Apr. 12th, 2017

choosetruth: (ithika-ha-9)
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SUP FRIENDS as of today Georgia is off on a canon update for the week! When she returns, she'll be even more of a walking spoiler than before! She'll have a new, fun phobia of the color white, different colored eyes, and oh yeah, an entire new clone body. It's been an exciting year.

She'll also be extremely out of fucks, which means among other things that the nature of her relationship with her adopted brother will be way less secret! Since I would rather make sure no one is uncomfortable, I've put up a permissions/opt out post on her journal.

As always, I'm [plurk.com profile] antivillain on plurk or antivillain#2451 on discord if you have any questions! Have fun, and try not to let Shaun shoot anyone while she's gone. He might be a tidge unstable in her absence.