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I'm the goddamn Earp heir and I have work to do

Hey everyone, if you don't know me my name is Katie and I already play Rebekah Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries universe here and I'm coming in with my second character now, one Wynonna Earp from the show of the same name. Wynonna is the great-great grandaughter of Wyatt Earp, one of the most famous gunslingers and lawmen of the old west. But in this universe he also put down demons and other things and eventually cursed his entire family line. Enter: Wynonna. She was never supposed to be the heir, but she's not the hero the world deserves, just the one they get. She is adolescent in a lot of her behavior, and can rub a lot of people the wrong way. She's also a hot mess who doesn't understand emotions and people being nice to her, it's not something she's had a lot of in her life.

She also has a nifty gun that can send demons (or in her world, revenants) back to hell. Fun!!!

Anyway, I'm super excited to into her and play her here with you all. I'm playing her from the end of the second episode of the second season so she's had some closure on some things from season one...but still...a lot of issues...

She's such a mess. I'm so sorry for what I'm going to inflict on you.

If you want to plot, chat, whatever, I can be found on plurk at autoclave as always.
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As a fellow Wynonna player, all I can say is yesssssssssssss. :D
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Teach her to be awesome, Wynonna.
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Wynonna! I love her so much. I just have Claire here, but I'd love to have them chat.
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Awesome, I will look for her post!

BTW if you ever put her in memes, I have a Waverly too.

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Ooooh I will go have Claire reply.

Awesome, she's at ~hairfordays.