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+1 almost-immortal dentist/gunslinger.

Greetings, Wonderlanders! I'm Tamzin (Beckett's player), and this is Doc Holliday. Yes, THAT Doc Holliday.

Except, he's not quite the historical figure history remembers. Hailing from the Syfy series, Wynonna Earp, Doc is an "almost-immortal" who brokered a deal with a witch on his deathbed for eternal health. He's been assisting his former best friend's great-great-granddaughter (see Wynonna's post below) in putting down the demon revenants that plague Purgatory, some of which he personally helped Wyatt Earp track down back in the day.

Doc tends to masquerade as a native resident of modern society and blends in fairly well, all things considered. Very few have made the proper correlation, and when they do, he tends to don an impassable poker face and dismiss the notion as being absolutely absurd. That said, I really want to see how long he can get away with pretending he's not Doc Holliday before the truth comes out.

Or Wynonna blows his cover for him. :|

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Cool! Another fellow from the 19th century who could probably live forever!

Care for me to throw Dorian Gray at Doc?
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Hey Doc, have another kind of immortal in little Clairebear here.
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Could practically start a club!

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Eeeeeee we've tagged before.
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Yes! Not with Caitlin, though. I play Wynonna at ~makeyourpeace.
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Wow she is not going to blow his cover!!!!
Jk she totally will
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she totally can, besides it's not good to be filled with secrets like you are sir!!!
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look i just call them like i see them, okay?
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I happen to have very good judgement ok

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