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Here's to the ladies!

Ever had a teen walk up to you and start hitting on you out of the blue? Ever wish you could tell that boy to get lost?

Well, this is the handwaved CR for you!

Thanks to the whines of one Ryuji Sakamoto, a couple of teen boys are going on a flirt blitz in a desperate bid to score a date before the clock strikes midnight and Ryuji turns into a pumpkin. Or... something.

If you'd be interested in handwaving Ryuji (and Akira) approaching your characters over the course of the month and maybe having those encounters show up in further whine sessions, I'm looking for females between the physical ages of 16 to 25 years old who would emphatically turn him down. :') To volunteer a girl to reject his advances, leave a name in the comments (and maybe a blurb on what happened, if it was a mild salsa letdown or a spicy ego-crushing should you so desire).

Thanks in advance! Or should I be saying sorry? /sweats
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Georgia Mason just raises an eyebrow behind her sunglasses and gave gives a glare of pure disdain until he gets the hint. She does not say a single word.
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Rebekah is probably pretty mean shutting them down. Fairly spicy ego crushing.
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Kimberly would have tried to be nice about? But if they got super relentless some of her mean girl instincts might kick in.
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Sorry, Ryuji. Jason got there first.
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Elizabeth would be very flattered but may also think he's younger than he is and would nicely turn him down on those grounds.

He could also see Makoto and try to flirt with her and then realise exactly who it is, if you wanted that to be their reunion XD
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Claire would have been very nice about it, but let him know that she was just not interested.
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She tries!

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fuckin do it

Lapis comes from a species that doesn't have a concept of romantic relationships, but she knows what those are and will soon catch on. The response is a blunt, openly disgusted no, followed by literally sprouting wings and flying off just to end the interaction decisively.
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Elena would let him down gently in mild salsa fashion, like she do, since she's got a boo and likes them a bit older ahem.

MJ would ttly be popcorn but also willing to give him pointers should he ever need them!
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Beckett would have been very flattered and really nice about letting him down gently.
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um so...question

how would you feel about a pretty teenage blonde vampire using this opportunity to sneak him away and briefly nom him before getting busted /saved by her friend?
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exactly what i was going for ;)

So, Caroline is coming back from her canon update tomorrow. Later in the month, we had planned on Care finding some boy to nom on so that Elena can save her and result in a horrible vampire girl fight. Rocket's going to break them up.

So she could possibly compel them into them being complacent/not screaming and then feed on one or...both, or just drag Ryuji off or something. Up to you guys really, as I'm still in the first dungeon of P5 so idk if they have resistance to mind control things or not. She's not interested in killing anyone, but her humanity is off so she also doesn' very much.

He could either be compelled afterward to believe that he was just turned down or he could get away and remember. That's also up to you. I'm pretty flexible. I just thought this would def be hilaribad and that's always my favorite thing.

BUT YES, logging it out pls if that wasn't clear XD
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It's a twisted place. Thank you for being here for my awful shenanigans. XD

Okay, so if they approach her, she'll probably lay on the flirting really thick and then compel them not to cause a scene. She thinks horrible things are pretty fun at this point, so if I go too far, let me know but Elena should show up before it gets too bad. If Akira wants to get bitten, I can make that work too XD

At dark by the lake is PERFECT. This is all great I am 100% here for it. I'll be on the lookout for the log. Hit me up on plurk @ fiendishfanfares if you want to chat about it more. <3
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Late to this party SORRY but! Cissie would be polite and gentle... unless he were to get too persistent, in which case she'd still be nice but Very Firm about turning him down. If he's catcally, she might eyeroll and ignore him. aaaaaand if he pulls out corny pick up lines, she's going to give a surprised laugh and then try to be nice when she realizes he's serious.