Feb. 12th, 2017


Feb. 12th, 2017 07:55 am
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Sorry for the unintended mini-hiatus! Had I thought ahead even slightly it could have been intended. I was in a show where the whole production process, from first readthrough to closing performance, was 1 week, and left me useless for anything else.

(However, in downtimes, I hopped onto DW on my phone and read your wonderful threads. ^_^ Even if I hadn't the brain to tag them, being able to duck away into your writing really helped me stay happy and calm, to avoid adding to some of the stressful moments in the production! [Which overall I enjoyed tremendously, and almost everyone was a joy to work with, but sadly we had a 2 people who would get agressively hostile when stressed. Ah well.] So you were an amazing coping mechanism, as well as always being an added level of awesome to existence; thank you!)

Closing is today, (children's show = matinees) I'll possibly be back to tagging this evening; if not, I can't wait to rejoin all of you tomorrow!!

If any of our threads need to be dropped from being too backdated, I respect that; I'm gonna tag everything by default but just let me know!

~ Merry (Loony Loopy Lupin)
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Hey, this is Nyanka. It turns out I'm having a hard time playing Renfield in this setting. As a character, he seems to depend way too much on other characters and doesn't really stand on his own. That makes him pretty difficult to achieve any character development and hard for me to play.
I'll still be here with Dorian, so this isn't the last you hear of me! ^_^