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ɢᴏᴅᴅᴀᴍɴ sɪʀɪ ([personal profile] waverides) wrote in [community profile] entranceooc2017-07-03 07:38 am

+1 sassbot

Hello! This is Kerry ( player of Leliana and H.G. Wells ) adding in one more in the form of Gideon from Legends of Tomorrow. Gideon is an artificial consciousness who is usually heard on the Waverider, and as well as being a (rather excellent!) supercomputer, she's very sassy and has more personality than an ai probably should.

She's coming in from Land of the Lost, the episode that gave her her physical appearance, and is being kindly provided with an android body by Wonderland, which will be very interesting. I also have a permissions post regarding her abilities!

I'm excited to do this, and she will be appearing rather soon! I'm over on skitties (plurk) or skittys#2174 (discord) for plottint and chat!

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