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+1 Billionaire sans Manservant

Amy here -- bringing in Harry Osborn from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He's the sole heir to a multibillion dollar company and is the childhood best friend of your friendly neighborhood cutie, Peter Parker.

His canon point is pre-Green Goblin and pre-a lot of things. @.@ He basically just found out that he's inherited this terrible disease from his dad and he's dying, but who knows, maybe he'll find a cure for that in Wonderland. In the meantime, he'll be learning how to do exciting stuff like: how to operate a washing machine and... do chores, I guess. On his own. By himself. With his own two hands! \o/

Looking forward to building CR with him. ;) Feel free to add me on plurk if you'd like.

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I'm so excited for all the threads that we'll have of these two doofuses .-.

So much to learn, Harry. Peter will help show you the way.
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hi sorry i'm a little over enthusiastic but i've really enjoyed our tdm thread with these two :3 looking forward to having harry in the game, i'll definitely be sure to toss patterson at him again!
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I'm so very excited to see Harry! And that we are adding more marvels to the ranks, especially alternate universe ones because that's always a fun confusing time. XD

I will def be throwing Billy at him.