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Hi! This is Cloude (player of Sarah Weller) bringing you Olivia (Liv) Moore from iZombie.

So, here's the deal, anxious zombie-canon people: You can't tell. Unless you check her pulse (which is about 10 beats per minute) she just looks like she gave up on her hair and complexion. The closets will provide brain food and she only has to eat once per month, so unless something super insanely drastic happens, there probably won't be a need for her (or your characters) to worry or panic! Unless she's aggressively attacked, she won't even have any qualities or skills that set her apart from everyone who's human.

That being said if ever you want a murder mystery and for the killer to be unknown, Liv will totally eat a brain to help - when she does, she has visions of that person's life/how they died/who they were killed by. She also takes on that person's personality. FUN TIMES! Hit me up via PM or on discord at babybokchoy#6194 :) I'm just pending the main community approvals and then her arrival will show up! Can't wait to tag with you all!
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liv!! i adore her and izombie. can't wait to see what you do with her here!
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that makes it a lot easier for you, though! no having to come up with wacky "brain of the week" ideas all the time. liv can just be liv and take on the personality of someone else on occasion.

one day i'll rewatch season one and finally take [personal profile] froths out for a proper spin.
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seasons later and i'm still upset

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1. kill ray
2. save his brains for 3 days until he comes back
3. eat his brains
4. ???

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sigh and avoid, man. and invest in noise canceling headphones
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I love iZombie and Liv so much, I am excited to see what you do with her.
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WHAT UP anxious zombie-canon person here. I haven't seen izombie the show but I loved the comic! Though from all reports they are very different.

Anyway, I don't think I said hi before so hI. I'm Shana, I've got Superboy, Dipper Pines, and Georgia Mason, the aforementioned zombie person. She's very smart and might eventually start squinting at Liv, but she's definitely not going to conclude zombie because lmao she knows how zombies work and Liv does not fit the description. Really, even if she actively witnesses Liv eating a brain she'd just have a lot of questions.

Looking forward to playing with you!