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Ryuji Sakamoto ([personal profile] nomorules) wrote in [community profile] entranceooc2017-07-01 11:18 pm

Here's to the ladies!

Ever had a teen walk up to you and start hitting on you out of the blue? Ever wish you could tell that boy to get lost?

Well, this is the handwaved CR for you!

Thanks to the whines of one Ryuji Sakamoto, a couple of teen boys are going on a flirt blitz in a desperate bid to score a date before the clock strikes midnight and Ryuji turns into a pumpkin. Or... something.

If you'd be interested in handwaving Ryuji (and Akira) approaching your characters over the course of the month and maybe having those encounters show up in further whine sessions, I'm looking for females between the physical ages of 16 to 25 years old who would emphatically turn him down. :') To volunteer a girl to reject his advances, leave a name in the comments (and maybe a blurb on what happened, if it was a mild salsa letdown or a spicy ego-crushing should you so desire).

Thanks in advance! Or should I be saying sorry? /sweats

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