just STOLE HIS FRIENDS BODY and TRIED TO USE IT to DESTROY YOUR DIMENSION (courtesy of Mettaton's player doing some lovely plotting with me~) he’s got plenty else going on for the moment~

It’s great to be back fellas <3