Feb. 6th, 2017

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Hi friends! Shana here, adding to my roster of Georgia, Dipper, and Spike with everyone's favorite half-kryptonian clone... SUPERBOY! AKA Kon-El. AKA Conner Kent.

He's from early Teen Titans, so he's only just learned that the human half his DNA comes from Lex Luthor and he's definitely not angsting about that at all. Anyway, he'll be a little thrown by Wonderland but man this is not even the tenth time he's ended up in a different dimension it's fine.

As always, I'm [plurk.com profile] antivillain on plurk and antivillain#2451 on discord if you want to plot!
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Well, maybe not the worst-worst, but pretty terrible.

Hello, I'm Irrisia, I am new to the game and probably 90% of you, and I am bringing you this bundle of awful:

I'm sorry this is still one of my favourite panels.

I think you've had a teen Loki before, but in brief, he is literally and actually the God of Mischief and Lies and Not-Quite-Legal-Stuff, 616 flavour. This particular Loki is newish and just kind of a flirty off-hand teenage jerk (who somehow occasionally has the urge to be not a jerk and also suffers a ton of remorse and shiny new conscience issues). He's from post YA-v2, but pre-Agent of Asgard, so he's still working on a few things.

Anyway yes, sorry, I ramble when I'm nervous, it's nice to meet you. If you want to poke me about things, I am over on plurk at [plurk.com profile] lanatha or here through PM.
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Hello, friends, entirely fresh meat for you! I think I know a person here. I'm Nu and I'm here to bring you...

...No, wait, that's not right. Her name's Lapis. In a nutshell, this alien waterbender lady has been through some shit and is now ready to take on the big city with her wacky roommate, whether she wants to or not. Which she does not. She's gonna have opinions on this place's evil magic mirrors with people in them situation, it'll be great.

You can find me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] fourteenghosts (I've barely touched it for a while, mainly cause I haven't been RPing) and I'm also always down for PMs on here. Since plopping this girl in during the event would probably be a bit complicated, I'm gonna intro and stuff When I Get Around To It. Let's have fun. ┬ŽD