Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Hello! It is Shana, player of Georgia ([personal profile] choosetruth), Ed ([personal profile] transmutate), and Dipper ([personal profile] krmvgivv) here with a character who has only one question to ask you all:

SPIKE from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here to break my nerd streak. He is coming from the end of Angel the Series and he's... going to take all of this pretty in stride, actually, he's been to a lot of different dimensions before this is just Tuesday for him.

As always, I'm available for plotting on aim at aboutblood, plurk at [plurk.com profile] antivillain, and discord at antivillain#2451. Intro will probably go up tomorrow! Can't wait to start slinging British swearwords at you all!
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an image for intro needs )

Hello again, Wonderland! This is Dani (or like. a Dani), and I'm bringing back Morty Smith from Rick and Morty! It's been a while since I let him go, so he won't have any of his previous memories, but I'm excited to see where this round will take him and I look forward to playing him again.

For the unfamiliar, Morty's basically an anxious stick figure who goes traveling the universe with his grandfather on high-concept sci-fi adventures-- which are often more emotionally traumatizing than not. But Morty bottles that motherflipper right up. He's a pretty friendly and well-meaning kid, if not the sharpest crayon in the box. He'll also be coming in from the end of the second season finale.

I'm on plurk at [plurk.com profile] comatoseroses if anyone wants to add or plot or anything!!

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Jan. 2nd, 2017 12:50 am
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Hello people of Eway! This is Tad, who already plays with you as Camille O'Connell ([personal profile] therapize), now bringing you this fashionable guy:

and yes, he has to be a dick about it.

Captain Rip Hunter is a former Time Master of DCTV/Legends of Tomorrow fame. Also, he is not Rory Williams, and will give anyone who calls him Rory Williams a look. While he is intimately familiar with traveling through time, and even with multiple dimensions, he's not going to take being in Wonderland so well. Also, technically he's the one in charge of the other three Legends running around here: Klepto, Pyro, and Shrink-o.

Fun times!

I cannot wait to get started playing him with all of you! If anyone wants to plot, please feel free to add me on plurk as [plurk.com profile] tadity, or hitting me up on discord when I remember to log on at tadity#3259.
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[That's almost the extent of my German, I just wanted to pun.]

I'm Merry and I'm so happy to be RPing again after a long break!

I'm bringing Remus Lupin from right between chapters 1 and 2 of Philosopher's Stone—literally at the end of what can still be called "Marauder's Era". So he has some pretty unhappy and totally wrong ideas about what went down. Mwahahahahaha. (Sorry, Sirius!) Very nicely, Jamesmun has already reached out to me to make sure I'm okay with their char.s having been fourthwalled, and YES I AM, (was hoping for such a thing in fact!), I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW THIS PLAYS OUT!

I'm so, so happy to start the New Year with being here, and can't wait to meet you all!

EDIT: Forgot to mention: plurkname is [plurk.com profile] halflingmerry
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Greetings, everyone! I'm Gore, and I'm here to give this game a swing with Kiyotaka Ishimaru, from Dangan Ronpa. You know, that lovely video game series about high school students with ridiculous talents being trapped in murdergames. Fun stuff! Ishimaru's talent is being a Super High School Level Public Morals Committee Member, which is pretty much the equivalent of being a hall monitor or prefect. He's very intense about hard work and following school regulations, and he's a dork in general. He's coming from partway through the class trial of the game's second chapter, and he'll slowly be coming to grips with some difficult canon things during his stay in the game!

I'm looking forward to entering this game and seeing how Kiyotaka will develop in this environment! You can find me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] goreo.
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Hey everyone!

January is looking pretty crazy for me--between our comedy group getting accepted into Sketchfest in Chicago, seeing Hamilton, and with my mother having surgery and me taking care of her, I'm going to have to call a hiatus for the month.

I'll try to pick at backtags when I have a bit, but until then, looks like Dustin's gettin' lost in the woods. He'll be back with vigor and so will I at the end of January!

Take care and you can always reach me at [plurk.com profile] chasekat.
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Friends! Countrymen!

My name is Tifa, and I'm bringing you Natasha Romanoff from the Marvel movie-verse. She's coming off the heels of Civil War, so lmk if you would like me to avoid mentions of spoilers in tags to you. I'm really excited to be here!

If you'd like to plot, I'm most easily reachable at [plurk.com profile] protects.